August 31, 2004

protein wisdom’s Republican National Convention coverage, 10

It’s not official yet, but I think I just talked National Review’s Rich Lowry into an actual pissing contest with Air America’s Al Franken.  FOXNews’ Linda Vester has agreed to judge it. 

I’m off now to buy a case of Milwaukee’s Best and a couple of Super Big Gulps.  And some yardsticks.  Wish me luck.


update:  Gonna need more Milwaukee’s Best, ‘t looks like.  Because who knew Vester could drink like that?  I sure as hell didn’t.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:14pm

Comments (16)

  1. Have you gone down to Washington Square Park to pick up a new supply of Red Pills?

  2. Nope.  Although now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure I saw the dolphin hanging around with some of Chris Shays handlers…

  3. Jeff, this is the stuff all us blogfans crave.  Why everybody else talks about people talking about what people are going to talk about or have talked about already, I’ll never know.  I mean, old news already.

    I’ve got 5 bucks on Rich Lowry.  My thinking is that Al Franken’s so full of shit he won’t have room for anything else.

  4. Can Franken even pee while standing up?

  5. Can Franken even pee while standing up?”


  6. My thinking is that Al Franken’s so full of shit he won’t have room for anything else.”

    That ain’t too shabby, either.

  7. Thanks, but Jay’s was truly masterful.  I bow to him.

  8. You better remind Rich that Al likes to tackle people from behind when they aren’t looking.

  9. Nobody, but NObody at FOX can beat Linda Vester at quarters.  Sorority champ 4 years running, I heard…

  10. Be sure to keep Michael Moore away from the Milwaukee’s best.  He just consumes the stuff, can and all.

  11. you should get video of this, ‘cause some people will be surprised when they find out Al’s a tranny—you know, the ones who swore Liberace wasn’t gay. I’m pretty sure that’s what Jay was hinting at, and after seeing Franken squat in the midtown subway once, that’s all that comes to mind when I hear his name.

  12. Franken: “Man, that water’s cold.”

    Lowry: “Yeah, and it’s deep too.”

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