March 23, 2011

Silencing Gopher

And when Gopher is silenced, we’re all silenced.

Yes. That means you, too, Julie. And wipe your nose, would you?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:52am

Comments (8)

  1. We shall not abide bullying.

  2. Are we mice gophers, or are we men!?

  3. I figured the WWW made GOPHER fairly obsolete years ago.

  4. I assumed at first glance Jeff was talking about GOPHER and was wondering why it mattered.

  5. NERDS!!

  6. Rumor has it Isaac hates Muslims too because they were notoriously poor tippers at the bar.

  7. This was no surprise really. The station carrying the show is in the DC metro area! So no surprise that the station worried about all of the multi-culti types being butt-hurt by the subject.

    No balls? Sure, but they’re chasing profits in a liberal area.

  8. “Captain Steubing to the War Room!”