June 27, 2011

"There Are No Socialists"

Victor Davis Hanson notes a curious phenomenon: socialism tends to be pushed hardest by those who, when push comes to shove, ask, “wait, you thought we were serious about that…?”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:11am

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  1. The president will be surprised, did he accidentally disappear all of his old comrades friends?

    I just re-read that Kurtz this past week. I feel like I did when I read Gulag the first time – where am I? What are all of these intellectualoids ranting about? How could the debate / discussion be about this when the truth is right there?

    I have resisted saying this for three years, but for me at least it is time: these are not our opponents, they are our enemies. No quarter.

  2. It seems like the equivalent of asking train people to tell you how often they ride the train.

  3. I didn’t read the byline on Squid’s link at first, and was briefly fooled into thinking someone in the MBM was telling the truth for a change.

  4. Why, as VDH demonstrated so well, extolling socialism, diversity, social justice, and multi-culturalism is merely a path of upward mobility for many people who espouse the “correct” worldview at the academy.

    Far from being an actual belief system, it’s merely a will-to-power. And just as Lenin did with the upper-class, and Hitler did with the Jews, American class warriors are merely providing a distracting focus for the Untermenschen anger, while the utilize those same takers votes to fleece the bogeymen-du-jour.

    It all works out well until the bogeymen become you!

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  6. A system that proposes to take “from each according to his ability” and give “to each according to his need” will always find supporters among those with few abilities and great needs. There’s the problem for would be socialists/communists, their supporters have little to offer but great demands and expectations and are, thus, a liability to their leadership. You’d think that if they were really the deep thinkers they claim they’d have thought of that.

  7. I hear a funny anecdote about VDH today.

    I’m working very close to where he lives, so I was talking about him with my foreman, who is a close friend of Victor’s older brother since grade school. Anyway, he says when they were kids they figured he was strange because he actually studied and learned the Lord of the Rings languages Tolkien came up with.

    Of course later he became a professor of dead languages at Fresno State.

  8. I have a feeling that’s the best anecdote I’m going to hear this whole week, Lee.