January 19, 2012

an experiment in macro blogging (from the protein wisdom conceptual series)

Without getting into specifics, there are several things Obama and the Democrats will do today that, if you happen to be cherish your liberty, like, so totally suck.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:20am

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  1. http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/01/late-breaking-news-in-political-race-it.html Is it time to make peace with Ron Paul? I am surprised they would attack Ameritopia (okay I get they do not like Levin), since the premise of that book actually aligns with things Paul has said.

  2. The brunch-bunch version of the “overnight thread” huh.

  3. What if you’re addicted to liberty. Addiction is bad, right?

  4. Mark Levin is in favor of a strong national defence and is also in favor of keeping illegal drugs illegal.

    From the Paulista perspective, he’s pro-War. Objectively.

  5. I wonder whether I’ll ever find myself with an inclination to “make peace” with Ron Paul? Somehow, I doubt it, but that may only be because for whatever else he is, Ron Paul is steadfastly consistent. And a moron.

  6. From “An Army of Davids” to an Army of Morons. An Insty-Ace hybrid lightly infused into a LaRouche-ian base stock. Yummo.

  7. okay I get they do not like Levin

    That’s enough reason for them to freep anything they can get their creepy little hands on. They’re not guided by any form of logic recognizable to man but rather fanaticism and zealotry.

  8. Is it time to make peace with Ron Paul?

    No. Whatever anyone may like about his sermons, we’re far better off with someone else being the radical gubmint shrinker.

    Besides, Paul only talks a good game. The little fink finds bills that are sure to pass, lards them up with pork for his district, then votes against them “on principle.”

  9. For no other reason than I thought it interesting ;-) here is a story about Zimbabwe.

  10. Here is one of those suck things going on today. I’m on pins and needles. Thanks Mitt!

  11. From the linked article:

    Leno contends SB 810 would put that money to better use by taking private health insurers — and their pricey administrative overhead — out of the picture. It would do so by creating a state agency to work as the middleman between consumers seeking health care coverage and providers.

    Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh hehHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Civil servants! More efficient than private enterprise! Gold-plated retirement benefits and mandatory hourly 45-minute breaks, and it’s going to be a HUGE money-saver!

    Oh, my. That’s a good one. Really. I’m wiping tears from my eyes here.

  12. Better still is the idea that the solution to a government created problem —to whit, “pricey administrative overhead”— is to create more government.

  13. Ernst, my favorite part:

    Leno also insists that Californian’s would be able to choose their doctors and providers, essentially eliminating restrictive HMO networks

    The HMO networks? Brought to you by Teddy Kennedy…

  14. I just heard that the Mastermind went to Disney World to promote tourism, which he said is our biggest “export” industry.

    I guess that makes illegal immigration our biggest import industry.

  15. As long as they don’t preempt the season premiere of Archer tonight (FX@10eastern), I’m OK.

    But touch one second of that show, Obama, and… it’s… on.

  16. Didja hear that Obama toured the Swiss Family Robinson attraction at Disney and proclaimed it the model for green living at its finest?

    Didja hear that Obama rode Space Mountain and got upset cause he thought space travel had been defunded?

    Disks hear that Obama refused to take a picture with a terrorist today and demanded Disney quit giving a platform to anarchists like Alice?

    Didja hear that Michelle Obama wanted to go to Disney, too, but Disney said they already had a wookie? Said they didn’t want the 101 puppies to disappear again? Said they couldn’t control the Magic Mirror On The Wall? Said the Beast castle isn’t due to open t’il later this year?

  17. Twitter has been a blast today with the Disney thing.

    Almost as tone deaf as WTF their turn in your neighbor thing and all the other shit they are rightly mocked for.

    BTW. If I was Vegas I’d be pissed.

  18. Didja hear that Michelle Obama wanted to go to Disney, too, but Disney said they already had a wookie? Said they didn’t want the 101 puppies to disappear again? Said they couldn’t control the Magic Mirror On The Wall? Said the Beast castle isn’t due to open t’il later this year?

    Because at the end of their ride on Space Mountain, Barak didn’t want to hear Michele say—you lyin’ sonofabitch!—?

  19. Via bgates at JOM:

    Disney played a variant of their famous theme for the visit:

    Come along and see the reason
    We’re in debt today

  20. Anonymous goes a wilding and an a BB sighting.

    In response to today’s federal raid on the file sharing service Megaupload, hackers with the online collective Anonymous have broken the websites for the Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.

    “It was in retaliation for Megaupload, as was the concurrent attack on Justice.org,” Anonymous operative Barrett Brown tells RT on Thursday afternoon.

  21. Like don’t fuck with our tunes, dude!

  22. Archer!

    I’m staying up for that one.

  23. Ya know Obama is gonna run on a I hate america and it’s citizens campaign and win.

    I can’t fucking comprehend it.

  24. Steph, I prefer dija

  25. Has anybody here been following this shit?


    A mysteriously funded, highly organized effort to secure a place on the 2012 presidential election ballot for a third party candidate has ties to President Obama and top Democrats.

    The group, calling itself Americans Elect, or AE, seems designed to appear like a massive, grassroots effort involving millions of citizens acting to draft a third party candidate.

    AE reportedly has raised more than $22 million so far and already has been certified to be placed on the ballot in 12 states now, including California.

    Two of AE’s board members, Kellen Arno and Michael Arno, were paid by the group for helping to run the massive signature gathering drive via their firm, Arno Political Consultants.

    Michael Arno is senior adviser to the Podesta Group lobbying and public relations firm, which was founded by John Podesta, who directed Obama’s transition into the White House in 2008.

    Podesta is director of the Center for American Progress, which is reportedly highly influential in helping to craft White House policy.

    A Time magazine article profiled the influence of Podesta’s Center for American Progress in the formation of the Obama administration, stating that “not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan’s transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway.”

    Besides Ackerman, an Obama donor who gave money to help start AE, the advisory board includes Lawrence Lessig, an Obama technology adviser.

    Lessig has been mentioned as a future candidate to head the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC. He is an activist for reduced legal restrictions on copyright material and advised Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

    AE’s CEO, Kahlil Byrd, has drawn scrutiny from conservatives because he formerly served as Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s communications director. Patrick’s chief strategist was top Obama strategist David Axelrod.


    I think it has been linked before but these cretins need as much sunlight as possible.

  26. Yeah, it has been linked, but regarding Huntsman. Watch out for Ron Paul.

    In other news, Romney just uttered the term “RomneyCare”. 0_0

  27. I don’t see the folks involved with AE wanting Nader involved. Ralph would drive away conservatives and might draw from Obama.

    They want to draw Romney into the middle, then run someone to pick up the disgruntled right wing.

  28. So American’s Elect is an astroAxelturf outfit. Good to know.

  29. Strove

    One man.