September 21, 2004

Twentieth in a a series of real-time empirical observations

In the time it takes you to read this post, Bush nemesis and Texas prairie loon Bill Burkett will have “uncovered” a series of documents suggesting that Bush the elder passed nuclear secrets to former “To Tell the Truth” star Kitty Carlisle in exchange for “3 bags of toasted pecans and a nice long spanking on my anxious naked bottom.”*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:10pm

Comments (5)

  1. Dan Rather has refused to report on the documents, explaining that, “unlike Kitty Carlisle, I plan to cover my nuts and turn the other cheek.”

  2. hey, i’d let my “anxious nake bottom” be spanked for a lot less than 3 bags of toasted pecans.

  3. That’s Kitty Carlisle Hart.

  4. I thought the found ‘em on the grassy knowle during a recent trip to Dallas.

  5. he may be a loon, too, but I think you mean Texas Prairie Chicken.