October 5, 2011

"Michelle Obama Listed Daughters Malia and Sasha as 'Senior Staffers' for $432,142 African Trip"

Well. That certainly explains the facile and puerile policy positions Michelle tends to stake out, doesn’t it?

Next up: Michelle Obama calls on Congress to name November 23 “Miley Cyrus Day” — with retailers directed to take at least 50% off all Hannah Montana merchandise, so that “like, poor kids who eat nothing but beans and stuff, can love love love Hannah Montana just like the rest of the normal kids.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:40am

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  1. I obviously need to incorporate the family and start planning that corporate meeting to Disneyworld. If I play my cards right, I might pay as much taxes as GE and other Obamacronies. ZERO!

  2. See where “reality is perception” leads?

  3. I am sure this command much media attention!


  4. “Resist we much” seems to be my typing style…

  5. Laura Bush traveled to Africa five times, but it’s not clear how many times she traveled there without her husband. And she took at least one of her daughters on at least one occasion.

    Recently the government has spent a million dollars a second; this is small potatoes on that scale.

  6. Laura Bush has class and style.

    Laura Bush taught me how to read.

    Laura Bush went to Africa cause of Mr. George W. Bush was very very set on helping the African peoples with their AIDS problems. These would be the AIDS problems Barack Obama’s whore wife’s pastor blamed on the CIA.

    It’s the circle of life.

  7. Well Amy was Jimmy’s senior nuclear policy adviser so there is precedent.

  8. Laura Bush didn’t lecture us about not going into corporate America, because you needed to get a job where you’d make a difference. She didn’t use the poor as a stepping stone to get herself the good life.

    And, it may be small potatoes but it’s MY small potatoes. How many of us would it take us, combining the lifetime of federal taxes, would it take to pay for the excess of Michelle Obama and her vacations?

  9. It really appears to me that the Obamas have enough money. She could have waited until they were out of office, which will hopefully be soon, and paid for the most of the entire trip herself.

    I mean, if it was the trip of a lifetime and all.

    I just like my social justice warriors to be consistent.

  10. Laura Bush taught me how to read.


  11. I still don’t understand why she gets to spend 4 years vacationing on our dime. I begrudgingly allow for presidential vacations but what exactly does Michelle do that warrants so much money spent on, apparently, relaxing and wasting money.

    I honestly think Obama and his wife would be fine bankrupting the country, as long as they get to live high on the hog for the rest of their lives. To those two, the Presidency was just a step up the ladder in their financial lives.

  12. When, exactly, did the wife (or husband) of the POTUS become a player, rather than decently receding into the background? After all, they weren’t elected to anything. Their entire influence should consist of PR non-consequential stuff, plus pillow talk.

    Tell me what I can eat? Piss off.

  13. “To those two, the Presidency was just a step up the ladder in their financial lives.”

    I doubt he sees POTUS as the top rung either.

    POTW is what he wants I think.