January 6, 2012

I get emails, redux

From erstwhile Moby “RyanBacon,” who doesn’t much like that he can’t get back on to comment under his latest identity:

Jeff, I hate to break it to you, but your little circle of sycophants is suffering from some serious PMS. I think you're all beginning to realize that yes, Romney will be your nominee, as soon as he disposes of Santorum and Gingrich. Gosh, that's a funny sentence to write. Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that your field would be THIS weak? No Sarah. No Christie. No Pizza Man. All the fire and passion that might have been is gone. Teabaggers? Useful idiots in 2010, now pushed safely back into the basement.

But hey, it will be fun to see your wail and gnash your teeth as you slouch towards the inevitable. The "vain thrashings of the beaten hopefuls," as my best friend recently put it.

I'll be watching you, boy. Poor little Goldstein, boy-child, begging for donations to keep your circle-jerk alive.

I always find it amusing how trolls like “Ryan” — whose entire political philosophy involves taking money from “the rich” and redistributing it to the “needy,” take such evident offense at my fundraisers. Is it the “begging,” do you think? Or is it that, unlike him — who is reduced to trying to claw his way back onto my site under a variety of names and emails just to get attention — I am actually able to cultivate readers who, of their own free will, donate because they find some value in what I do, or in the platform I provide?

Ironically, if I eschewed fundraisers, quit the site altogether, and then sat on my ass collecting a government check, “Ryan” would fight tooth and nail for the government’s right to take your money by force, you all being “the rich” by virtue of holding jobs, and give some of it to me — after first whetting its own beak. No begging involved!

The saddest part being I doubt the double standard’s ever even occurred to him, so consumed is he by envy and a desire for power.

Scratch a prog, find a fascist.

Oh, and while I’m here, let me take this opportunity to put in writing my very best Happy Birthday wishes to my boy, who turned 8 today. It seems only yesterday he poppe his li’l cottage cheese-covered head out from my wife’s hoohah and greeted the world. And yet tomorrow, he’ll be hosting his first ever slumber party / Nerf Gun Battle Royale in the evening, after wrestling in the district tournament in the AM.

A father couldn’t have a better son than I have, and I hope one day he sees this little poem, which I wrote especially for today:

Roses are red
violets are blue
Satch loves his Daddy
And his Daddy
wishes he’d keep his goddamned room tidy.
(But he loves Satch, too).

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:18pm

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  1. “your wildest dreams imagine that your field would be THIS weak?”

    go baracky! yea team!

  2. my allen these stooges are toast

  3. Happy Birthday, Little Man!

    Jeff, don’t forget to play with the box the kid came in.

  4. Satch is a man
    well, he will be real soon
    I’m sure he’ll be an awesome one
    ‘cuz dad care’s about his room

  5. Begging is so undignified.

    Now writing grant proposals….

  6. As you read this, I’ll be home alone on a Friday night in my little Tennessee hamlet with dick shoved 2″ deep in an apple pie.

    I saw that once in a movie.

    Mmm. Pie!

  7. Eight’s a nice cube.

  8. I wonder what combination of Irish surname and swine meat he’ll use in his next attempt to infest these threads with his pointless pointlessness.

  9. Now I’m ALL UP inside that pie. 4″ deep. Of pie fucking. Mmmm.

  10. By the way, when you get my email — the one in which I call you a kike — please know that I’d never ever ever have the balls to say that to you in person, or to risk you finding out my real identity. Because, well — you’ve seen the pictures of me.

    Sad, I know. But I just love a smooth head. And cookies.

  11. By the way, Ryan’s latest email to me called me, and I’m quoting here, a “dumb kike.”

    Here’s his IP address: We know who he claims he lived with — though I know they’re the same guy. Find him for me, if you’re so inclined, and I will take care of the rest.

    Here’s the long header info:

    [removed because it was screwing up the formatting;email me if you’d like me to send it to you]

  12. And just so you don’t go around saying I’m an anti-semite, some of my best friends are dumb kikes.

  13. What is up with Teh Krazy in Tennessee?

  14. Jeff – didn’t you have another whackjob poofter, back in the day, that amped up the crazy, from Tennessee?

  15. Lots of ’em.

  16. go nor luap!!12!!

  17. dude do sumthing with formanting

  18. On occasions like this, I like to think of the White Rose, and what human beings are capable of
    to the good.

  19. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    RyanBacon is a cowardly lying fucking poofter Moby
    And so is his “roommate”

  20. This brings up a certain usage question. Does the Murfreesboro drooler mean kike as someone stronger than himself or as someone smarter?

    I have a hard time following these people.

  21. Happy Birthday to Satch. My daughter’s was last week. We’re having a Seuss lunch party tomorrow with green eggs and ham. Well, green egg and ham quiche. Actually, spinach and ham. The gluten-free store didn’t have any organic food coloring, so no green eggs. C’mon people, we’re visigoths, not savages.

  22. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter, motionview!

  23. How pathetic does someone’s life have to be that irritating people on someone else’s bandwidth is a gratifying pursuit?

    Apropos of nothing, the older I get the more I realize that the most counter-cultural thing you can do these days is raise a family. So best wishes to both Jeff and motionview. Children really are a blessing, however clichéd the sentiment.

