March 27, 2011

a CITIZEN JOURNALIST spends his Sunday morning mastering life in President Obama's progressive paradise

sales lady at Nordstrom: “Okay, well, what kind of socks are you looking for, exactly? We have traditional white athletic socks in this department, or we have a variety of colored socks –”

me: “– RACIST! –”

sales lady at Nordstrom: “– that we display separately –”

me: “– JIM CROW! HATE!”

sales lady at Nordstrom:


sales lady at Nordstrom:


me: “So, does this place have a lunch counter, do you know? Because I think this is the part where I’m supposed to organize a sit-in or some such.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:36am

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  1. The nearest thing to a Woolworth’s lunch counter in this day and age is the McDonald’s inside a Super Walmart.

  2. The lunch counter has a sign, “No Conservatives Allowed,” and no one cares.

  3. They said if I voted for John McCain for president, that America would become a thugocracy focused on creating racial divisions. And they were right…

  4. There’s some damned good grub to be had at Nordstrom. It’ll completely distract you from the social injustice inherent in their unbridled capitalism. Which is just another part of the plot. Bastards.

  5. Why do Lefties expect their organizations to behave differently than they do as individuals?

  6. Been taking lessons from the Jesse Jackson School of Retail Discount Negotiations have we?

  7. I do enjoy how they’re trying to organize their way around the fact that they’re mostly useless assholes. I cracked up at least half a dozen times reading that.

  8. I heard Nordstrom, much like Noodles & Co, is a facist dictatorship in the model of capitalist anti-freedom pseudo-intellectualism.

  9. I like how they already had a board to run things, and how the dissolution of the board was an issue. That’s because that grass-roots organizing requires top-down leadership.

  10. Well, cranky, Astroturf organizing definitely requires a top-down approach because the plastic “grass roots” are extruded…

  11. IKEA has a cafeteria….

  12. You’ve been the victim of a socks offender.

  13. Pablo

    I remember my grandmother taking me to lunch at the Bullocks Wilshire Tea Room.

    Man, what those Trafalgar Square thugs would have loved to do to that monument to capitalism!

  14. Don’t look before you read the link; guess who said this about the sorry-ass field we’re seeing Team R assemble to face BHO…

    “I’ll tell you this. Whoever in this field takes it to Obama the straightest and the hardest and the most direct, is who’s gonna win. They’re gonna have to take it to Obama. This isn’t a ‘pussy-foot around’ type of election. This is not, ‘Oh, we’ve got to worry about what they’re gonna say about us, we’ve got to worry about PR, about charges of racism.’ Somebody’s got to be willing to take it to Obama. It’s going to be about him and four more years of this stuff and we’ll see if there’s anybody in this field willing to do that.”


    So far, it’s Elmer Fudd who’ll get my vote.

  15. I heard that as it happened, serr8d. It sounds entirely too familiar, doesn’t it?

  16. Don’t you just hate it when you create an Interim Board and then realize what you really wanted was a Transition Team?

  17. There’s one guy who will do it, and if he can get any traction, I think he’ll do it well.

  18. Aw, shit. 6.5 quake off the Japanese coast, and another tsunami is imminent. These people just can’t catch a break.

  19. another tsunami

    Unbelievable new video out; I think I’ve panicked around the 2-minute mark.

  20. sales lady at Nordstrom: …

    William B. McKinley: And I’d be the guy to see for traction, if I weren’t currently eighty-four and a quarter years dead.

    sales lady at Nordstrom: …

    William B. McKinley: No, really.

  21. Unbelievable new video out; I think I’ve panicked around the 2-minute mark.

    I think I made it until 3-minutes before I starting thinking, “Ohshitohshitohshit”. I thought the water was going to get up as high as he was. At the 1:25 mark he pans to his right shooting towards the town and then 90 seconds later he pans back and it’s fucking GONE!