October 15, 2004

Talking back to 80s music, 35

What the fuck is a ‘speedball,’ anyway?  Do you mean fastball?  Because if so, that’s just sad, man…

“Glory Days,” Bruce Springsteen

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:00am

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  1. This can only be “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen.  The guy writes like he never watched a single game of baseball in his life.  Too busy cruising those Asbury Park seaside bars and chasin’ after those waitresses who’ve lost their desire for him, I guess.

    (And as a guy who loves Bruce, moron Jon Landau-influenced politics aside, I loathe this song and most of the album it comes from.)

  2. Maybe his buddy was a junkie, too.  You’d have to be on drugs to hang with Bruuuuuuuuuce. 

    Shut up and ‘sing’, Boss.

  3. Speedball: Cocaine + Meth (Preferably anhydrous)? I was never here.

  4. jeff, don’t pretend you don’t know what a speedball is.  nobody’s buyin’ it anyway

  5. I thought it was coke + heroin.

  6. I think Stewart V. has it right but as meth is much easier to get than heroin across middle-America it could be a new regional difference.  Regardless, it’s a needle-drug hybrid with coke either way.

    HBO documentaries and Cops.

  7. Speedball is what splashed John Belushi

  8. Springsteen?  Croce!  Terror of the highways an’ all them other truckers thought the boy was mad ….  Couldn’t ever be Springsteen.  He has way too highly developed a sense of the marketplace to ever be called mad, unless you take his political activism as a sign of madness.

  9. In that song he predicted what a gabby old bore he’d probably become, too.

  10. Isn’t coke + heroin a goofball?

  11. Off topic. Jeff, what the hell did you do with Allah? He hasn’t posted since you returned from your trip. Could you check the basement behind the water heater? He may have found some of those little red pills you’re so fond of.

  12. Speedball=goofball=Belushi’s overdose.

  13. Before it comes up: a highball is the tallish eight-ounce glass you’d pour a Tom Collins or Singapore Sling into when you’re behind the bar at a TGIF’s.

  14. While y’all are right about the drug-slang meaning of a speedball, I think Springsteen is actually talking about baseball in this case.  And yeah, it’s pretty freaking sad.

  15. Jeff has us all fooled you know. Making himself out to be some kind of partier player with sharp nipples.

    He’s changing a diaper right now. LOL

    Seriously tho, I think I should have listened more closely to 80’s music. I never know what he’s talking about here.

  16. No doubt about it, the worst Springsteen album ever.  Certianly as bad as Leonard Nimoy’s album.  Maybe as bad as William Shatner’s album.

  17. Let’s not go overboard, folks.  At least it sounded like music.

  18. speedball is most definitely heroin and cocaine taken together.

  19. I’m glad you’re still doing these. I don’t think the well’s dry yet. For example, there’s always… nah, I’m done pestering you.