March 28, 2011

cease and desist letter for serial harassment and unhinged rantings, state of receipt (update 10)

I thought for sure today was the day. Really.

Okay, not really really. But for our purposes…

It’s going on two weeks since I was (in my view) recklessly, and without evidence, accused in public by a deputy DA of serial harassment, cyberstalking, and then lying to cover up both the original offense and the supporting evidence of my crime.

No retraction. No apology. And that’s simply unacceptable.

— Well, to me, at least. Most people couldn’t care less.

After all, the NYT just published an article filled with leftwing bias! OUTRAGE!

We are what we eat.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:47pm

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  1. Jeff, Please stop. This guy is obviously a law enforcement asshole, and anyone who has been arested for smoking crack knows who he is…,

    A jerk of he first order. Please stop giving him the time of day. He is SO obvioyusly full of crap, that it doesn ‘t even need to be pointed out anymore.

    He is too much of a pussy to tell you that he has indicted you on hearsay.

    Fuck him.

    Go back to tearing Obama and his “clan” a new butt-hole. That’s where the real problem lies.

    If you have ever played “Oblivion”, (awe- fucking-some) you should know that when you kill the conjurer, all the conjured imps die.



  3. No tree, no foul.

  4. You really expected an apology from Spamming Macht Frey??

    I think that we both know that won’t happen. It would be a great thing if it would happen, but I don’t think that he can do it.

  5. If you have ever played “Oblivion”

    Wore the grooves out of two.

    And Jeff is owed at least a retraction and an apology.

    In either order.

  6. Day ten: Radiation levels 100,000 x normal at Japanese reactor; Stink 100,000 x normal at Paterico Ponitifications.

  7. I know he’s owed that, but on a practical level I don’t think that the “good man” [spit] could ever bring himself to do it. He’s invested too much rhetorical bluster in building Mt. Cease-and-Desist out of hearsay and innuendo, if not whole cloth.

    I think that the poor boy has several major malfunctions.

  8. As I recall, my response when Nishi accused me of homophobia was to request evidence and then remark, “This oughta be good.”

    Also as I recall, I didn’t really even have to respond to the alleged evidence (thanks, all) — but in that instance the accusation was leveled here and by someone we all knew was full of impacted former comestibles.

    Had Nishi made her accusation on her own blog I —

    Well, I never would have known about it, but that’s not the point…

  9. There are three things Jeff is owed.

    A retraction, an apology, and reasonable action from said duped deputy’s superiors.

  10. At least you get to see Patrick Frey rolled up in an uncharacteristic defensive posture. He resembles one of those little pill-bugs, unnaturally quiet, completely shut off and afraid to come out and play lest there be more questions from an alert and observant internal affairs officer who’s now watching his every least move.

    Hate it for him, really.

  11. Wait. It just hit me. There’s an explanation for this behavior.

    Sure, he hates you. From which developed, in one of those kooky ways that can only be described as Kismet, he’s hawt for Dr. Demented, who shall not be otherwise named. An email or two, and next thing you know…

    You know, I’ve always seen a little Gavin MacLeod in you, Jeff.

  12. A simple way to end the bitch exists.

    So to speak.

  13. Did I say,’camp’?
    I meant absurd, rapidly approaching surreal.
    Afterwhich we will need some sort of mind altering chemicals just to break even, reality wise.
    I’ll go first.

  14. “Wore the grooves out of two”

    Hmmm… Not quite what I meant. You can’t hit “console” and Toggle God Mode on THAT Oblivion…

  15. to be fair, Patrick Frey might be busy searching what’s left of his soul to determine whether or not his intention behind his use of the phrase “money-grubbing” was anti-Semitic or, you know,not.

    There remains the subsequent action of,if Pat determines that he was not intentionally being anti-Semitic whether it was a fair cop for others to consider Patrick Frey as acting anti-Semitically and whether that makes him, ipso fact, an anti-Semite, sua sponte … illigetimi non carborundum and such.

    More particularly, Pat is most likely to claim that he was talking down to the rubes – that his use of precise legal terms like harrassing and cease-and-desist was not precise due to the forum.

    As such Pat’s characterization of Jeff’s writing teacher as issuing a “Cease and Desist” letter and the subsequent hub-bub as “harrassment” which took place over days “serially” is accurate, if wrong.

    I must now take leave, I’m going to put Humpty Dumpty into a figure four choke hold with a reverse Lindy. Until he says: Words. Mean. Things.

  16. In other words the Patrick Frey Esq. we all know and laugh at behind his back’s credo is, “Textualism for thee, intentionalism for me,” is that about right?

  17. You miss the point, McGehee. As Dustin points out (over and over and over and over) Frey never once mentioned “Jew” when he twice called me a nasty moneygrubber. Therefore, he couldn’t have meant “Jew.”

    Of course, Dustin gets tripped up when people use pronouns, so maybe his argument isn’t as ironclad perfect and irrefutable as I’d originally thought.

  18. It’s worse than that, Jeff. Dustbin can’t even spell his own name properly.

  19. Duhstin makes up in unintentional humor(!) what he lacks in IQ.

  20. You can’t hit “console” and Toggle God Mode on THAT Oblivion…

    But one can push “play” to toggle Todd Mode.


  21. Todd Rundgren!

    Hey, I got one.