September 15, 2011

the "my morning coffee" poem

My morning coffee
poem is a love poem
dedicated to the
release I feel when
a hefty loaf is
pinched off just

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:45am

Comments (13)

  1. Yeah, I don’t know why, either.


  2. Ears are ringing,
    Throat is raw,
    Coffee is welcome comfort.
    Foo Fighters show was fucking awesome.

  3. OMG, I hate you squid.


  4. AttackWaaaaatchhh!

  5. Mr. Hankey is definitely amused.

  6. File under: Too Much Information

  7. Two and a half hours, Carin. Nineteen song set, followed by a seven song encore. Including an impromptu version of “Tie Your Mother Down,” with Taylor on vocals.


  8. This after last night’s “biggest zit popping” vid on AOSHQ’s ONT…

    …I’ll prolly never eat again.

  9. They are playing right down the road from me today or sometime really soon.

    I’ve blocked it

  10. Sometimes after my morning coffee, I have an urge to onomatopoeia.

  11. Al Bundy approved…

    Speaking of loafs, I watched /Thor/ last night. Couldn’t help but recall the little Russkie ex-pat who ran around here with his mighty hammer of braggadocio.

    The movie wasn’t very good either.

  12. I hear that in the Director’s Cut, the God of Thunder bangs a couple of hot Russian chicks.