November 23, 2011

Remember when that silly snowbilly who is too stupid to be President tried to scare people with talk of "death panels"?

Well, she was wrong: for death panels to exist, what you’re deciding to kill off has to be something that’s alive to begin with. And that’s simply not the case when what you’re deciding upon is the fate of “units” rather than individual human beings.

So there.

Sure glad we made sure that stupid white trash bint was hectored off the national stage. I mean, c’mon: “death panels”? “Crony capitalism” and the special dispensation given a government ruling class content to ride out our decline until the bitter, inevitable end? The need for wide scale regulatory reform and a renewed push for energy production and independence to bolster a stagnating economy and beat back inflation? “Inflation” itself? Please. Everyone knows that what we need is, like, some Supercommittee to hide out and govern, coupled with periodic raises to the debt ceiling. We need a GOP leadership willing to “compromise” on “revenue increases” — one that won’t surrender to its politically (and socially) unsophisticated Hobbity base, which if it had its way would direct them to commit political suicide by calling for actual cuts to government spending. We need to maintain the status quo. And voila! Ameritopia!

Seriously. It’s like that prom-haired, undereducated wolfslaughterer is living on a different planet or something. Good riddance!

(h/t Mark Levin; geoffB)

update: Berwick quits.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:22am

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  1. if we’re gonna have obamaromneycare then we HAVE to ration healthcares or we’ll quickly overrun the ability of the Fed to print money to pay for them I think

    we should start with old people and baby boomers, like the French did during the “heat wave”

  2. You have to admit, telling docs to provide “comfort care” sounds a lot better than “just let the old fucker die in that room back there. Oh, and keep her doped up so she doesn’t moan or scream and shit.”

  3. prom-haired

    hah! love it!

  4. “prom-haired, undereducated wolfslaughterer”

    Man, that’s great.

  5. I say we start with people who use movie titles for their handles and Japanese pop-culture toy icons for their avatars.

  6. Unfortunately, that’s the point, Crawford. Just having a mechanism in place that those In Charge™ can use for their own whims is a horrible thing. You may be In Charge today, but there will come a time when your enemies are In Charge, then you and yours are screwed.

  7. Regrettably, Darth, that time would appear to be now, and that mechanism is the wheezing-but-dangerous federal leviathan.

    That is, of course, unless you believe that Mr. and Mrs. Obama are not the type of “leaders” who would send us all to re-education camps if they had half a chance.

  8. Perhaps some sort of system wherein everyone takes care of their own problems, and leaves everyone else the hell alone — “stealing money from your neighbors at gunpoint” being a particularly egregious form of not-the-hell-alone-leaving.

    Maybe that’d work. We should try it sometime.

  9. Honestly, I dunno how I feel about this. If you are on a taxpayers supported healthcare, and you show up in an ER with a condition that doesn’t have the greatest chance for a positive outcome …

    My sil was very unhealthy, yet because she was on public aid – you and I spend MILLIONS (many millions) on her care. There should have been a point, along the way, where someone said that PUBLIC money could be better used elsewhere.

    I could care less if someone wants to waste their last time on some impossible quake cure for cancer or whatever. But public money? we can’t afford it.

    My grandpa had prostate cancer. His doc told him not to bother treating it because he’d die of something else before the prostate thing did him in. He made an economic choice.

    ask any ICU care nurse about the money wasted on folks who have no chance of recovery. And, they’re on public aid. It’s disgusting.

  10. I kinda agree with John.

    also, another thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way ; people who complain that this or that “condition” or medical issue wasn’t covered (enough) and thus they’ve gone broke.

    and, I wonder … their choice was death, right?

    Would you rather have died? Or would you rather be in debt now?

    People have decided that LIFE is a right. One that should be encumbered by the costs that it takes to sustain that life.

  11. This is the foot in the door. Once Obamacare kicks in then the range of conditions that will receive “comfort care” will expand, the age at which the comfy chair comes out will decrease for all the “units” which will not include the new nomenklatura who are citizens.

  12. I hear ya, Carin. There really has to be some kind of triage. When is enough enough? How heroic need measures be?

  13. From the Berwick link

    Medicare chief Don Berwick, a Harvard professor widely respected for his ideas on how to improve the health care system

    Same theme, different plot. There’s a new trove of stolen emails, but if you interview all the people on the leftist side of the issue, it turns out that all’s well, this is how they do science, they have exonerated themselves of manipulating the data, and it turns out that they all widely respect each other.

    Palin? Not widely respected. So just relax, nothing to see here, all units back to their tasks.

  14. “When is enough enough? How heroic need measures be?”

    Ask me again when it’s your tit in the wringer.

  15. 9. Carin posted on11/23 @ 11:38 am
    — snip —
    ask any ICU care nurse about the money wasted on folks who have no chance of recovery.

    True that. We have a friend who’s a nurse in an oncology unit. It’s her contention — and I think she’s correct — that we spend roughly 50% of all medical expenses in the vain attempt to save the lives of folks who will die within the year no matter what we do. My question to her was “do all those people you think are going to die, die? No, of course not. Some respond to the often radical treatment, go into remission, and live for years. The vast majority do die on schedule though.

    My dear Grandmere is a case in point. She came down with stomach cancer back in the days when cancer of any kind was near sure death. The doctors didn’t want to operate but she insisted that they go in and take out the cancer as best they could, and she had the money to make it so. Old biddy lived another 25 years and the cancer never came back.

    The moral of this story? These decisions should be between the doctor and patient and neither the insurance companies nor (particularly) the government should have a say, because you know what they’ll say.

  16. I should add that t’were me, I’d do away with all manner of government-funded health care. No Medicare, Medicaid, no nuthin’. Want to spend a bajillion dollars fighting the near inevitable? You better have good insurance, a buttload of money, or an illness that’s so interesting the doctors will take you on out of scientific curiousity. ‘Cause if I have to pay for it you’re gonna die.

  17. “These decisions should be between the doctor and patient and neither the insurance companies nor (particularly) the government should have a say, because you know what they’ll say.”

    Yes. Exactly.

  18. Honestly I am for evidence-based medicine, because it tends to cut down on a lot of overtreatment. (The prostate cancer case is a good example–most men will die with and not of prostate cancers because they are famously nonaggressive.)

    But no one wants to do that.

  19. my mom had open heart surgery the day before she died for to “make her more comfortable”

    it was a real honest-to-god head-scratcher

  20. maybe “open heart” is not accurate… let’s just say heart surgery then … I remember she had a lot of stitches and bandages after but I can’t say for sure how that all came about in surgery

  21. “I remember she had a lot of stitches and bandages after but I can’t say for sure how that all came about in surgery”

    yea my old dude looked like they had vinnie talk to him before he died. the “health care” system is the mob. even if you pay they break your leg.