  24. There are 15 on Linked-in. I like this one the best, too bad he’s in Indiana, but he is (Ryan Bacon 41/478/b50) which does have the 41 in it.

  25. Happy birthday to both the young son and daughter of great dads.

  26. Dude’s ISP is in Atlanta. That’s a long way for the “last mile” betwixt Atlanta and Murfreesboro.

  27. Also, happy birfday to Satchel, the kid who launched a thousand restraining orders.

  28. Cheers to the boys.

    Literally, cheers, I’m draining my beer here.

  29. By “boys” I meant both male and female little people. (Sorry, tiny motiongirl.)

    Brain lesion.

  30. There’s something oddly Yelvertonesque about this latest turn of events. Teh crazy is strong in Murfreesboro.

  31. Oh, and while I’m here, let me take this opportunity to put in writing my very best Happy Birthday wishes to my boy, who turned 8 today. It seems only yesterday he poppe his li’l cottage cheese-covered head out from my wife’s hoohah and greeted the world.

    Hmm. My kids all had dark hair —and lots of it— which is really strange for a couple of pasty northern Europeans.

    There must be a Roman legionairy or two in the woodpile

  32. LyanBacon is projecting again. He reveals himself to be a spoiled brat yet again.

    I am not shocked at all. Indeed, I would be shocked if he and his ilk would behave like adults.

  33. Also, he still has no idea why he upset a lot of us, because nothing is sacred to progressives except their sense of entitlement.

  34. Happy Birthday!

    I hope your slumber party is a tad quieter than the last one my 17 y/o had. Football, in the hallway, at 2 am … srlsy?

  35. Boy, when I said BaconRind wasn’t kosher, I had no idea.

  36. Scratch a prog, find a fascist.

    Got that right… except you don’t have to scratch them. They wear it openly. Look at Ryan: did he think his “dumb kike” e-mail wouldn’t get posted here? Did he give even a moment’s thought to how it would make him appear to anyone reading it? No.

    Progressives, for all their talk about tolerance and peace and understanding are creatures of pure HATE. It is who they are. Their faith really has only one sin: heresy, and anyone who dares to disagree with on any subject them sees their tolerance vanish like the soap bubble it is. The verbal knives come out (and sometimes, physical ones) and they gleefully rip into their opponents with the vilest insults. They happily use racist, sexist, homophobic, or antisemitic insults against their opponents and never see the contradiction with their own supposed beliefs.

    A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
    scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The
    frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion
    says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

    The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
    the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of
    paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
    but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

    Replies the scorpion: “Its my nature…”

  37. “Dumb kike”? From the guy who keeps Murfreesboro’s drains clear? The man with shower curtains on his windows and duct tape on his chairs? The guy who wacks to anime pr0n? Care in the community doesn’t seem to be working; his health care professional should consider upping his dosage.

  38. That IP resolves here; seems an innocuous bit of suburbia to be hosting such vile filth.

  39. I’ll be watching you, boy. Poor little Goldstein, boy-child, begging for donations to keep
    your circle-jerk alive.

    The saddest thing is how many bloggers get driven off by this kind of crap. Da Techguy had a post about
    making blogging pay back before Christmas. One of the Original Gangsta Bloggers, Kim du Toit, weighed in with the comment
    that he and his wife got comments and e-mails like those EVERY TIME he put up a fundraiser. Eventually,
    the vitriol just wore them both out, especially with the returns they were getting, so they quit.

    Which is exactly what the assholes wanted. They silenced two of the more effective bloggers on Constitutional
    government I’ve ever read. I supported Kim and his wife; I still have the T-shirts, the podcasts they put up
    on Amazon, and I gave them donations at the same level or a little better than I currently do Jeff.

    But the kind of level of blogging they were doing then (and Jeff has been and is doing now) takes as much work as
    a full time job. That’s why paying Jeff each month is important.

    Oh, and Ryan? You are one more example of why the custom of dueling needs to make a comeback.
    And if I want any comments from you, I’ll read them from your entrails.

  40. Happy birthday, Master Goldstein.

  41. Happy birthday, Satchel!

  42. “I am actually able to cultivate readers who, of their own free will, donate because they find some value in what I do, or in the platform I provide”

    What really gripes the progressive about this is that they have not yet attained the levels of taxation to render such private donations to their political opponents impossible.

  43. The proglodyte is correct in this: the Republican field is weak. It is so weak that President Obama’s lameness alone makes any of them supportable.

  44. Hope Satchel has a great birthday Jeff.

    And JD, please don’t lump all of us in Tennessee together. There’s lots of good, normal people here, too.

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  46. Neither of my children have ever been satisfied unless their bedrooms/play areas were spectacular messes.
    All efforts by my wife and myself to the contrary. Some people are just born that way.
    With any luck you’ll get used to it.

  47. That’s a first–we found something that is better without bacon.

  48. What I can’t understand is, why do so many leftist Proggie internet trolls go apeshit when they finally get banned from the forum they’re trolling? What the fuck did they expect to happen? And what is this obsession with taking a dump at someone else’s joint, anyway? Do they do such things in real life? Do they barge into someone’s conversation at a restaurant, for example, because the overheard something they disagreed with?


  49. Well, if you’re a republican in a restaurant, and you order an expensive bottle of wine, of course they do. For the Social Justice of it all.

