June 24, 2004

A Poem from 1968, Revised by the Ghost of Richard Brautigan, 2004 (sixteenth in a series)

The Fever Monument 6′ Submarine Sandwich Monument

I walked across the park to the fever monument.
I walked across the park to the 6′ submarine sandwich monument.
It was in the center of a glass square surrounded
by red flowers and fountains.     The monument
was in the shape of a sea horse and the plaque read
We got hot and died.

was in the shape of a 6′ submarine sandwich and the plaque read
Damn, that Michael Moore can really put away some 6′ submarine sandwich (with extra meat extra onions and extra cheese).

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:42pm

Comments (3)

  1. Are you insinuating Moore has an eating problem?

  2. Problem?  Hell no, he’s a freakin’ eating expert!  Like, master class!  I mean, they’re building monuments to the guy, y’know?

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