September 3, 2004

protein wisdom’s Republican National Convention coverage, 16

In his speech tonight, George Bush spoke of the great promise of America, of his vision for spreading liberty throughout the world as the precondition for a lasting global peace.

Meanwhile, in a universe far far away, John Kerry will give his own speech in Ohio later tonight—one that points to Dick Cheney’s military deferments and George Bush’s Alabama National Guard record, one in which he complains (yet again) about Republicans questioning his patriotism, even as he accuses a sitting commander in chief of purposely misleading us into war.

Choose wisely come November, people.  For my part, I don’t think Teresa and her carefully groomed Boston Boy Toy need another house.


More here. And from Moxie, this:  “Right now some small child is picking up pieces of confetti in Iraq. A few balloons are floating into an Afghan schoolyard.”


update:  Coulter just showed up with a case of Mickey’s Big Mouths and a sly, shit-eating grin.  Hello hotel room floor…

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:32am

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  1. Amen.

    And again.


  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with Jeff’s point (I’m not sure anything does), but John Kerry wants to make me puke.

    I mean, not just puke, but the whole bile coming up, nasty-sour-foul-fowl-taste, thingy nasty fowl-foul taste.


  3. Does Kerry really want to open up that can of worms, isn’t the immediate response limited to two words:  Bill Clinton

  4. Good gawd, man, get out of that hotel room.  Right.  Fuggin’.  Now!  That Coulter woman will be the ruination of you!

  5. Just don’t tell her you’re Muslim; it’ll make you irresistible to her, and there will be incidents you’ll both later regret.

  6. Strictly platonic.  We play a game called “treason quarters.” Fun.  That’s all.

  7. I hope you hang around for Day 5 coverage. Solid intel Kerry plans to beach at MSG and bitch out his enemies head-on.

  8. Ann Coulter reminds me of Hotlips Hoolihan – “a saucy wench with fire in her eyes”.  I… I love her.

  9. i have a fine ann coulter impression…i realize it’s not the exact same thing as being with her, but close.

    btw, i’d bring 40s.  big mouths are for the weak…

  10. Kerry’s next can of All American Whup Ass. Let us hope he likes his food hot and spicy:

    Kerry took so many shots tonight he is elligible for two more Purple Hearts – Leno

    For Kerry the military stuff has acquired negative traction: see Leno above.


    Steal this sig:

    Why did John Kerry meet three times with the representatives of the Viet Cong and Communist North Vietnam?

    Some times it takes a while to sell out your country.

    New Soldier html

    Why is the DoD checking on Kerry’s Medals. Because tampering with Military Records is a Federal Crime.

    What is the War Hero Afraid of?

    Form 180. Release ALL the records.

  11. I don’t know about any body else, but I wish Kerry would tell us just what the Reps. can say that doesn’t “question his patriotism” or “question his service.” Good grief!  Dick Cheney’s comments about how he “commends Kerry for his service” got one of the loundest chears of the convention.  Short of getting on their knees and saying “Oh mighty John Kerry you are the King Patriot–nobody loves America as much as you.  You are the only man who fought in any war ever, thank you for your superb bravery as you singled-handedly fought off all the Vietnamese” what else can the GOP do to make him feel better?  It’s just getting ridiculous!

  12. Rasmussen National Tracking Poll: Bush 49% Kerry 45%

    Bush Job Approval at 54%

  13. I’m more than a little tired of the double standard. If the military career of a Republican exceeds that of a Democrat (1992, 1996) then it should not be an issue. But when the reverse happens, good golly Miss Molly the Democrats can’t seem to talk about anything else.

  14. Bwahaha!!.. on the floor with Ann Coulter. That evening will end with the scenario from “The Crying Game.” When Drudge found out he was thrilled, he did things you wish Anna Marie Cox would do.

  15. Ugh, they lie and you guys buy!  I keep going to these sites to see what ya’ll are like.  Do you struggle with your decision? No.  Do you weigh evidence?  No. You just believe what they tell you.  “What can the GOP do to make him feel better?” No more lying ads about veterans would be a good start.  Mention “Osama bin Laden” when talking about the War on Terror, that’d be nice also.  You guys REALLY are going to entrust your future to Bush for four more years?  No jobs. No growth. No Osama. No unity. What’s he got to do to piss you off?

  16. Well, for one thing Cody, if he said something you liked it would probably piss me off.

  17. Cody,

    “No jobs. No growth. No Osama. No unity. What’s he got to do to piss you off?”