    Then they blog about how courageous they were, acting like an ass in public.

  50. I was reading some coverage about the left attacking Santorum on the subject of how he and his wife handled the death of a child only a few hours old. It was disgusting. Basically, progressives have a casual viciousness that I will never understand. If you aren’t part of their tribe you are apparently not deserving of any consideration at all.

    They have all the maturity and compassion of a toddler who still believes the world revolves around him, and everyone else is there to serve his every whim. And when thwarted, they are as whiny and petulant as said toddler.

    There really is no dealing with them rationally. We should give them a very long time-out.

  51. People are disposable to them. It makes me sick to think about it, so I guess I should stop thinking about it.

  52. Ah the internet…so full of pussies.

    In other news – speaking of children – my nine year old son won his first wrestling tournament. He received a gold medal. However,
    has no idea what the significance is of that. Even though my wife and I tried to explain. Our culture is so screwed.

  53. Re: #54-55.

  54. proglodyte

    THAT’s a keeper!

    That IP resolves here; seems an innocuous bit of suburbia to be hosting such vile filth.

    My brother lives just down the road from there. You want I should send him up there with a wet cat in a box?

  55. Jeff:
    Today is a first. I have lurked here for years and never commented, just enjoying the philosophy and repartee. Mr. ProggBacon changed that; please
    check your tip jar. Happy New Year.

  56. Also, serr8d is from that neck of the TN woods, but I doubt he’s of a mind to smack around any trolls lately.

  57. We should give them a very long time-out.

    Antarctica is a big place with plenty of fresh water and penguin meat.

    Just sayin’

  58. My brother lives just down the road from there. You want I should send him up there with a wet cat in a box?

    I think Ryan/Elf/Bacon/Radio is more in need of an application form for the American Nazi Party.

  59. cranky-d, feel better. Charles Lane of WaPo has a nice piece about how his wife gave birth to a stillborn son, full-term and how they also held the child and took pictures. My niece had two stillborns in two years and also did the same. I’m not going to tell people how to grieve or how to mourn the loss of a child.

  60. Ryan is such a man. Manly in his manliness. The way he called us out for having PMS, and Jeff not just a boy, or a child, but a boy-child: Wow. It’s clear he has pecs so stuffed with testosterone they’ll be lactating soon.

    And a huge American penis.

  61. My mother had a sister who died less than an hour after she was born.

    I’m not sure of the details of how her parents dealt with that tragedy, but 66 years later, my grandmother still mourns for her.

  62. It’s rather awkward, isn’t it, the way the two conversations going on here overlap?


  63. We should give them a very long time-out.

    Were I to meet either Colmes or Robinson in person I suspect I’d give him a punch in the mouth.

    Followed by a heartfelt ‘apology’ of course.

    Because that means instant absolution, right?

  64. I’m not sure, Thomas. I had a miscarriage when I was pregnant with my first child and a week or so after I got out of the hospital, I had a disagreement with my SIL. I told her I was sorry, but I hadn’t been myself lately. When she informed me that I “should be over that by now” I slapped her across the face as hard as I could and told her to get out of my house NOW.

    I still haven’t apologized for slapping her and that was 30 years ago.

  65. Well yeah Leigh, but you were entirely justified for taking a poke at her. Hell, she’s the one who should apologize for making you resort to breaking out the cluebat.

    Me smacking one of those clowns? Not so much.

  66. Steyn: The Left’s So-Called Empathy

    In 2008, the Left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin’s live baby. It was only a matter of time before they moved on to a dead one.

  67. Yes they did and that was wrong. I do remember reading Free Republic when John Roberts was being confirmed as Chief Justice and some posters complaining that he didn’t have enough children. We have our share of idiots, too.

  68. Where’s one of the hall monitors? This thread is driving me crazy with the formating.

  69. Jeff should either delete everything after Delivery-Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2012 07:37:10 +0300 or insert some </br> tags at reasonable intervals.

    But given his busy day, as detailed in the nest post, that’s prolly not going to happen today.

  70. As to the format, we can make it easier on our readers simply by inserting a carriage return
    . . . like this . . . for instance, at a short distance across the screen here. It works. Give it a go.

  71. 15. JD posted on 1/6 @ 9:58 pm
    Jeff – didn’t you have another whackjob poofter, back in the day, that amped up the crazy, from Tennessee?

    Once again, we note how many of those derisive of red-half sociopoliticaleconomiccultural values insist on retreating to the relative less burdensome stability of red states.
    Excessive regulations and income taxes are for…….

  72. There is nothing wrong with the formatting that I can see.

    I think a lot of you are on drugs or something.

  73. proglodyte

    THAT’s a keeper!

    Indeed. I would submit the proper spelling as Progluddite, however.

    And I would think they would be required to think of a stillborn or miscarriage as little more than a fingernail clipping, based on the party line on abortions. There are limits to the amount of cognitive dissonance even the dimmest wit can endure.

  74. 10 seconds before the baby is born – fingernail clipping
    10 seconds after the baby is born – baby, unless it dies in a few hours, in which case, it’s a fingernail clipping again

    I’m not sure how long the baby has to live outside the womb before it’s a baby. Maybe a helpful progressive could let us know.*

    *I couldn’t care less what they think.

