October 27, 2011

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on social tensions in the civil society and their inevitable manifestations in both TEA Party and Occupy Wall Street protests

“In the late 80s, right after I did Cheerleader Camp, I think, I ‘occupied’ a tarp at Plummer Park in West Hollywood for like, three months, eating nothing but street tacos and Hibachi beans — mostly because I’d sunk all of my money into a crank lab out near Reseda without really knowing a whole lot about that shit works. Turns out you and your friend Kip shouldn’t get drunk on Stoli and shoot bottle rockets at the shed.

“Never occurred to me I might be in line for a bail out. Or that if we bitched enough about it through a bullhorn, Kip might be eligible for a new left hand and maybe even something to cover that sick-ass hole where his ear used to be.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:29am

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  1. Is that Leif who is on that show where Tonya, Danny, and Willis comment on dumb videos?

  2. Just saw the story on Army Ranger Sgt 1st Class Christopher Domeij killed in his 14th deployment. Enlisted 2 months before 9/11 and has been in over 5000 combat operations for the last 10 years including the rescue of Jessica Lynch. He has a wife and two young daughters.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to gear up. I’m taking my 3-iron to the park at 3 am and swing at some tents.

  3. Hope you have some stamina, al. You’ll likely have to swing at ten of ’em before you find one that’s occupied.

    I dunno. Maybe your local crazies are more motivated than London’s. Good luck, in any case.

  4. Hey, al, just swing by Zanesville, pick up a couple of herpes monkeys and let them loose while you’re at the park. Who knows, maybe they’ll find true love.

  5. I saw that Squid, and I have a contingency. Before I depart I’m going to drink a quart of Metamucil-laced prune juice. So for the empty tents I’m going to leave a little something I like to call my “Signature Series”.

  6. Never trust a man with feathered back chick hair…

  7. Though, he may still have feathered-chick back hair…

  8. I think any country where Tonya, Willis, Danny and the oldest Baldwin can call other people stupid for making worse choices than they did… And filming it… Is the greatest country on god’s green earth.

    Rated R because life is ugly, stupid and involves sodomy of one type or another on a regular basis if you’re ugly or lucky or not, may contain profanity and of course, it’s marketed at kids… Not your kids, their friends, hopefully the girl ones that are closest to the age of consent and photogenic.