August 16, 2011

Yesterday's lies, posted a day late [guest post by motionview, missed by Jeff until just now; so just kinda go with it]

Today’s lies, Minnesota Aug 15.

Obviously America has gone through extraordinary challenges over the last two and a half years. We’ve gone through the worst recession since the Great Depression, dating all the way back to 2007, 2008.

This is a lie, the key lie of the 2012 campaign. The proximate cause of this recession was progressive housing policy, lending and investment died at the prospect and then the reality of progressive governing, Barack Obama has spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt throughout all markets, killing any economic recovery. This is a progressive recession, Barack Obama’s recession, and if he is re-elected it will be Obama’s depression.

We had put forward a plan that would have stabilized our debt and our deficits for years to come. But because we’ve got a politics in which some folks in Congress — not the folks who are here — but some in Congress would rather see their opponents lose than America win, we ended up creating more uncertainty and more damage to an economy that was already weak.

This is a lie. What plan? The President’s budget, rejected 97-0? The couple billion in cuts offered to Boehner? What plan? Can we see that plan? Is it inside John Kerry’s magic hat?

We’ve got to focus on growing this economy, putting people back to work, and making sure that the American Dream is there not just for this generation but for the next generation. (Applause.) Another way of putting this is, we expect our political representatives to show the same level of responsibility that all of you show. I don’t know most of you, but I can guess that you’re all working hard. You’re managing your budgets. You’re putting something away for your kids’ college education, maybe for your retirement. You’re at the local church, working in the food pantry or doing something to help out your community, coaching Little League. You are following through on your responsibilities, and that’s true all across the country. People are doing the right thing.Well, if you can do the right thing, then folks in Washington have to do the right thing. (Applause.) And if we do that, there is not a problem that we face that we cannot solve.

This is a theft and a lie, the TEA Party rhetoric that resounds with people without any of the substance.

Think about it. Our biggest challenge right now is putting people to work. Biggest challenge is getting the economy growing as rapidly as it needs to grow. It’s been growing. We’ve been able to reverse the recession. We’ve added over 2 million jobs in the private sector over the last 17 months. (Applause.)

This is a lie by time frame selection. Unless he takes 17 months ago, March 2010, as the time the economy started to recover a little because it was beginning to become clear that the TEA Party was not giving up America without a fight, and they were going to win in Nov 2010 and come in and stop the fiscal madness.

Congress right now could start putting folks to work rebuilding America. One of the biggest things that caused this recession was the housing bubble, and all those subprime loans that were going out that were getting packaged in Wall Street and folks were making millions and billions of dollars off them, and then the whole thing came crashing down. And no one has been hit harder than construction workers.

This is a lie about the cause of the housing bubble – progressive policies & Democrat run GSEs.

And so for us to say at a time when interest rates are low, contractors are begging for work, construction workers are lining up to find jobs — let’s rebuild America. We could be rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and parks all across America right now. (Applause.) Could put hundreds of thousands of folks to work right now.

This is a lie Obama himself have already admitted – there is no such thing as a shovel-ready project, it is another bailout for poorly managed Democratic states and big cities. Keeping the union public employees from any of the pain the American people have been experiencing.

Now, we also need to do this in a way that allows government to live within its means. Like I said, everybody here, you make responsible choices about what you can afford and what you can’t afford. America needs to do and can do the exact same thing. There are some programs that don’t work; we should stop funding them.

This is a repeated lie. Barack Obama has never stopped funding anything.

Basically what we need to do is we need to cut about $4 trillion over the next 10 years.

This is the baseline lie. We are planning on spending $10T more than we are now. If we spend $4T less more, we will still be spending $6T more than we are now. Obama calls that a cut. That is not a cut; that is a lie.

Now, that sounds like a big number — it is a big number. But if we were able to, as I proposed, cut about $2 trillion in spending, if folks who could best afford it — millionaires and billionaires (lie – and thousandaires)— were willing to eliminate some of the loopholes that they take advantage of in the tax code and do a little bit more, and if we were willing to take on some of the long-term costs that we have on health care — if we do those things, we could solve this problem tomorrow.

This is a lie. Barack Obama and the Democrats have nothing else to run on in 2012 except Mediscare. He has never proposed a Medicare reform plan.

I put a deal before the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, that would have solved this problem.

This is a lie. Speaker Boehner should man up and call him on this directly. And if we had a press, they might finally have just had enough with the blatant stupid lies and might ask to see this plan. No Jake, I’m not pissing on your leg, it’s raining ya fuckin’ rube.

And he walked away because his belief was we can’t ask anything of millionaires and billionaires and big corporations in order to close our deficit.

This is just a straight, bald-faced lie. (A slip of the tongue I’m sure). No, we can’t ask anything of the 10% of the people who pay 70% of the taxes, or corporations with the highest tax rate in the world.

Now, Warren Buffett had an op-ed that he wrote today, where he said, “We’ve got to stop coddling billionaires like me.” (Applause.) That’s what Warren Buffett said. He pointed out that he pays a lower tax rate than anybody in his office, including the secretary. He figured out that his tax bill, he paid about 17 percent. And the reason is because most of his wealth comes from capital gains. You don’t get those tax breaks. You’re paying more than that. And — now, I may be wrong, but I think you’re a little less wealthy than Warren Buffett. That’s just a guess. (Laughter.)

Multiple Buffett lies exposed elsewhere, and I’m just going to stop here. There’s 3 more pages, I’m sure the lies/page ratio is pretty constant.

The Emperor has no clothes you willfully blind jagoffs, do your fucking job and fact-check this liar.

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  1. I’m not really feeling this “our” deficit anymore.

  2. I don’t know most of you, but I can guess that you’re all working hard. You’re managing your budgets. You’re putting something away for your kids’ college education, maybe for your retirement.

    9.1% of America knows that’s a lie.

  3. We could be rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and parks all across America right now. (Applause.) Could put hundreds of thousands of folks to work right now.

    A case study of how the shovels have to first shovel tons of shit before they can even see the dirt to scoop up.

  4. “I’m not really feeling this “our” deficit anymore.”

    Denial is one of the stages of grieving.

    You owe $48,850 of the national debt right now, and it’ll be more tomorrow. Best get that straight in your head right now.

  5. Good job. See, I can’t concentrate to take apart an Obama speech. After a few minutes I just mutter “he’s such an asshole” and turn on Tool or something.

  6. The nice thing about Obama’s speeches is that they’re so consistent. The lies he tells today are the same as those he told yesterday, and tomorrow’s will be the same again. Really, you only need to read about one transcript per quarter to know exactly what’s coming out of the White House on any given day.

  7. Thanks Carin. I was trying to remember this morning, didn’t there used to be people who followed the president around and called bullshit on these kind of blatant lies?

    Squid I am working off the idea that if we cockslap the MBM enough with Obama’s lies, pointing out to them how he is playing the MBM for rubes right along with the yokels, someone will eventually start asking him out about these ridiculous lies. He is thin-skinned about policy disagreements, imagine how he will be when one of his lies is pushed into his face. That’s how you shatter Prof. Cool.

  8. That’s how you shatter Prof. Cool.

    “We tried it once your way, Khan Barry. Are you game for a rematch?

    Khan Barry — I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”

  9. Ditto what Car in said.

    I fucking love it that taxpayer dollars are funding his “Republicans are unpatriotic I am reasonable” bus tour.