March 26, 2011

cease and desist letter for serial harassment and unhinged rantings, state of receipt (update 9)

Nothing still. Whaddya think? Maybe locusts?

I’m beginning to think somebody owes me an apology. For reals.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:42pm

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  1. New Contributor?
    Filed under: General — Patterico @ 11:13 pm
    If everything works out, there may be a new voice here soon, in addition to Aaron’s. Someone whose work has been linked here in numerous recent posts. An honest person who understands how badly the media has been screwing up lately.

    I gave it away, didn’t I?

    It’s probably Deb Fritsch.

    Comment by Jeff Goldstein — 3/26/2011 @ 4:38 pm

    Well done.

  2. Wasn’t me, Joe.

    First, I don’t use my full name. Second, as I say, I haven’t been over there. Should be easy enough to prove.

  3. plus, i’m sure you know the proper spelling of SWMNBN’s last name. No “t”‘ IIRC.

  4. I suspect you’d have spelled Frisch right, as well. I can’t believe that C&D still hasn’t shown up. It’s almost like it was just disappeared by some vast, string-pulling, world-controlling conspiracy. I’m thinking Illuminati.

    Wait, you’re Jewish, aren’t you? You magnificent bastard! (I have not, however, read your book. Just saying.)

  5. The link goes to someone else’s site.

    As to who Frey is bringing on, my guess is Lee Stranahan from the Huffpo.

    A lefty. Should fit right in, rhetorically and tactically speaking.

  6. It is a funny post. Sadly, Patterico’s veracity for the truth is not much better than Deb Frisch’s.

  7. That is not Jeff.

    Comment by JD — 3/26/2011 @ 6:07 pm

    No sh*t. What was your first clue, genius?

    Was it the fact that he didn’t threaten anybody? Maybe the lack of personal attacks?

    Or could it have been – just maybe – the fact that the name linked to Dana-the-whatever’s blog?

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 3/26/2011 @ 6:20 pm

    F@ck off, you little shlt. Your martyrdom is getting tiresome.

    Comment by JD — 3/26/2011 @ 6:22 pm

  8. Somebody owes you an apology if they were honest. Since we’re dealing with Patterico, there won’t be one.

  9. … ok, all the sycophants look alike to me…but who is this Scott Jacobs and does his mom know what he is doing in the bedroom with the door closed?

  10. Thanks for noting that, JD.

    Boy, Jacobs surely is an aggressive sort, isn’t he?

  11. Too bad Patterico is not getting this commentator. Damn.

  12. JD,

    Your best friend Jeff is still threatening Scott BTW, oh but you knew that right?

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 3/26/2011 @ 6:39 pm

    Mr. Jacobs you have a lot of anger what you are carrying I wish I could help you not be so angry

    Comment by happyfeet — 3/26/2011 @ 6:42 pm

    Mr. eric person you need a more better hobby have you ever gone to see a reflexologist? What they can do for you is manipulate your qi to where you’re not so obsessed with Mr. JD I read it in their brochure how this works … it’s probably cause you have a blockage

    Comment by happyfeet — 3/26/2011 @ 6:44 pm

    A calvacade of stupid. Great. Don’t forget that I threatened your life too, clown.

    Comment by JD — 3/26/2011 @ 6:44 pm

    happy and JD make a hell of a tag team.

  13. You know, Mr. Feet, there are times I find your vaudeville show tiring, but darn if that wasn’t funny. When I was reading it, I was hoping you would mention feng-shui as well.

    Comment by Simon Jester — 3/26/2011 @ 6:46 pm


    Actually I have no problem with JD, maybe you should direct your problems to him why just look at this thread scroll up, this may require you to put down a saffron scented cupcake and look at the nasty comment the little foul mouthed tourette suffering little smearing weasel left earlier maybe comment #9.

    Yes I agree with you that JD has a blockage

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 3/26/2011 @ 6:48 pm

  14. My goodness, but that EricPWJohnson is one stupid dude. Almost like he’s a super hero, and his super power is unmatchable stupidity.

  15. What — you mean Pee Wee is actually Joe Biden!?

  16. JD

    Suffer the little children, yes you did threaten me, try to intimidate me. over and over again wanting me to let you throw an object at me to try and strike a fatal blow to justify a cop shooting an unarmed child

    yes you are a victim like jeffyboy

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 3/26/2011 @ 6:50 pm

    Mr. Jacobs you have a lot of anger what you are carrying I wish I could help you not be so angry

    Get JeffyG to offer a sincere apology for not only threatening me when my only offense was disagreeing with him, but for his later libel by claiming he did so because I “went after his family”.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 3/26/2011 @ 6:53 pm

  17. EricPWJohnson is mighty stupid. But Scott Jacobs is in a very close second.

  18. If Scott is still eager to go at it I suggest he view that video linked a few posts down and change his mind.


  19. One good thing about being a pragmatist is apparently that the past is malleable. I wonder what that would be like?

  20. JD is a weasel who leaves nasty comments about little foul mouthed tourette [sic] suffering little smearers? Which one is that?

    And who the hell is Suffer the Little Children? What a hippy douchebag name.


    Jeff, you given any thought to (barring breaking news) maybe taking this update to once a week?

  21. I apologize to Scott Jacobs for conflating his nasty behavior toward me with the nasty behavior of others (nk, to be exact, from Frey’s site) who decided to take little shots at my family.

    That having been said, Jacobs is still a loud-mouthed pussy who has had plenty to say about me. And if I ever run into him, I would very much appreciate it if he were to show me the kindness of repeating the things he’s said about me from a distance directly to my face.

