May 14, 2011

A poem from 195x, revised by the ghost of Richard Brautigan, 2011

portrait of a man

What would
you do
if the rain
fell up?



Get used
to living
on a cloud, a hideous formation of deadly greenhouse gases that are conspiring, through the unnatural industry of parasitic man, to kill the planet dead,
I guess.*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:18am

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  1. Rather than questioning global warming, many of this island’s 60,000 inhabitants seem to be racing to cash in.

    The tiny capital of Nuuk is bracing for record numbers of visitors this year; the retreating sea ice means a longer tourist season and more cruise ships from the United States. Hunters are boasting of more and bigger caribou, and the annual cod migration is starting earlier and lasting longer.

    In the far south, farmers are trying their hand at an exotic form of agriculture: growing vegetables.

    “Before, the growing season was too short for vegetables,” said Noah Melgaard, a local journalist. “Now it is getting longer each year.”


  2. From Brautigan’s Wiki entry…

    Brautigan was raised in poverty; he told his daughter stories of his mother sifting rat feces from their supply of flour to make flour-and-water pancakes.

    He could’ve likely gotten used to anything.

  3. They’ll embrace anything that makes their power-grabs easier to sell.

    They think we’re all stupid, and in too many cases, they are correct.

  4. Anybody that believes when floating ice melts it raises sea level is beyond stupid, cranky.

  5. Based on lake sediments, tree rings, ice cores, and the Psychic Friends Network, I estimate that Brautigan’s temperature is currently ambient.

  6. B. Moe: That’s why they emphasize the Greenland ice cap and glaciers, which are decidedly not floating.

    And are also a sign that we’re still in an ice age, from which the earth naturally emerges just like it’s doing now.

  7. A-holes with Commy-red ani…Are they the fuure? It certainly looks that way.

  8. The only correct climate for the earth is exactly the climate we have now. Any deviation from that climate is the fault of humans.

    So, even though a few hundred million years ago the climate was overall a lot warmer, and as a result more critters and plants thrived, it was still a climate in transition that hadn’t yet settled to the perfection it had before we stopped being hunter-gatherers.

  9. I’d run
    and hide
    my feet,
    I think.

  10. Whew, GP.

    That turned into a major trip. I almost couldn’t find my way back.

  11. Way OT, but from the ‘words have new(er) meanings’ crowd…

    What about the word itself? Is the word slut offensive? Outmoded? Or should women reclaim it, celebrate it?

    Jo-Anne Nadler: Most words are neutral, it’s the context. It’s the person using them, it’s the power they have and how you wish to take it. These women want to reclaim this word, and use it ironically, to take the power to harm out of it. I remember when slut meant you’re a slob, look at the state of your house. There’s a slightly cartoon element to the word slut, and I wouldn’t necessarily be offended if someone used it about me, depending on who they were.

  12. Nadler’s a dirty skag.