September 16, 2011

"Rep. Hank Johnson: 'There is no reason to have a debt ceiling at all'"

protein wisdom replies: “Tell you what: you can do away with your debt ceiling the minute all of us can do away with being forced to send you our money.

“If it’s your own money you want to spend without limit, have at it. But were I you, Rep. Johnson, I wouldn’t spend it all on a pair of water wings for Guam. Trust me, you don’t have that kind of cash, and besides, it’ll stay afloat all by its own self.”*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:09am

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  1. ” Re-Elect Hank Johnson: Because the McKinney family has no monopoly on batshit crazy.”

  2. What gets me is that this push to do away with the debt ceiling only comes after the first time in history where the debt ceiling was treated as though it were real. So long as it was this amorphous, imaginary line that everyone knew would be moved as far and as often as was convenient, everyone was happy to go along with the fiction.

    In a way, Hank is just trying to return to the status quo, when the debt limit didn’t really exist. Not in practical terms, anyway.

  3. You don’t have a degree in Geology, which is a kind of SCIENCE! I am told, so I hardly think that you have the credentials to challenge the Honorable Mr. Johnson’s heartfelt concern.

  4. I don’t understand why we even have a budget.

  5. I kind of agree with ole hank. There is no reason to have a debt ceiling at all, as Squid noted, they never pay any attention to it anyhow. But I think hank and I are coming at our conclusions from two very different angles.

  6. I have the high shame and distinct dishonor to be represented by this person.

    Actually, he doesn’t represent me, he represents the moocher class of south DeKalb County and the guilty rich liberal class of Emory University in central DeKalb.

    For myself, living on the north side of DeKalb County, well, I’m praying to be redistricted out of District 4 and into District 7, John Linder’s old district.

  7. Oh, and BTW, bad as Hank Johnson is, he’s an improvement on J-E-W-S McKinney’s daughter.

    He’s mostly ineffectual, and generally confines himself to concerns about whether military deployments will cause islands to capsize. Since he’s a Democrat, this is a legitimate concern, and not to be mocked.

  8. oh my

    New York Post, Oct. 6, 2011
    Author of Palin Smear Book Hospitalized,
    Todd Charged After ‘Brutal’ NY Assault

    Joe McGinniss underwent emergency surgery Wednesday night after police say the author was beaten senseless by Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s husband Todd at a Manhattan party where McGinniss was signing copies of his new book about the former Alaska governor.
    “It was one of the most brutal attacks I’ve ever seen,” said Venona Wineglass, who was waiting in line to get her copy of the controversial anti-Palin book signed at the Upper West Side reception when, she said, Todd “came out of nowhere” and began punching McGinniss. “He was just like bam, bam, bam, and it took three guards to pull him off.”


  9. Anyone else notice that the “news reports” in the piece linked by newrouter are in the future? I think someone is involved in a little wishful thinking.

    Have to admit, though, “Venona Wineglass” is an awesome name.

  10. It’s just Stacy McCain engaging in a bit of speculative fiction. The news-article format is kinda dry; he should have gone with a vivid first-person account of the beatdowns from Todd’s POV. Much better Amazon ranking potential there.

  11. going for the green

    One investor behind Solyndra blurted out the truth. The loan was needed and needed urgently to fatten up the company and show a going concern (with a factory, etc).


    From the column:

    There was another motivator — Solyndra’s management and investors had an eye on an initial public offering.

    “There was a perceived halo around the loan,” said an investor with knowledge of the company. “If we get the loan, then we can definitely go public and cash out.”

    The huge loan would be a selling point in an initial public offering. The company promoters could point out that the loan gave them credibility — that the government had vouched for their viability and prospects.

    The private investors would cash out and when the loan came due and the company was unable to pay, taxpayers would be the ones left holding the IOUs.


  12. Watch for who benefits from the proceeds of the bankruptcy sale… Argonaut is positioned to reap the proceeds from the liquidation… anyone want to hazard a guess as to who is an investor in Argonaut?

    Zerohedge has been a great source for the skinny on this steaming pile of shit.

  13. What debt? Do we owe somebody money? Does the U.S. mint have the “runs”?

    Well I’ll be damned!

    I REALLY want one of Hank’s credit cards. Just ONE.

    What’s above a platinum card? A “government official’s” card which allows you to take money out of other people’s bank accounts? COOL! That’s why I never take cash back unless it is someone else’s.

    I REALLY NEED a forty two foot motor home and the gas to drive it anywhere I want, anytime I want to. And I also need to pay for illegal’s and crackhead’s healthcare and education. That’s what I was BORN for! Right Hank? Why don’t you give ME some money, Bozo? Maybe then you can take it back to pay for illegals!

    You addlebrained moron.

    Oh! And a pension that is to DIE for. I want to exempt myself from all laws, but it seems that only those who MAKE the laws are exempt. Know what? “Exempt” rhymes with “Contempt”. Funny thing, that.

    What? I’m white(“White Interloper” in Democratic parlance). and still trying to find a decent job that pays more than minimum wage. And that’s out of the question? I’m the bad guy here? The Dems couldn’t create a job to save their avaristic butts. They sure can pretend, though. It’s like an “Easy Bake Oven”. You think they are going too work with those stupid, government mandated, mercury filled light bulbs? Fuck them. It’s only another 500 – 1000 jobs down the tubes. No problem. Send Gibson to Madagascar, because we can create jobs in industries that are not viable, but who donate a lot of moolah.

    I think my head is going to explode here, any minute.


    Hank, please don’t EVER show up anywhere near my house, you stupid government FUCK. I will rip your stupid brain apart with JUST WORDS. I need resort to no physical action to make you cry like the stupid litle pussy that you are. Because that is exactly what you are. How fucking stupid can our representatives get? My cash is MY cash, but I wish your’s was, too. Turn-about is fair play, nes pas?Just like you think my money belongs to YOU, dickbreath. Just like these assholes in the government, who CAN put a gun to you heads and steal our money. Just like YOU, Hanky Pussy.

    Apparently, there is no bottom to that sink hole that those slimeballs inhabit. All that is needed is to lick a humongous amount of idiot’s butts, and “VOILA!”:, they are rich and able to legally STEAL MONEY! How cool is that?!.

    Hey, Hank! Blow me, you stupid, fiscally illiterate asshole!

    Go home, “blink boy”. You are too stupid to show your face in public. I am just trying to force a little shame on you. A wasted effort, most likely……

  14. Anger problems, I guess.

    No real job for three years is quite frustrating and hard to deal with, especially when you know that the president of the United States Of America doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t in a union or on welfare.

    Hope I’m at least somewhat amusing…

  15. It gets better, Z, if you make up your mind — as I did years ago — that the last thing I want is anyone in government caring about me.

    Although, having the governor fix a dispute I was having backj in ’04 with the DMV (in my favor) does make for some small measure of cognitive dissonance…

  16. I don’t care what the gubmint thinks. I DO care what they DO.

    I just wish they would get out of the way and stop thinking that Marxism and highway robbery are good domestic policy….

    Solar cells, anyone?

    Did you ever check out what the maintenance costs are over a period of twenty years? THAT’S WHY ONLY IDIOT’S BUY THEM, AND THE ONLY REASON TO BUY THEM IS TO SHOW OFF!

    With the initial cost and the maintenance, they don’t save you jack-shit. They COST you.

    Dirty little secret, Greenies.

  17. #4 – Harry Reid agrees with you.

  18. it’s hank williams sr birthday today and he often awoke to strange ceilings