July 22, 2004

Talking back to 80s music, 30

She could hear the highway breathing, you say…?  Well, I’m no expert, but it sounds to me like she was doing more with the grass than just lying in it.  Try offering her some Cool Ranch Doritos.  Cool Ranch Doritos are a dead give away…

“And She Was,” Talking Heads

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:06am

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  1. She was.

    And she was.

  2. Hey hey hey HEY!!!

  3. This thread’s falling apart.

    It’s sci-en-ti-fic.

  4. I love oingo boingo.

  5. I dare anyone to find me a significant difference between “And She Was” and “Wild Wild Life”. What? No? That’s why I forgive Norbizness.

  6. Oingo Boingo begat Danny Elfman unto the world.

    Danny Elfman begat hideous movie scores (notwithstanding The Simpsons theme – but that is T.V.—Danny gets a pass for T.V.)

    Danny Elfman’s musical scores all sound the same.  Hence, all Tim Burton movies sound the same.  Hence, ergo ipso facto mucho dinero, all Tim Burton movies blow.

    Tim Burton ruined the Batman franchise.

    Spiderman is fantastic.  Batman has been ruined.

    This is all the fault of Oingo Boingo.

    It is 3:23 am and I’m losing my mind, but I stand by my anti-Oingo Boingo screed.

  7. Actually, it’s when Boingo lost the Oingo. Purists might argue about “Mystic Knights”, but dropping the Oingo really torqued.

    Which, of course, has little to do with a certain departure from the world of I, Zimbra.

  8. Dear lord, this is the first one I haven’t gotten immediately. Well, I can forgive myself because it was one of their sub-par efforts.

    Oh, and did you know that the island of doubt is like the taste of medicine? Bet you didn’t…

  9. Fa fa fa Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa.

  10. I

    w a n n n a

    b e


    c o w b o y