October 14, 2011

"MSNBC Host Hoping For A 'Kent State Moment' To Incite 'Occupiers'"

May I kindly suggest a run on Michael Moore’s feed cart, met inevitably with deadly force visited upon The People from his legion of private bodyguards?

Could happen.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:30am

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  1. and the streets ranneth red with hippie blood

    and I had to make an eye appointment plus also I’m almost out of diet mountain dew again and this morning is a bosh cause of it’s getting too late to stop for a breakfast sammich

    but you know what I might just stop anyway

  2. Gonna get ugly, guaranteed. Morons who feel entitled to use other people’s property, without permission or recompense, for their own aggrandizement will stop at nothing. Look for provocations and various “Sneaky Petes” in the next 2 weeks, as the cold sets in and people start to leave. The organizers will give them a reason to stay.

    Those would be the pros, BTW, the ones with the hard, cold eyes. The poor kiddies they are “leading” have no clue.

  3. Maybe, just maybe Donnie D. will be fortunate enough, in a sex and class reversal role, to himself be the battered bleeding body over which Mika Brzezinski will be captured in a photo, hovering in agony and despair. I promise not to laugh if I see that.

  4. We don’t need a Kent State moment; we need a forest-fighting helicopter dropping a gigantic bucketload of soapy water.

  5. Ixnay on the soapy water. Their filth has to smell better than patchouli oil.

  6. ‘Course too, the Kent State moment, given the close living conditions at the rally sites, could look something more like the plagues of Medieval Europe. Hieronymus Bosch, maybe?

  7. Idiot MSNBC hostling ought to be careful what it wishes for. That moment at Kent State broke the back of the student protest campus riot movement.

  8. I’m pretty sure that when the violence comes, it’ll come from within. Maybe one of the homeless drugged-out lampreys starts listening to the voices in his head. Maybe someone discovers that there’s a trust fund kid in their midst who’s been sneaking back to Dad’s penthouse for hot meals and showers. Maybe someone decides that the sweet basketweaving major belongs to the top 1% of coeds, and needs to give something up. Maybe somebody decides that their ‘fair share’ is more than their fellow hippies agree to. Or maybe the sleep deprivation and squalor finally becomes more than some people can handle.

    It’s only a matter of time before the stories come out. You know they’ve been happening for a while. It’s one of the funny things about anarchy that the anarchists never tell you about.

  9. Donny really needs to get his ass out front and lead the charge.

  10. So the MSNBC fuckers are begging for violence. This is the new civility that they yammered on and on and on and on and on about, huh?

  11. So the MSNBC fuckers are begging for violence.

    Violence + cufflinks = suave

  12. Kent State? Nah – but if they want to come to Illinois in May, I’d be willing to give them a bit of 1968 – should they start it.

    Can you imagine Rahm letting these tapeworms spoil a pair of world events (G-8 and NATO summits) on his watch? Mayor Daley’s “Shoot to kill” would become Rahm’s “shoot to painfully wound, let me know about it and I’ll come by and pour lemon juice in the wounds.”

  13. Donnie needs a “what’s the frequency, kenneth?” moment of his own is what I’m thinking.

  14. The starboard side may be better armed, but we’re much more reluctant to release the hounds on our fellow citizens.

    The port-siders have no such compunctions, and as we’ve learned from sad experience, those who are determined to wreak mayhem will find a way to do it, even against superior firepower.

  15. I’m pretty sure that when the violence comes, it’ll come from within.

    You’re positing spontaneous combustion from among the rank(s), but these people didn’t aren’t a Twitter flash mob who just happened to materialize: many of them are paid participants—some down with the program, some along for the ride—but when the violence comes, it’ll be because the real organizers—the ones keeping their hands clean of the street filth—have lit the fuse.

    And they’ll do it according to the plans that they have been laying for decades, waiting patiently like an opportunistic infection for the moment when the country is vulnerable enough that they can finally do what they’ve always wanted: incite enough havoc that the populace clamors for order, which they’re happy to provide.

    It’s how the Taliban took Afghanistan; don’t think it can’t happen here.

  16. I think we also know that when we do release the hounds, it’s very unlikely we’ll be able to call them back. Lefties, being children at heart, think that all they have to do is say “Uncle” and it will stop. It wouldn’t.

  17. RTO, non-wish fulfillment: violence will break out at shaving implement stadium this weekend, with our Pokes on the losing, short-end of the stick, I rue.

  18. di,

    I’d say they took over the big cities that way long ago. They’ll have more trouble spreading into BitterClingerLand.

  19. By the way, that “crawl-over” “victim” looked like a professional soccer player to me. We used to fake being hit by crawling cars when we were kids, and did a better job with our ketchup bottles.

  20. One A-10 on a low pass – is that really too much to ask for?

    (Or if you want to go retro an A-1D would do.)

  21. sdferr: I’ll warrant you’re right, gosh darn you for saying so.

  22. Take it as an instance of Mr Locke’s anticipatory misery RTO: this way, there’s only upside in expectation.

  23. One A-10 on a low pass – is that really too much to ask for?

    Can they mount a pressure-washer on an A-10 hardpoint?

  24. McGehee–too much flaying, not enough knock-down. A good, strong gas-powered pump would be perfect.

    (That’s how we won the traditional last day of school water balloon fight my senior year of high school. You could say we swept the opposition.)

  25. Omelet making time apparently.

  26. I dunno, Jim. I find that having my flesh removed from my bones almost always causes me to drop to the ground.

    I’m such a wuss.

  27. Point taken, McG. I’m a softie. I was going for “non-lethal, but makes for great video.”

  28. I’ve noticed that a lot of the OWSers have D-SLR cameras and iPhones. I don’t have either of those—yet. In the interest of teh Fairness, they should give me one or a dozen. If they don’t want to share, then I guess I could just take them. For teh Fairness.

  29. If they don’t want to share, then I guess I could just take them. For teh Fairness.

    I’d count this as a win for my earlier prediction.

  30. I think you’re correct, Squid. I live in deep Red bitter-clinger land. I’ll bet I could *persuade* them to hand ’em over, right quick.

  31. That “injued” protester was World Cup Soccer bad acting.

  32. You can get farther in World Cup by rolling around and screaming than by working hard. You can get farther in Big Business by sucking up to Washington than by competing to produce useful goods and services. You can get farther in life by getting successful people to pay for your basketweaving degree than by studying hard and getting a real degree and a real job.

    I’m beginning to sense a pattern…

  33. I would have kicked that “injured” astroturfer in his shriveled hairy ballsack, and asked him if that made him forget about how bad his foot hurt.

  34. Donny Deutsch is a huge tool. He used to be the constant butt of jokes in advertising, and that was only partly because he looked like Joey Buttafucco and had the vulgar mannerisms of a dime store Donald Trump.

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