January 14, 2011

“MSNBC Marches Ahead With Its Own Set of Facts”

Those facts? The intimation, through a graphic featuring Jared Loughner, that vitriolic rhetoric from the right-wing is the proximate cause of the Tucson murder spree — and will be the cause of future violence, as well. Radley Balko:

It’s a powerful image. I saw it at the gym on a number of muted televisions, and it stuck with me.

It’s also complete bullshit. […]

This is just an egregious assault on reality. Scarier: It seems to be working.

Manufacturing consent. How wonderfully post-modern/partisan/racial/historical!

MSNBC is not so much a news organization as it is a leftwing proving ground for cultural memetics. And the GOP establishment, along with its “pragmatic” cheerleaders, consistently play right into the hands of those working to defeat classical liberalism from language on outward.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:12am

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  1. of course it’s working… weak, failshit America is a benefit-of-the-doubt public service announcement culture … it surely can’t hurt to use a squiggle bulb to save the (angry, disturbed) children… it can’t hurt to “watch what you say” … it can’t hurt to say no to drugs… so it follows a lot logically to your average post-America American that it can’t hurt to slap a restraining order and ankle band on Sarah Palin

  2. I’d stop going to that gym until they promised to keep the TV on Sportscenter.

  3. They carefully craft their shackles and hold out their wrists, trusting that their beloved masters will take good care of them. Then they gasp in horror when their beloved masters prove not-so-loving.

    Works every time!

  4. Not for nothing, but when my local airport sent out it’s frequent-flyer survey I told them I would from there more often if they changed the TV channel. I had to sit through three hours of Cambodian-style re-education last time my flight was delayed there and frankly, I’m sick of it. I’ll take the extra hop and the night in a hotel over Nancy Grace any day.

  5. Spineless Congress pretends to cut public broadcasting funding, while leaving much of it intact.

    NPR has long argued that the real importance of federal support is the money that goes to local stations. Lamborn’s bill would not cut off money for the stations — it would just forbid them from using federal dollars to buy NPR programming.

  6. Lamborn is propaganda whore Viv Schiller’s best friend ever

    maybe we should ask Boehnerdouche why our failshit socialist government can’t afford enough people to approve drilling permits but they can afford to keep fat ugly fuck Garrison Keillor in lace stockings and cub scout uniforms?

  7. MSNBC has decided there is no such thing as Republican Presidents

    How fun, they are now taking a page from Stalin-erases-Trotsky-from-pictures “history” book.

  8. This is just an egregious assault on reality. Scarier: It seems to be working.

    It isn’t a shock to find that MSLSD viewers would suffer the same hallucinations. The bright side is that there aren’t all that many of them.

  9. Oh, I dunno. It seems there’s a more important lesson to be learned here.

    Me, I’m going to incorporate it into my personal code of conduct.

    In other news, while I was looking for “fish” synonyms for yesterday’s thread, I happened upon this gallery of lovely killifishes, whose very name incites violence in the hearts of aquarium enthusiasts the world over.

    Power of words, huh? Well, yes, Loughner was incited by words. They were the words that Giffords offered in response to his psycho question in 2007. Not being tuned in to the voices in his head, she failed to give an adequate response.

  10. The bright side is that there aren’t all that many of them.

    Nazis were in the minority, too.

    A determined, fanatical minority can often overcome the inertia of the larger majority.

  11. Ah, but the Nazis weren’t inept. The hyena left is finding those jackboots damned hard to fill.

  12. If this is inertia, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

  13. If MSNBC were operating in a vacuum in which other propaganda organizations couldn’t operate, I would be concerned. Political speech hasn’t been outlawed yet. Currently, MSNBC is irrelevant.

  14. Scarier: It seems to be working.

    Looks like that was a “viewer online poll,” meaning its sample is self-selected from among people too brain-damaged to realize watching MSNBC or reading MSNBC.com damages their brains.

  15. Another interesting statistic about MSNBC viewers:

    They account for over 98% of booger-removing toothpaste sales. NOW WITH EXTRA STRENGTH YELLOWING FORMULA!

  16. Now, given that at least two of the victims, that I know of, are Jewish — the Congresswoman herself and Gabe Zimmerman, her aide who was killed — Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, praying and reading from the Bible at the podium, could have offered non-sectarian prayers and Old Testament scripture selections. Instead, they chose to quote the New Testament and to pray specifically to Jesus.

    So, I’d like to ask: Just who is being insensitive to Jews?


  17. Doesn’t surprise me at all. My in-laws, in the corn belt, get all their news from either local TV (fed from the wires) or MSNBC. In 2008, Sarah Palin was “kind of an insult to women, don’t you think?” Impenetrable.

  18. A determined, fanatical minority can often overcome the inertia of the larger majority.

    Just remember, dicentra, that determined minority would describe the Patriots in the Revolution, also.