    He could turn into a fibricating, bile-spewing leftist, for one. 

    “No jobs”—try 12 straight months of job growth, with the increase being in the six figures most months. 

    “No growth”—see GDP growth of 3% or more per year.  “No Osama”—OK, I’ll grant you that one, although he’s been pretty quiet (and unusually un-videotaped) for the past three years, inconsistent with his prior conduct and consistent with being a decomposing stain under tons of Tora Bora cave roof. 

    “No unity”—gott im himmel, man, your side has done more to divide the country since 2000 than anyone since Jefferson Davis.  A classic case of projection.  Tell you what:  stop calling us fascists, and we’ll stop calling you Stalinists.  (Oh, wait … we did fifty years ago…)

  18. You’re right, Cody.  No time for evidence weighing and all that fancy stuff you enlightened book learners do.  Too much NASCAR on the teevee.

    But you gotta admit, Dubya sure married himself a pretty little honey, didn’t he? And that’s enough for this good ol’ boy.


  19. maybe we can all just settle on an eight pack of little kings

  20. >John Kerry makes we puke. I mean, not just puke, but the whole bile coming up, nasty-sour-foul-fowl-taste, thingy nasty fowl-foul taste.

    Scott. Can I take this to mean you strongly disagree with John and the donkey he rode in on?

  21. What a pack of loons! GWB in a nutshell-Healthcare: A joke, Prescription Drug card: Talk to your grandmother you might just cry, WMDs…oops WMD Programs….oops WMD related programs, Taxcuts: Up!, Deficits: WAY UP, Average real personal income: Down, 1 year in Alabama…nobody knows, OSAMA!OSAMA!OSAMA!:silence, 50,000 troops…oops 150,000, We’ll be welcomed with open arms….well with arms anyway, Civil liberties: down, Worldwide terror attacks: up, Heroin production in Afganhistan: up 400%, lies from Bush regime: Way WAY UP!

    Are the facts that hard to look up?

  22. Cody,

    The only lying about veterans in the Swiftvets ads occurs during Kerry’s taped pronouncements.

  23. You forgot one, P.  Terrorist strikes in the US since 911:  0

    Incidentally, was Kerry drunk last night, do you know?  I certainly hope no one let him drive Ted Kennedy’s car…. 

  24. Oh yes that’s true as long as you don’t count domestic terrerism. Which makes your statement easy as opposed to truthful.

    How bout this one:

    Taking the five highest profile speakers at the convention—President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Senator Zell Miller, Governor Schwarzenegger, and former Mayor Giuliani—we get this breakdown:

    Mentions of Osama bin Laden: 0

    Mentions of John Kerry: 42

    Mentions of Saddam Hussein: 21

    Must just have been an oversight. Let’s check, as the pols say, the internals. Let’s look at President Bush:

    Saddam: 10

    Kerry: 2

    Osama: 0

    Must have been an oversight. How about Vice President Cheney:

    Kerry: 14

    Saddam: 4

    Osama: 0

    I sense a pattern.


    Kerry: 9

    Saddam: 6

    Osama: 0

    I don’t get it. In a convention almost entirely dedicated to the war on terrorism, they fail to mention even once the evil genius we’re most anxious to bring to justice, dead or alive. Maybe Arnold can save the day:

    Kerry: 0

    Saddam: 0

    Osama: 0

    Refresh my memory: Did Arnold talk about anything? Oh, yeah:

    Girlie men: 1

    Zell Miller is interesting:

    Kerry: 17

    Saddam: 1

    Osama: 0

    Bush: 8

    He talked about Kerry more than he talked about his own candidate. He probably did that because Democrats are so negative.


    Number of Bush administration public statements on National security issued between 20 January 2001 and 10 September 2001 that mentioned al-Qa’ida: 1

    Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defence in the same period that mentioned Iraq or Saddam Hussein: 104

    Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defence in the same period that mentioned missile defence: 101

  25. No more lying ads about veterans would be a good start.  Mention “Osama bin Laden” when talking about the War on Terror, that’d be nice also.  You guys REALLY are going to entrust your future to Bush for four more years?  No jobs. No growth. No Osama. No unity. What’s he got to do to piss you off?

    1)Lying? So far, the Swiftees charges have been absolutely correct (Cambodia, POW treatment, and Kerry’s congressional testimony), or subject to interpretation. (Although there are 250 on one side, eight on another.)