  75. I tend to agree with Ric Locke that laws against abortion are ill-conceived (see what I did there?) and not truly enforceable without resorting to a police state. Since I don’t care for laws that are selectively enforced on the whim of the police and attorneys, I would just as soon not have them at all.

    However, that doesn’t mean I am willing to pay for someone else to murder their unborn child, nor am I willing to call it something other than murder. I won’t stand idly by while someone else attempts to define what is and isn’t human based on convenience.

  76. I meant most laws against abortion can probably be thought as ill-conceived, not all of them. Some could work. The ability to enforce them without an undue cost to liberty is key. As I have stated before, one must always weigh the cost to liberty when restricting behavior.

    I’ve been sick, and I’m tired. I shall come back later when I can think better.

  77. Cranky you are making perfect sense to me.
    Especially the part about not being willing to pay for someone else’s abortion.

  78. I just thought of something else that’s not new, but may be mildly interesting. Progressives really don’t care about individuals, so individual babies being murdered isn’t a problem for them beyond the loss of yet another faceless slave to the state. And, really, they would just as soon most people would go ahead and die anyway.

  79. I know I shouldn’t ask this because it always stirs up trouble, but I will anyway: should a woman be able to have an abortion if she pays for it? I’m being a realist in that making abortions illegal is not going to stop them and never stopped them in the past.

  80. “making abortions illegal is not going to stop them and never stopped them in the past.”

    yea murder, robbery, et al have similar problems

  81. First trimester abortions are probably beyond the control of anything but a police state, so I would say not to make laws against that. Label me reluctantly pro-choice due to the infringement of the mother’s liberty in favor of the baby’s liberty, and vice-versa.

    I would play a line-drawing game at some point after that but before the baby is due; the abortion issue is all about line-drawing. Viability outside the womb might be that line for me, but I don’t know.

    I think abortion should be discouraged via speech (that does not directly interfere with the practice of abortion, and is not violent) no matter how far along the baby is.

    Ultimately, though, at this point I would get the federal government out of the business of funding abortions and leave the rest of it alone, because we have much bigger problems to deal with now.

  82. Well said, cranky-d.

  83. “I would get the federal government out of the business of funding abortions ”

    and propagandizing for it via npr, pbs, psas

  84. SDN posted:

    Da Techguy had a post about making blogging pay back before Christmas. One of the Original Gangsta Bloggers, Kim du Toit, weighed in with the comment that he and his wife got comments and e-mails like those EVERY TIME he put up a fundraiser. Eventually, the vitriol just wore them both out, especially with the returns they were getting, so they quit.

    Here is the comment to which he was referring:

    Kim du Toit says:
    December 12, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    DTguy: this is the actual reason I quit. I worked over ten hours a day, every single damn day, on my blog, which garnered tens of thousands of unique views daily. Everyone praised me and told how great a blog it was, right up to the time I would need money to pay the bills. Then I’d publish a bleg and get more angry comments about “sponging” than I got contributions, like my own time, hundreds of hours per week, was just… worthless.

    It’s not just me. For some reason, conservatives think that media sponsorship is beneath them–why else do you think that even worthy organizations like National Review and Patriot Post have to grovel for money all the time? If they’re struggling, what chance do individuals like you (or me, for that matter) stand?

    Conservatives are always bleating about the liberal hegemony of the media, but they want their own media to be free–think Rush Limbaugh would be as popular if his radio show was PPV (or in his case, PPL)? Don’t make me laugh. He’d be no different from the rest of us.

    Truth be told, conservatives are a bunch of f****** tightwads, which is fine as a lifestyle. But if conservatives want their own media and yet refuse to support it, then they deserve all the CNN, MSNBC and New York Times drivel they get.

    Liberals get the point: you need the media to get your message out, and communication costs money. Conservatives seem to think that communication is beneath them. Small wonder that the only time we get any kind of conservative message is through TV ads from wealthy, pablum-spewing candidates like Romney and bi-government types like Gingrich.

    The only thing that makes me at all hopeful for the future is that voting is free. If liberals wanted to take over the process, they’d support high poll taxes, then get rich a******* like Soros to subsidize “their” voters. Conservative candidates wouldn’t get 10% of the franchise under those circumstances, because conservatives would be too damn stingy to pay a tax to vote.

  85. “I would get the federal government out of the business of funding abortions ”

    and propagandizing for it via npr, pbs, psas


  86. Haven’t been a regular visitor to PW in a while (though always been mostly a lurker). Dropped in recently & saw you endorse Bachmann as your first choice for POTUS. Hesitantly checked in today to see you now endorsing– Santorum.

    Bachmann? Santorum? For POTUS?

    I understand being disappointed with the field; I am too. But seriously, seriously endorsing Bachmann (of Gardisil hysteria, married to pray-the-gay-away Marcus), and now Santorum (the self-proclaimed “Jesus candidate,” who’s made sodomy into a national political issue)… both of whom have nil executive experience… for President of the United States? To beat the scourge of Obama in the general election?

    I’m sad, because I’ve always been a big fan of PW, felt at home with your take on things (as a “classical liberal”/ “small-l libertarian”), and it’s one of those moments in which I realize a fave blog(ger) & I are now on very different wavelengths– almost living in different realities.