    For instance, I’ll be forever grateful if he greets me as “Jeffy” and then reminds me that I’m a pansy. That’d do nicely.

  22. One good thing about being a pragmatist is apparently that the past is malleable. I wonder what that would be like?

    It’s better than being God, Cranky.

    A Russian nobleman, Prince Peter Koslovsky, had warned Custine [19th century French aristocrat whose La Russie en 1839 is a counterpart to Tocqueville’s Democracy in America––E.S.] before his arrival in Russia that in his country “despotism not only counts ideas and sentiments for nothing, but remakes facts. It wages war on evidence and triumphs in the battle….[The emperor’s] power is more far-reaching that God’s for God makes only the future, while the Czar remakes the past.” (Theodore Dalrymple, “How to Read a Society” in this)

    I think Orwell said something in 1984 about how, under IngSoc, the future was fixed while the past was forever changing.

    Don’t sweat it though, they’re on the side of the angels they are. So what if they use the Devil’s (literary-critical) tools?

  23. Eric, reminds of Kevin Kline’s character in ‘A Fish called Wanda’, Otto, the one utterly self confident
    in his ignorance, as Cleese’s barrister points out, ‘Aristotle was not Belgian,’ and ‘the London Underground isn’t a political movement,

  24. Has anyone alerted ‘feets that he no longer has to suffer in that thicket of morons any longer? Seems he’d be begging for a ticket out by now.

  25. Guy in my neck o’ th’woods recently got sent up to the big house on a manslaughter rap because the other fellow cracked his skull on the curb after getting his lights knocked out.

    You know what I’m saying to you Jeff?

    Not that I think it’s even remotely likely to happen, but should Mr. Jacobs accept your invitation, pull the punch (just a little, okay?).

  26. EricPWJohnson: “Don’t call me stupid.”

    Why on earth not?

  27. Then again, he could just be Mr. Neutron,

  28. Guy in my neck o’ th’woods recently got sent up to the big house on a manslaughter rap because the other fellow cracked his skull on the curb after getting his lights knocked out.

    Usually that sort of thing is caused by a woman. Why, Dan Collins stirred up a shit-storm by posting about a Wisconsin cop who was shot to death earlier this week by an Iraq war vet who then shot himself, all for the love of a (mattress-backed) girl (maybe). If it weren’t for the dead people, it’d be an episode of hilarity.

  29. Usually that sort of thing is caused by a woman.

    I also believe copious amount of alcohol were involved.

    And for the record: For all I know, in the unlikely event that Scotty does run into “Pansy Jeffy,” Jeff will wine and dine him and offer to make an honest woman of him. Or maybe he’ll just shake his hand or kiss him on the cheek, and then just walk away.

  30. Ernst,

    After seeing the video of Jeff G. and the sledgehammer, I’d like to see Jeff and Scott shake hands.

  31. This is a remarkable escalation for Patterico. Somewhat lost in the back and forth is that even if there was a C&D, those are one sided presentations. Anyone wanting to report on a C&D letter would want to contact all the parties to make a balanced presentation. Especially if a reporter had previously had run ins with someone, he would want to make sure that he wasn’t passing on unverified anonymous smears. He’s always been a hack but not like this.

  32. I’ll be forever grateful if he greets me as “Jeffy” and then reminds me that I’m a pansy.

    I planted a bunch of pansies today. Does that count?

    Pansies are actually tough little fleurs: they can handle quite a bit of cold and even snow. That’s why they plant them on the strip in Vegas during the winter.

  33. Well, I can see how a hothouse flower like Jacobs could think he was complimenting Jeff. Most men — the ones with actual penises and testicles, unlike Jacobs — might see it differently though.

  34. The Continuing Case of the Duped Deputy

    PD: Maybe it’s in here, Perry.

    PM: Nope.

    roll credits

  35. From drama to camp, in what,3 days.
    If a letter somehow does show up it will be impossible to take it seriously.

    Hi. I’m your cease and desist letter.
    What’s been going on? it’s taken me a long time to get here.
    What took me so long?
    I got lost.
    My dog ate me.
    I forgot.
    Nobody gave me a specific time.
    Wrong address.
    no se habla englaise.
    OK. I fucked up, alright!
    Business days, business weeks. What’s the difference.

  36. I’m writing a television pilot starring Jeff and Darleen.

    I’m planning on calling it “Cease and da Sister”.

  37. Good thinking, Shaitan. Maybe we can get Tom Green to play the DDA. I think he’ll bring the necessary gravitas to the role.

  38. Ya know, he’s a DA. In Los Angeles. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have too much trouble finding a lawyer on spec out here…

  39. Actually, Seth, I was thinking Sean Penn. I mean, I can like, totally, see Spicoli becoming an LA DDA as he grows up gets older….

  40. Isn’t Ted Knight still alive?

    Seth’s Tom Green suggestion for the DDA role might work Let me suggest Carrot Top for daleyrocks and Pauly Shore for Scott Jacobs.

    I would save Sean Penn for EricPWJohnson because he will have to go “full retard” in the role.

  41. The best response to 7th grade insults like “Jeffy” and “pansy” is to laugh at the person until your sides hurt.
    I mean really, “jeffy” and “pansy”? What’s next “poopy face”? “doo doo head”?

  42. Is there a random insult generator online?

  43. Is there a random insult generator online?

    Pick any DU thread and comment there.

  44. #43

    Well done. Coffee shot out of my ears