June 30, 2011

a haiku that, for no reason whatever, imagines Barack Obama as an unusually — but delightfully — candid Bermuda / Devil's Triangle

Let me be clear: I
am nothing more than a sea
lane, plus some bullshit.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:03pm

Comments (21)

  1. Sometimes, you write them just for you.

  2. The Clown is in town
    Motorcade at rush hour.
    Wanted: Corp’rate Jet!

  3. I’d always sort of pictured him as an oval-shaped porcelain object which receives and disperses excrement, but yours is more elegant.

  4. Pellucid and polluted. Nuance.

  5. Like the ocean deep,
    Em Ess En Bee See yawns wide
    And swallows seamen.

  6. honest Hope and Change
    comes not from a “messiah”
    it comes from within

  7. I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree CO2 sink.

  8. yes i am a dick
    leadership? not my thing. Fore!
    where is the beer cart?

  9. colbert has won his pac

    By a 5-1 vote, the commission granted Colbert a limited press exemption. Viacom may provide undisclosed resources to aid the PAC in creating ads that air on “The Colbert Report.” But, the commission declared that the PAC must disclose the value of Viacom resources used to create ads that air on other networks, and to maintain the PAC’s paperwork.

  10. Barcky is a dick. I suspend myself.

  11. Some of my helpers
    Want me to engage Congress;
    Hey, I’m golfing here!

  12. When does Hawaii
    Sound as fine as Oprah do?
    When he has to work.

  13. Barcky is a dick. I suspend myself.

    From the ceiling?

    In a bouncy chair like little kids have?

    Sounds fun!

  14. oh yummy waffle
    math is not my friend, but still
    air force one is cool

  15. Working title “Presidenting is hard”

    punt on the budget
    retreat from afghanistan
    is it tee time yet?

  16. thegreatsatan – love your girlfriend.

    and it’s always tee time somewhere.

  17. Those Coporate jets
    Millionaires and Billionaires
    Barack 2012!

    -donate NOW

  18. Old habits die hard
    Unlike your jewish girlfriend
    I swallow seamen

  19. row,row,row your boat
    \the magilla gorilla
    flotilla shore leave

  20. Not to go off topic or anything, but ….

    Am I the only one to notice that all this talk about CO2 is …

    How to put this?

    They have always wanted to tax oxygen.
    It’s the ultimate tax, water and oxygen.

    But you can’t tax oxygen, people will object.

    Here’s a little diagram:

    oxygen —–> something, maybe you breathing ——-> CO2

    See, they are calling it a CO2 tax.
    Cap and trade, whatever.
    But that’s just the downline product of taking in oxygen.

    They’ve come for our oxygen.

  21. Barack Obama?
    He’s your tri-cornered ass-hat.
    Me? I’m Jade. Jack Jade.