    I guess I’d diagnose it as Romney Derangement Syndrome– or “GOP Establishment” Derangement Syndrome– but my point is not to argue about your choices. Who the hell knows, maybe you’re right & I’m the crazy fool. I’ll admit, over-the-top social conservatives– as Bachmann & especially Santorum seem to me to be– give me hives. I find those emphases (on abortion & gays & for fuck’s sake, birth control) not just distracting but absolutely pernicious at this time, at his historical juncture, in this election. And I’m sorry, but you can’t just blame the MSM for those emphases (though the MSM sure will take advantage & run with them, why wouldn’t they).

    Anyway. All I know is, and all I’m expressing here, is that at least the tiny portion of your audience represented by me, finds herself alienated from the views expressed here nowadays.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that– readership shifts always going to happen, one way or another, as views & events develop. Keep being honest with yourself & your readers. And uncompromising (I would wish, also, realistic, but whatever).

    Maybe months from now I’ll visit again, and find myself more in sync with PW again. Until then, all the best.

    At least I think– I think, I hope???– we have this in common, wishing to see Obama (whose second term would be truly catastrophic for our country) defeated. Even if it’s by Romney. (Unless you dislike Romney so much you’d wish Obama to win over him. That’s how I feel about Ron Paul re foreign policy– but Ron Paul’s not likely to be the GOP candidate, and Romney is. If it’s ABR for you (including Obama)…

    Then there’s pretty much nothing to say. My spade is turned, as Wittgenstein would say. At least I do know we both love the USA and want the best (& to avert the worst) for it. So there’s that.

    Farewell from an erstwhile reader.

    (Oh, and Ryan is an asshole.)

  87. Well, rachel, I want a fighter, and I think we need to bring back economic growth and free markets first and foremost — as well as repeal ObamaCare. I was convinced Bachmann would do just that, and I don’t care a whit about her husband. With the field as it is now, I like Perry’s tax plan, and after that, Santorum’s plan to re-energize industry and lower the corporate tax rates. I don’t care about his religious beliefs for reasons I’ve argued here over the past week or so. Perry failed to catch on; Santorum might, and he’s better than Romney, Paul, Huntsman, and even Gingrich, in my estimation. He was an early Reagan supporter. 15 years before Romney was trashing Reagan while running against Ted Kennedy. That means something to me.

    Were you more than a mere occasional reader, you’d know my reasoning for liking Santorum in this field.

    And frankly, you can find plenty of sites where people will agree with you. If that’s all you wish to read — or the only kinds of sites you feel are worthy of your attention — that’s your choice and I understand.

    But yes, I’m going to continue to give my opinions, not try to match them to the kind of readership I think they’ll attract.

  88. You know what I like? I like well-reasoned opinions, even when I disagree with them. I especially like to see the thought process laid out so I can see how it got where it ended up.

    I know I will get that here, not just from our host but from many of the commenters.

    That’s quite important, and certainly more important than only reading stuff I agree with.

  89. Jeff, thanks for the well-reasoned reply.

    From what I’ve read (admittedly not too much), I just don’t buy Santorum as much of a pro-free-market fiscal conservative. At least not enough of one to outweigh his extreme social conservatism, which is repellent to me. NB “extreme”. I happily voted for Bush, and had no problem at all with his religiosity. I have no problem with a social conservative as president, as long as I don’t think he’ll be using the power of government to impose his personal religious values on the rest of us (beyond selecting judges for the Supreme Court)… or taking up valuable time & rhetorical/ argumentative space talking about things that are irrelevant to the real crises our country is in. Crises which have nothing to do with abortion or contraception or sodomy or gay marriage or Jesus.

    Bachmann was great in her wholehearted, full-throated opposition to Obamacare; I’ve no doubt that if she was president she’d do everything in her power to extirpate it, root and branch. So are you great & so would you do everything in your power to get rid of it, along with many of your commenters. And y’all are almost as qualified and likely to win the nomination and the presidency as she was. And probably would be much smarter about the complex tactical & strategic political moves that will probably be necessary to do such a thing. Yes, I’d like a fighter, and someone ideologically principled… but also an astute, experienced, skillful politician, who can navigate the murky shark-infested Bermuda Triangle of DC from the leaky boat of the White House. ‘Cause if you’re not, your noble principles & ideological purity will get you diddly-squat, even as POTUS.

    It’s not that I only read blogs I completely agree with (and I don’t necessarily agree with myself from day to day or moment to moment). Among the blogs I read, there are partisans for Perry, Newt, Romney, no one (just ABO); and their commenters are all over the place (including some who argue for Santorum). It’s just that, at this point in time, a seriously pro-Bachmann/ Santorum blog (where all the commenters seem to be on board too… perhaps I’m mistaken about that) is just too different a ballpark from where I’m at, playing a different game that I’m not really interested in.

    But, I take your point. And so I may very well still check in. Negative critique is good, and essential, and you’re great at it (even if your positive endorsements don’t make sense to me at this time). Like I said, I’ve been a long-time fan, and still am in way– hence, the disappointment. But that’s not on you: you’re great because (among other things) you don’t pander to your readers (like me).

  90. as long as I don’t think he’ll be using the power of government to impose his personal religious values on the rest of us

    Funny how, when a conservative talks about his own personal beliefs and convictions, many people assume he intends to use the powers of government to enforce them on everyone else.