    2) Unlike those that want to distinguish between Iraq and Osama, the rest of us agree with the President that Saddam’s Iraq supported terror. It doesn’t matter if it was al-Qaeda brand of terror, or Hezbollah brand, or run-of-the-mill blowing up innocents terror. He supported terror. He’s gone. Victory for resolute Bush.

    3) I guess in order to piss me off, he’d have to start talking like a weenie who promises a “swift and certain response” AFTER a terrorist attack.

  26. P, you a one-trick pony or what?  Osama-bin-Hidin hasn’t been able to show his face above ground level for 3 years.  For all we know he’s worm chow.  Yet because we don’t have his carcass on display Bush has somehow lost the war on terror?

    Gotta be kiddin’ me.

  27. World-wide appearances from Osama since Dubya went after him: 0.

    Times my kids have gone to school, and returned home in safety since: 472.

  28. JGoldstein

    By the way is that the comeback? No terror attacks: weak and untrue.  And the swiftboaters? What a joke. The men who were on the boat back Kerry, the men who were downriver do not….that’s fair but who’s opinion carries more weight? Someone on the spot or someone 75 to 500yds away? Talk about flipfloppers the only consistent thing behind this group is Bob Perry, Mr. Crow, Merrie Spaith and John O’Niell. By the way both sides can sling all the arrows they’d like but at the end of the day the Navy’s own written reports back only one side in the matter and it is not the SBVTs. Yes or No?

  29. Gosh I wish I was smart like P and Cody. Then I could make factually challenged comments like “Civil liberties:down” and “lies from Bush regime:way WAY UP!” (notice use of capitals in order to strengthen his point) Of course there is no mention of a specific “lie” or a civil liberty that has fallen and can’t get up. Were you guys the protesters in the multi-colored jester suits. Pretty cool guys.

  30. Well, it sure is important to mention UBL, because otherwise all of us might forget he even exists!  Or exist-ed—we haven’t really seen much of him lately.

    Of course, it’s possible that—unlike some little gotcha players I could name—the Bushies think the WoT is against more than just a single guy in a cave.  Did they mention Al Quaeda at the convention?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure they did.  But I’ll get my people in touch with UBL’s people and see if we can’t work something out over star billing.

    As to the rest—sure, how odd that speakers at a Party convention might mention their opponent by name.  And we all know that any mention of the opponent is “hate speech.”

    How boring you are.  How petty.

  31. Hey P,

    Gotta share a great line with you (while I ignore the fact that guy who served longest on Kerry’s boat disputes Kerry’s account, and the guy who was commanding the boat when Kerry took his first Purple Heart said there was no enemy fire, ergo, no basis for the award), who you go by your definition that the only people who “served with” others are the ones in the same craft. So, that explains why Doonesbury’s reward was never collected. He flew single-seat fighters, so he never served with anybody!

    Wow, it’s kinda trippy to think like a liberal.

  32. “but who’s opinion carries more weight? Someone on the spot or someone 75 to 500yds away?

    Somehow that distance wasn’t so great when it was John Boy catching puppies flung from boat to boat…

  33. The men who were on the boat back Kerry, the men who were downriver do not….

    All together now, and for the last time, Steve Gardner was on Kerry’s boat and served more time with him than anyone.  And he can’t stand Kerry.

    P and Cody, Oedipus clawed out his own eyes for being less stupid than you.

  34. Oh and P, maybe you’d like to post the wonderful things Kerry has done in the past 20 years as Massachusetts Senator, just to let us rubes know what a wonderful president Kerry would make.  You’ve given us the ‘facts’ on Bush (all of them easily refutable or spurious) but you haven’t given us any reason to vote for Kerry.  Surely he must have done many things as a Senator to recommend him?  He must surely be a great guy for you to carry his water so far afield.

  35. You gotta remember, guys, liberals think that every blessed word that comes from Kerry, Klinton, or Kennedy is Absolute Truth – and every dammed word that comes from Ashcroft, Bush, and Cheney is a lie straight from the deveel. Why waste time using your brain or looking things up, just trust what Al Franken or Al Gore says! They are the paragons of virtue and truth, right?

  36. The funny (read: undeniable) thing about the Swift Boats is that they are consistent. While the left would like to picture them as puppets of Karl Rove, they have spoken out against John Kerry for 33 YEARS. They knew he was an anti-US government activist then, and knew the stories were (at least) exaggerated. They came to the surface now because of the national importance the left has given Kerry’s now-crumbling campaign.

    The fact remains: Kerry – John Kerry, and not a Swiftie – said he participated in war crimes.

