September 3, 2004

protein wisdom’s Republican National Convention coverage, 17

Some final convention notes:  chewed potato chips do not an effective lubricant make, even in a pinch.  And some lady protesters—no matter how many jumping jacks they claim they can do, or how many times they’ve “smoked grass with Patricia Arquette”—just need to be held.

My plane leaves in less than an hour.  I really should find my shoes.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:35pm

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  1. Aww, no way, man.  Shoes are just RepuglicaFascist handcuffs for your feet, man.  You gotta let your feet be at one with Gaia’s sacred ground, man.

    Except for the broken glass, though.  Watch out for that.  It’s all over the place.  And it’s all been planted by RoveCheneyBusHitler to get us to wear those soul-sucking, dissent-crushing instruments of torture that all those Blood-for-Oil crypto-fascist Bush regime/junta-ists call “shoes”.

    Don’t believe the Shoe Hype.


  2. lubricant? I thought the you and Ann Coulter thing was competely platonic. Just as I suspected..a convention man ho.

  3. Shoes for Industry!