    Probably stems from decades of seeing ‘open minded,’ (so called)’liberal’/progressives do exactly that.

  91. It is almost as if there is a concerted effort to prevent conservatives from talking about things that personally matter to them.

    Lest, you know, their speech exert its well recognized normative powers.

    Can’t have that sort of free speech ruining a free society.

  92. Pingback: Is Santorum’s social conservatism a problem? Or is it a step in the right direction, constitutionally speaking?

  93. Rachel —

    I like Santorum’s plan to cut corporate income tax to 17.5% for all but the manufacturing sector, which he’d cut to 0%. This beats Romney’s 25% across the board — while it falls short of Perry’s flat tax plan, which I’ve always favored. Still, Perry’s inability to appear competent under the microscope of a national audience concerns me — and conversely, Santorum, who I didn’t begin taking seriously until the second or third debate (when I was chided on Twitter for suggesting dispassionately that he may be worth a second look), has impressed me with his willingness to take questions, argue his positions, and defend them intellectually. His social conservatism, so far as I can tell (ironically, lots of putative conservatives who are now running from him were embracing him during the Schiavo affair, while I was disagreeing with him — though I was convinced the stance was genuine and the argument sincere: see, eg., Coulter, or Ace), amounts, from a platform stance, to re-enforcing the family as an important civil unit by way of increased tax credits, credits on charitable giving, etc. — all of which is designed to weaken the Religion of State.

    In other words, the real religiosity we need worry about is the State as Godhead, and I happen to see Santorum as a corrective, because his social conservatism — perhaps ironically, depending on your point of view — is likely to reduce the role of the state in people’s lives. And that’s a good thing.

    I don’t fear a theocratic push, because we as a society are so far in the other direction way with respect to the powers of the Church of Secularism that a candidate who is so committed to the rights of the self-professed religious might be a constitutional (pardon the glibness here) godsend: by re-finding and re-affirming the 9th and 10th amendments and taking on judicial oligarchies specifically in defense of real religious freedom (which INCLUDES the freedom to be religious), what Santorum might do — precisely BECAUSE he is concerned with social issues on a very real and personal level (and not just interested in using those issues to shore up his conservative markings) — is lead the fight against an expanding leftism that works by breaking down individual rights granted by a hypothetically posited higher power, and replacing them with rights granted by man through the State and through its attendant bureaucracies.

    Too, because Santorum is a Reaganite, he respects the Constitution — and while as an advocate he may push for his own social beliefs, he will also respect the rights of states and localities to disagree with those beliefs, and legislate accordingly.

    Meaning, of all the candidates (save maybe Gingrich, who unfortunately seems to HAVE ideas but doesn’t really luxuriate in always implementing them), I feel Santorum is likely to do the most to re-establish a balance of powers and checks and balances with respect to the courts, if only because he recognizes that it benefits the devout, and he is a real champion for the rights of the religious (remember, his advocacy re: Schiavo stemmed from her parents’ concern that, as a Catholic, she’d be relegated to purgatory). In truth, though, it benefits all of us who love freedom and individual liberty. And because the courts are the fallback position of progressives out of power, it is important that they be addressed if we’re to make any significant challenge to a viral leftism that’s insinuated itself into every aspect of our culture.

    Santorum’s purported “anti-individual” stance has been overblown, as we’ve discussed here. He’s certainly not a collectivist because he replaces the individual with the family in his idea of the building block of a nation. All that means is, he’s reacting to the Objectivists’ idea of raw individualism and the dynamic it creates, and responding with a version of “compassionate conservatism” that looks nothing like Bush’s, because it’s reliance on the state is not one of creating state powers to protect family, but rather removing state burdens to promote them.

    This, at least, is my take right now — and it’s the reason I am leaning toward Santorum just now. And, for the “electability” people out there, I suspect that his appeal to the manufacturing sector, both to blue collar Dems and to businesses looking to get government off their backs, makes him potentially formidable — and will suffice, at a time when we need to be concerned with the economy and growth, to beat back fears that he’ll try to rule like a Pope.

  94. The latest from “Ryan Bacon,” who still doesn’t appear willing to give up his identity, for all his bluster. Just like a pussy:

    Aren’t the white pages just for landlines? Who still has one of those?

    Ooooh, here’s the part where you pretend that you’re going to buy a plane ticket and come to Tennessee and totally rough me up! And of course, you’re such a Terminator that you’re able to utterly control every situation, no way that it would spiral out of your iron locus of control, no way that Satchel Goldstein will miss his daddy because he’s doing 5-10 in a Nashville prison for breaking & entering. You’re just that damned good.

    Don’t make me laugh more than I already am. Where’s your address, shitheels? Serr8d and I already went through this whole song and dance. He said that I would never meet him in public, and then I invited him to a midnight showing of the Atlas Shrugged movie. It was only playing in one theater here. Guess what? He had other plans. So stop trying to be a tough guy, fishcream. It don’t fly.

    Awww, you’re still smarting over the kike thing, aintcha? Our dear departed pal Serr8d was quite a fan of Chris Rock’s “Niggas vs. Black people” routine. He referenced it more than once. You know the bit where Rock draws a line between “niggas” who mooch off welfare, and “black people” who take care of their business? Maybe it’s the same way with all races. There are Jews, who are a proud people of a beautiful tradition. And then there are weasely, bottom-feeding kikes like you. Oh, I’m sorry. Is that not racially sensitive enough for you? Did I make you uncomfortable? So sorry about that.

