March 12, 2011

A note to those supporting these public sector union "protesters" who are defacing public property, threatening people and their families, working to overturn elections, and acting like children who know that should mommy or daddy spank them for acting like out of control brats, all they have to do is call the police and the state will take mommy and daddy away, so there!

We are “management,” in your fantastical and romanticized “Fight-The-Powers!” scenario.

We are The Man. We: the schlubs who aren’t guaranteed jobs, who have to pay for our own retirements, who pitch in for our own health care, who are expected to actually perform, and who can’t buy wage and benefit increases with votes and money funneled to a single political party.

You know what that makes you?

The minority.

Don’t push your luck, kiddies.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:38am

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  1. I’m not so sure as you. Add up all the folks on the dole, add the military, civil service, public schools, add political offices and their staffers and the many industries built around propping up the public sector, and we may have passed the tipping point of those who take being more than those who create.

  2. It’s still at “only” about 35%.

    But we’re getting too damned close. If we don’t get rid of ObamaCare, we’ll be heading the way of Western Europe, even as they are trying to claw their way back.

    We’ve been moving toward a client state run by the left for years. Mostly because “our” own leadership has been entirely feckless for so long. At this point, I’d be willing to vote for Zombie Reagan over half the GOP “leaders” we’ve been propping up.

  3. add the military

    Um, Joan…?


  4. add the military

    Um, Joan…?


    I was just about to say the same thing.

  5. And, by “same thing” I mean the “seriously” part.

  6. Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”

  7. serr8d,

    I’m stealing that to use as my daily FB quote for today.

  8. We’ve a thin veneer of civilization, made possible by the advances in technology that’ve arrived courtesy Capitalism. What amazes me is that these moochers of the Left will ultimately, unexpectedly, undercut those advances if they win their ‘struggles’; thereby dropping us all back in time to earlier, more barbaric states.

    I for one value air conditioning and interstate travel sans horse or mule. And a team of oxen? Please. One always seems downwind of the business end of ’em.

  9. these moochers of the Left will ultimately, unexpectedly, undercut those advances if they win their ‘struggles’; thereby dropping us all back in time to earlier, more barbaric states.

    Feature, not bug, if you want to order society according to the light of your unsurpassed genius.

  10. No need. But I’m thinking about getting some iodine tablets just in case.

  11. After some review, that map’s likely a fake. It began it’s propagation on 4chan, where there’s little of use or value.

  12. Serr8d

    I call “hoax” on that map. At the end of JeffG’s link is this:

    Those opposed to nuclear power will not let it be forgotten, as Jan Beranek, head of Greenpeace’s international nuclear campaign, made clear.

    “How many more warnings do we need before we finally grasp that nuclear reactors are inherently hazardous? The nuclear industry always tells us that situation like this cannot happen with modern reactors, yet Japan is currently in the middle of a potentially devastating nuclear crisis,” he said.

    “Once again, we are reminded of the inherent risks of nuclear power, which will always be vulnerable to the potentially deadly combination of human error, design failure and natural disaster.”

    Far far more people are now dead due to drowning the tsunami. Yet I don’t hear the Luddites demanding an end to coastal residency.

  13. The level of planning, to undermine, in WI is stunning to me. I found it odd that, weeks ago, someone was walking around with a poster for a WI Supreme court justice. It was out of place with the theme of the day. Although, the theme varied by level of sanity, sure.

    Fast forward, and note the open meeting law challenge by Aseemblyman Peter Barca (D). Why did he make a stink over a procedural issue that is controlled by someone non-elected? Procedure is not partisan. It can’t be. The kicker is, when you look at the statute and the procedural code it eludes to the law being null and void if the process of creating that law violates procedure. Hence, if (big if) they can make it stick that they broke procedure they could nullify the bill against collective bargaining.

    They appear to be looking for any way to find a loose chink in the armor of the Constituion and the institution itself. And placing big bets on the upcoming Supreme court election as well.

    3/10/11 Hour 2 and 3 has Atty Jim Troupis on again.

    Mr Troupis doesn’t seem concerned about the challenge. though. So, that is reassuring. It’s the idea that they are looking for weak points that I find troubling. Plese correct me, if I misinterpreted the gist here. My political kindergarden graduation certificiate stills smells fresh. I’m weak on the sausage making.

    Ann Althouse pointed out something interesting about the Supreme Court candidate too.

    Is this all part of the ongoing meltdown, or is there a legitimate threat here?

  14. “Recalls would be an opportunity for a chance at a do-over” – Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller

  15. Look, I’m not portraying any moral equivalency here: the military is an expenditure which I’m glad to provide, and I think the majority of them vote Republican. I’m just adding up individuals who receive their support from the common weal, and those whose activities add to the commonwealth. Yes, there are intangibles of structure and safety and security which make us more prosperous, but the bottom line is the bottom line. Except if you’re a congresscritter, then the bottom line happens to be in your own pocket.

  16. If the citizens of WI had any sense they’d start a recall petition for any elected official trying to start a recall petition.

  17. Also, if the Dems succeed in such recalls, I will start a movement that brings back federalism with a fury — so we can make sure not one red cent of my family’s money ever gets to the people of WI.

  18. The first harrassment lawsuit falls.

    Another issue is the stalling by the Secretary of State, for the full 10 days, to publish the bill. The accusation is that the stall allows the districts time to push those sweet local union contracts; before the bill is official. McKenna and guest are warning that those localities/municipalities will have a dilemma in meeting those contacts when the State money does not arrive.

  19. “If the citizens of WI had any sense they’d start a recall petition for any elected official trying to start a recall petition.”

    I agree, with reservation. The cost of these elections; what a waste. Also, I’d like to hear bh’s thoughts on that. Since he’s in one of those districts.

