February 2, 2012

Trump to endorse…Romney

And some of you here thought he wasn’t the staunch conservative he was pretending to be.

That’ll teach you!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:51am

Comments (11)

  1. Trump picked the guy he thought will win. I doubt any other considerations entered his mind.

  2. Way to stay relevant, Don.

  3. I bet the little trump boy mostly just likes sticking a thumb in Sheldon Adelson’s eye

  4. Trump being Trump, he’ll probably show up and not endorse anybody.

  5. Trump is about promoting Trump. And even the attention I had to pay to him to write those five words, is five more words of my attention than he has ever merited.

  6. Trump will probably announce that he’s opening a new casino in Las Vegas.

  7. Endorsements are intended by the one doing the endorsing to have something good about themselves rub off onto the one they have endorsed to help them out in their endeavor.

    However what rubs off may not always be helpful and furthermore the rubbing as we have learned through Locard’s exchange principle, goes both ways.

  8. Case in point. It’s not about the money but about what rubs off and on who.

  9. I heard something about Trump threatening to run as an independent if Robomney doesn’t win the nomination.

    If that’s the case, I guess we know for whom Trump is a stalking horse.

  10. Donald Trump is the secret lackey of George Soros I’m thinking. Yes, a stalking horse jackass.