    Notice, no real name or contact info, just a faux-bemusement that I’d ask.

    Better safe than sorry, right, pussy?

  95. And check the walk-back: there are some good Jews, naturally, then there are the kikes! The weasely kind. The grubbers. Who bottom feed. Like me.

    I bet he’d tell you some of his best friends are non-weasely, proud, non-grubbing kikes from a proud and beautiful kikey tradition.

    That he’d raise serr8d’s name — and in fact, that he’s amped up his vileness since serr8d’s wife’s death, knowing that serr8d isn’t online just now — is a wonderful peek into the grubby little smudge of a soul this useless piece of self-important trash carries around with him in a flaccid, hairless, fetal pig-like shell.

  96. I bet Ryan Mengele has got Die Endlösung all worked out for the grubby kikes.

  97. As employable adults tend to be a little circumspect about the things they say online (“the internet is forever”), can we infer that “Ryan Bacon” has zero prospects and so zero concern for his reputation?

    I’d say… yeah.

  98. I hate Nazis.

  99. …which is why I don’t believe that his real name.

    He claims he was once roommates with the Elf dude, right? I wasn’t really following closely earlier when people were talking about who he is. But if that’s the case, we know who the Elf dude is, don’t we? Can someone remind me of this stuff?

    I like that my knowing sowings seeds of fear and doubt into the minds of these vile pieces of human garbage — the kind who look to take advantage of the death of someone’s wife, or actively root for the harm of someone’s child.

    Remember: I’m just crazy and unstable enough that I might just do something. That’s the skinny on me, anyhow.

  100. Ooh. Got another, correcting my spelling in a comment and positively luxuriating over the attention he’s getting here deep in the comments of what he himself says is a stupid shit blog nobody cares about run by a weasely kike.

    How fucking pathetic this dude’s life must be that any mention he sees of his fake name gives him a little chubby and prompts him to keep emailing me.

  101. The Elf Radio entity claimed he was in charge of the drains in Murfreesboro.

  102. BaconRind illustrates why I just never saw much point in talking tough. The more feeling he puts into it, the more everyone listening can smell his pants turning brown.

    Besides, if you’ve got the nuggets to do anything, why give up the element of surprise?

  103. So that would be public works?

    I’m pretty sure we found him before: I remember lots of drawings of space titties and a little hairless manchild exhibiting his “art” on some website or other.

  104. The anime pr0n on the wall, blue shower curtain on the window, and duct tape on the chair. Class.

  105. He’s emailing me rapid-fire now. Wants me alerted to my “illiteracy.” But I can smell his adrenaline all the way through the haze of ones and zeros. And his fear, too.

  106. Yeah, that’s what he said. And that Elf Radio was called Joel.

    I doubt any of it is reliable.

    The way I followed it was that he claimed to come back Mobying as RyanBacon after taking abuse from newrouter. That abuse was to Elf Radio not Elf Radio’s roommate.

    If I had to guess, we’re dealing with Elf here. The writing style and juvenile attitude is quite similar.

  107. What’s with these trolls who make internet threats that are increasingly gangsta in language, not no mention antil-Semitic? I’ll bet a dollar Mr. Bacon doesn’t talk like that at all—unless he’s just watched Good Fellas or a Godfather marathon.

    Hey, did you know he has TWO guns, Jeff? I’d bet he has a big dog too, but he sounds like a cat person. No offense, cat people.

  108. I have a documented history — well, the one time the situation presented itself (or rather, was thrown in my face) — of showing up. Society — and many self-righteous, “mature” bloggers, may not believe that there are certain things you say to a man that rightly earn you a beating — but I don’t.

    The world would be a better place if people like “RyanBacon” knew that nobody would come running to his aid for wishing a kid bone cancer when the daddy showed up to ask him for a clarification.

  109. Got a longer comment stuck in spam/moderation but here’s the link at deviantArt.

  110. He made a big deal about how Franklin has a lot of country music bigshots and a fine police force, but maybe he hasn’t thought it through.

    Sometimes the fine police force is a lot more interested in looking out for the bigshots than for the people like BaconRind who don’t seem to have anything to lose.

  111. Hey, this mention of “teabaggers” seems eerily similar to RyanBacon’s critique. Probably because he and Joel (I’m sorry, “edge ling”) were “roommates.”

  112. Wonder if any of these space titties are KIKEY space titties?

  113. I just kind of like watching guys like BaconRind yapping like chihuahuas and pretending their response when actually confronted won’t be to piddle themselves and run away on three legs.

  114. heh — pulled this from our boy “Edge Ling” the toilet scrubber’s holiday post taking requests for space titty drawings:

    — Attempting to bribe me with money, favors, flattery, gift cards, and sushi is not required…. but it is encouraged. I no longer accept bribes of beer, though. I quit drinking.

    Is that, like, begging in a circle-jerk type behavior, do you think?

    I need a judge’s ruling before I throw down my HYPOCRISY IN ALL CAPS card.

  115. Here are 10 things Edge Ling reluctantly wants you to know about him:

    I was tagged by :iconatomictiki: Atomic-Tiki, and must reveal ten unpleasant facts about myself. Prepare for TMI.