    What has me laughing on the floor is the Left doing their best to defend – and vote for – a self-admitted war criminal.

    Who woulda guessed?

  37. Hey P and Cody,

    The whole country’s turning dumb!

    [Courtesy of Drudgie just now] TIME Poll: Among likely voters, 52% would vote for President George Bush, while 41% would vote for John Kerry and 3% would vote for Ralph Nader

  38. Let me ask one question please; If everyone is spinning tales about “poor John Kerry” and he could immediately put the lie to them by releasing his military and medical records, doesn’t it make sense he would’ve by now?

    Or, am I attacking Kerry’s patriotism by posing this question?

  39. And, where in blazes is the Kerry woman?

    Evidently she cannot hope to match the charm, grace and class of a Laura Bush.

    I’d love to see these two debate between now and election time.

    Let the country see the difference as to how a graceful southern lady enters a room gliding in on silken slippers and the sloshing sounds of a woman entering-wearing muddy combat boots.

  40. It’s tough being dumb, huh Dr. A?  So stupid that we’d support our president during wartime.  Stupid to enjoy the freedoms our country holds and just dumb enough to think the rest of the world might benefit.  Really inconceiveably stupid in trusting in our own military to keep us safe rather than giving Kofi Annan the reins.

    I wish I wuz as smartt az Cody and ‘specially P.  Then I’d no the reel truth.  Dang I’m dum.

  41. Typical,

    Just trying to have a discourse on the way I see and the way you all see it. We do live in the same country. So convince me. I am here because while I don’t see eye to eye I am still curious about what and why other people think what they do. I’ve insulted no one personally here but things usually flame out whenever I check out a conservative forum. Let me ask you does Bush do no wrong? I mean that. Deficit. Leaving Afghanistan early, not enough troops in Iraq? This is less about John Kerry for me and more about what George has not accomplished. He has not been a uniter.

  42. We left Afghanistan?

    You see, P. you have to get your stuff straight before we take you seriously.  Of course, once you get your stuff straight, you’ll vote for George Bush.

    And by the way, don’t come around here (or anywhere) dogging a good man like George Bush (and calling us loons) and expect us to be polite to you.  It just doesn’t work that way.

    Typical indeed, though not in the way you intended.

  43. I am here because while I don’t see eye to eye I am still curious about what and why other people think what they do.

    No, P, you’re here because you like to instigate, and because you like to hear yourself talk.  Your first post was not the post of someone “trying to have a discourse” on anything.  It was the post of someone hoping to draw outraged responses so that he can affect rhetorical and intellectual superiority.

    Answers to your questions abound, and many of us here have spent 3+ years talking about all of them.  Use the search function on the main page if you’re really interested.  But don’t drop in expecting me to make my case yet again to you.  I’m finished with that.  If you’re comfortable voting for Kerry, do it.  Nothing I say is going to change your mind.

  44. Hey P,

    Thank you for your kind consideration. I think part of the reason you get flamed is that you list unsubstantiated statements about areas that we might have researched a bit more than you seem to have. For example, have you read “The 9/11 Commission Report”? There is a ton of info in there about what we knew and didn’t do in the decade leading up to 9/11. Knowing that history, I have come to firmly believe we are in World War IV, and Bush realizes that and is addressing it. Btw, have you read Norman Podhoretz’ long discourse on WW4?

    As for the deficit, in terms of percentage of GDP, the only way to keep it in perspective over time, it’s not nearly as high as it has been in the past, and we’ve overcome it in the past.

    Another book I found fascinating for background on the neo-cons is “The Rise of the Vulcans.” You wouldn’t believe it, but long-range planners did what-if scenarios on someone invading the Middle East to disrupt the world economy by taking over the oil fields. Might be the Russians, might be someone local, like Iraq,and whattya know, Iraq actually did that in 1991. Not so far-fetched, hmm?

    How ‘bout the Swiftvet books, you do know it’s based on 60 sworn affadavits and is written like a legal brief with extensive supporting documents and references, right? Have you even read the free chapters published on the web?

    Leaving Afghanistan early

    We are still in Afghanistan.

    not enough troops in Iraq?

    Not enough for what? What would more troops be doing right now, exactly? Any time we get in a fight we are winning at kill ratios approaching 100-1. Why do we need more troops?

    So P – Are you convinced yet?

  45. “Do you struggle with your decision?”—Cody

    So, Cody, do you mean to tell us that you struggled with the decision not to vote for Bush?