  20. As if the recall process isn’t hard enough. wtf!

    I was thinking about that very thing the other day. The union goons are harrassing us, but they likely have no resistance to their efforts. We respect the process and the institution; they do not.

  21. Here may be the answer to the furious and violent reaction to Scott Walker. The dues provisions and annual election provision may cut union income by up to 90%, especially in a tight economy when that $1000 in dues money could come in very handy. After Mitch Daniels ended mandatory dues collection in Indiana, union dues income from public employees fell 95%. The recent furor and walkout by Democrats in Indiana concerns that new legislation would affect private unions and their dues. Daniels has suggested that the legislature delay this issue for now. The proposals would make Indiana a “right-to-work” state.

    By the end of 2008, the SEIU also owed Bank of America nearly $88 million, including its headquarters loan and another $10 million for unspecified purposes. This is the same BofA that the union has spent the past months attacking as the face of Wall Street excess. The SEIU has protested outside of Bank of America offices and demanded the resignation of CEO Ken Lewis. We assume no one forced the SEIU to invest in real estate or borrow from a bank to finance it.

    An SEIU spokeswoman says the union works on a four-year cycle, in which it goes “all out for the presidential election” and then rebuilds its finances. She adds the union has paid back more than $10 million of the $25 million it borrowed last year. But it’s nonetheless true that the SEIU’s liabilities have continued to climb each year from 2003 to 2008.

    The dues and annual election provisions, if copied by other states in serious fiscal peril, could cut the union movement off at the knees. That is where the fury originates.


  22. Joan, you may not have intended any moral equivalence, but it’s hard not to read it that way based on what you wrote and how you phrased it.

    …we may have passed the tipping point of those who take being more than those who create.

    Including the military in a statement like that cannot help but appear to draw a moral equivalence.

  23. An SEIU spokeswoman says the union works on a four-year cycle, in which it goes “all out for the presidential election”

    This unholy alliance between Democrats and unions had to end, one way or t’other. It’s t’other that’s most troubling; let’s hope we can work this out in the legislatures.

    Oh, has anyone found Jimmy Hoffa yet?

  24. The military ‘creates’ our freedoms, lest you wonder what we pay them for.

  25. Thanks McGehee, I got that the first time around; that’s why I clarified it. See how that works?

  26. Joan, speaking as a member of the military, I have to say that I, too, read your statement as drawing an equivilence between the utility of the welfare class and the utility of the military. You state that you didn’t intend that, and I accept that.

    That said…I got out in one RIF, and reenlisted when our enemies reared their heads. If the nation doesn’t value that, don’t come calling.

  27. And I thank you for your service, as I always have. I’ve been commenting on blogs since 2000 and have been hanging around Jeff’s for years. I’ve even sent him money fer cripes n’ all.

    I AM SORRY TO HAVE EXPRESSED MYSELF HASTILY AND HAVE CAUSED ANY MEMBER OF THE MILITARY ANY SENSE OF DISMAY. I am not covering up anything. It was a mistake. I corrected it. Did I misspeak? I am so terribly annoyed at myself. Did it seem like, when I clarified my statement, that I didn’t realize that, by the reactions in the room that I had posted in haste without editing my thoughts to better suit the folks who don’t know me? Did Jeff give me any grief or worry about my comment when he spoke to it? No? Maybe that’s because he knows me and knows I would NEVER degrade the military. He guessed my meaning to be, on its face, a mere calculation of amount, not portent. Am I distressed that I may have offended any member of the military? Yes! Did I not clarify it? I think I did.

    If ya’ll just miss happyfeet and need someone to be mad at, I’m NOT your girl. I may just go back to a non-descript moniker and avatar like I used to have to avoid this nonsense.

    Jeff, I luv ya, nice place you had here at one time.

  28. “If ya’ll just miss happyfeet and need someone to be mad at, I’m NOT your girl.”

    no need to make a mountain out of a swiss cake roll cupcake

  29. I didn’t think you were degrading the military at all. I thought it was obvious, frankly.

  30. no need to make a mountain out of a swiss cake roll cupcake

    You noticed that, too? I was surprised that an apology wasn’t enough. It’s apparently a BIG DEAL on a dead thread!

    Hopefully, silly hyperbole will win the day, if not the hearts and minds of the pea-shooters.

  31. ps to joan

    i think the gov’t spending should be 25% from 2007 levels including the military

  32. Thanks Jeff. I don’t expect you to ride herd on your commenters, of course, since I can give as good as I get (and enjoy it— is that naughty of me?)

  33. ride herd on your commenters

    Who does that?


  34. Actually Joan, an apology was enough. I said so, right in my comment [“…and I accept that.”]

    I guess I missed the part in my response where I questioned your vast blog commenting experience. I, too, have been commenting on Jeff’s blog for years, altough not as prolifically as many others…so I guess my comment-fu doesn’t quite match your black dragon style.

    I guess I also missed the point where I expressed great dismay. I simply noted the general sense that if the nation – not the nation of ARGGHH, but the US of A – didn’t feel it needed my services, then that was fine. I’m going to be alright either way, not that you give a rat’s ass – or should, for that matter.

    I don’t miss Happyfeet, and I am again missing where I came across as mad….although I’m sure all these things about me are true, as I am clearly not one of the smart set with vast blog commenting experience. Probably it’s all that time I spent pea shooting, when I should have been getting some of that thar book-learnin’ instead.

    Sheesh, all I was really trying to do was to engage in a little discourse. But since apparently I suck at it, I’ll go back to lurking and leave the thinking to the smart set.

    Somewhere, Rodney King is crying that we can’t just get along.