    Okay, here goes…

    1. I get unnaturally weepy and choked up by sad portrayals of dogs in movies. Did you see the RedLetterMedia Plinkett review of Cop Dog? Even that…. made me sad. I feel so sorry for the dog, even though that’s not part of the reviewer’s intent and no dogs were harmed in the making of that awful movie. And i’ve never even seen Old Yeller or Marley and Me.

    2. My right ear canal fills up with earwax every day. And i have lots of boogers. I chew my nails. I am a thoroughly bilious and disgusting person. And i haven’t even mentioned the skin issues yet. Sometimes i get these gigantic blood-and-pus filled sacs on my inner left thigh…

    3. By my burly appearance, you’d never guess that i love girl pop music. Lady Gaga, Madonna, Christina Aguilera… and it gets worse from there. I have… Mel-C’s first album. But not the others. They were all imports, and cost too much.

    4. I still have an old cel phone, the type with old-fashioned texting. ( The letter S sucks, i have to tap the number 7 four times to make one… )

    5. I can’t do math in my head. What’s 47 + 89? Uhhh…. maybe if i had a pencil and paper i could tell you. This handicap is why i was never able to effectively play Sphere Break in Final Fantasy X-2, and never beat Shinra to get the Lady Luck dressphere. This still haunts me.

    6. When i was about 18, my older brother and his jerky friends got me really drunk, drove me around town, and i ended up puking my guts out in a Mapco restroom. I blacked out on the floor, and woke up an hour later with the clerk pounding on the door and threatening to call the police.

    7. My family was really poor when i was growing up. No cable, no school trips, ramen-for-dinner-type poor. My father was a chronic alcoholic, and i couldn’t bring friends over because he’d be rolling around drunk in the living room, wearing only his underwear with his balls hanging out, yelling at the evening news. But he’s dead now, so, yay for that.

    8. I’m terrible at throwing baseballs, footballs, any kind of sports balls. All my muscles seem to be in my legs.

    9. I’m unbelievably sentimental about life in general. Maudlin, really. I sit here and wax nostalgic about the things that happened at my job in 2008 and 2009, remembering the random good times and missing the people, knowing full well that they’ve moved on and never think of those days with any sort of fondness. They’d just say, “meh, that job sucked.”

    10. Masturbation. That is all. Masturbation.

    Too bad the list didn’t go to 11. Raging pussy anti-semite who whacks off to space titties might have made the list.

  116. Remember: I’m just crazy and unstable enough that I might just do something.

    Aren’t we all? That’s what keeps the world so interesting.

  117. I’m terrible at throwing baseballs, footballs, any kind of sports balls.

    And yet all he talks is balls. Ironic.

  118. I’ve just taken to responding to his emails with “Joel.”

    “Joel the burly flaccid anime geek who keeps the toilets of big shot country music stars flowing” is probably not as well hidden as he believes himself to be.

    If that’s really who this douche is.

  119. LyanBacon is squealing like a pig right now.

  120. Hey, LyanBacon. Do you know what sane people do when they are asked to leave a blog? They leave. They don’t need to be banned. They don’t start sending nasty, threatening emails. They just go.

    Grow up. You’re pathetic.

  121. You mean Joel, the tubby, self-pleasuring earwax-riddled anti-semite toilet scrubber (and part-time sketcher and inker of space titties, whom if you want to throw some money his way, he’s not too proud to grub) out of Franklin, TN, cranky-d?

    That “LyanBacon”?

    Yes, he probably is.

  122. That’s the guy.

  123. My bet it is Wee Willy, Professor of Flamingo at MSTU. He’s been trolling my site lately, dropping worthless turds and fleeing back to mommy and daddy’s log cabin in the woods. Recently he has been using a masked address listed as Nashville. Maybe his drop dead gorgeous half his age attorney “girl”friend has a tent at Occupy Nashville.

  124. Who is needier – the guy who runs a website on donations or the guy who just can’t get you to care about what he thinks?

    (Answer; #2, the guy Willy Loman ignored.)

  125. Oh. It’s the Tennessee guy? Isn’t he a “cat fancier” like the gelatinous blob from Vanity Fair?

  126. McGehee said: “Besides, if you’ve got the nuggets to do anything, why give up the element of surprise?”

    My thought is if you actually had the nuggets to do anything you wouldn’t waste your time with an internet tough guy act.

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  128. My thought is if you actually had the nuggets to do anything you wouldn’t waste your time with an internet tough guy act.

    Well, yeah. </that “We Are Farmers” professor guy with the flamethrower>

  129. I like anime. Specifically I like old 70’s and 80’s anime with giant robots in it. I tried to draw it but never got the knack down. Same goes for illustrating in general.

    Anime doodler generally means 4-chan /B/ which means more play-hacker kiddy-script anonymous shit from guys who never learn despite arrest after arrest that they aren;t what they pretend to be and are no match for the police .


  130. Well I looked at that deviant art site. If that’s him then he obviously never got the knack of drawing manga/anime either. Oh well. He likes the zaftig “short with big thighs”look. He doesn’t seem to understand the point of inking. Hint: It’s to vary a line weight to give the illusion of something being rounded and three dimensional so it “pops” off the page. He’s not terrible at digital coloring though.

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