    Oh yeah, P, here is an ad from the guy who spent the most time on Kerry’s PT boat with him.

    Second ad down. Gardner was on the boat with him.

    As Nixon used to say, that talking point of yours is ‘no longer operable.’ The fact that you did not know that is telling.

  46. The reason P wants more troops there is to provide more targets for the terrorists. He needs this to get to his magic number of 1000 soldiers killed.

  47. Arguing with liberals is like playing football against girls.

  48. In my recent experience and certainly repeated here, the kind of conversation one has with a lefty is basically thus:

    Lefty: “You’re ALL MORONNS! Too STOOPID to see what’s right in FRONT OF YOU!!!!!’

    Not Lefty: “Shut up. God.”

    Lefty: “I’m just trying to create a space for a dialogue.”

    Not Lefty: “No you aren’t.”


  49. How can you people sit there and deny that Bush is a divider, not a uniter? Why, he’s got poor Cody locked in a struggle with his own damn decisions.

  50. I’m the new kid on the block here, but I really feel like we are bonding! Yall not only make me laugh my a** off, but you make sense too! A perfect combination.

    Steve, that was hilarious! (I’m in houston too!)

  51. [long cut and paste comment removed; if you’re interested in Graydon Carter’s book, buy it September 9; if you’re interested in reading excerpts of said book, go to Little Brown’s site, or look at the abbreviated version of “Bush by the Numbers” P provided above, and many people have already responded to.

    Christ. Why don’t you McGovernites read the other responses before posting your boilerplate?]

  52. Hello. Sorry to all. Please disregard the emails that had been coming from the name P. My younger cousin has been using my computer to stir up trouble. She showed me what she’s been up to and thought it was funny and I didn’t. Please don’t take offense but I don’t really vote. Good day.

  53. So it’s confirmed, playing football against girls. You should all be ashamed, except for Kathleen.

  54. When I am not marvelling at how the Kerry defenders happily outright lie to defend Kerry ( such as P’s assertions above about no one in Kerry’s boat opposing Kerry or his equally false claim that we “left” Afghanistan early – news to my neighbor whose husband is still deployed at Bagram ) … err where was I? Oh, yeah, when I am not marvelling at the lies, I’m enjoying the incoherent, contradictory and rather juvenile attempts to criticize the actual events of the Iraq war – which universally reveal an utter ignorance of what is actually happening.

  55. Gosh, folks, why bother with the he-said-she-said stuff in the matter of Kerry in Viet Nam?  Just ask this question, which my Viet Nam Vet pals do:  If Kerry saw atrocities when he was there, he did not to act to stop them (a violation of the Uniform Military Code of Justice) and if he did not see atrocities, he lied to Congress in 1971, also a crime.  So regardless, Kerry has acted criminally and he has been telling us all about his criminal acts with his on-the-record statements for some thirty years.  Besides being just plain stupid, this is not a quality that I’d want in a President.

  56. Mr. Kerry is not just a self-confessed war criminal, but he committed treason and got away with it.  He went to Paris and consorted with the enemy—again, self-confessed—against the UCMJ Article 104, Aiding the enemy.  And he did it not once, but three times.

    (6) Communicating with the enemy (a) Nature of the offence.

    No unauthorized communication, correspondence, or intercourse with the enemy is permissible.  The intent, context, and the method of the communication, correspondence, or intercourse are immaterial.  No reponce or receipt by the enemy is required.  The offense is complete the moment the communication, correspondence, or intercourse issues from the accused.  The communication, correspondence, or intercourse may be conveyed directly or indirectly.

    Had Kerry done nothing else, this disbars him from ever being president.

    But, of course, that wasn’t all he did, now was it?

  57. P,

    You want Kerry to release his military and medical records so that we have more information on Kerry’s service and injuries.  Is this what you are saying?

  58. Whoa… what?  Thasasalotta words.  Glad Jeff is sober.  Cuz shizzle, he’s my nizzle.

    Can’t be scared.  Want some cheese.  Yeah.

  59. Good post Deborah – but let me add one thing.

    Kerry went to Paris and consorted with the enemy while he was still serving in the Naval Reserve.  He was in the Reserves until 1978.

    And this is what the Democraps consider Commander-in-Chief matterial???

  60. I use to blame stuff on my cousin too.  Course I was 7 at the time.

  61. Who was it that said “Politics is like pig wrestling. Everyone gets dirty, but only the pig likes it.”

    I’ll stop. We’re being serious….aren’t we?