December 20, 2010


Credit where it’s due. McConnell and the Senate GOPers deserve plaudits for the limited CR, the defeat of the omnibus spending bill, and the repudiation of the DREAM Act.

Now, don’t take those victories as the important ones — and allow as a result Net Neutrality and START (Democrats say they have the votes right now for the latter) to pass in a lame duck without plenty of debate.

Stay strong. This is my counsel. Verily. Ye.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:20am

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  1. Nice work, gang. Why don’t you take the next couple of weeks off?

  2. And yet they passed that onerous “food safety” thing in exchange.

    Ten million apiece to go home right now. Ten. Million.

    Best money we’ll ever spend.

  3. Richard Lugar will ruin everybody’s Christmas if he doesn’t get him some START for the holidays. He’s a whore for unilateral disarmament like Meghan’s coward daddy and McConnell are whores for a vastly more empowered FDA.

  4. I can only imagine that they let the food safety act go through so that Mrs. Obama wouldn’t be tearing the head off of any basketball-playing pencil-necked geeks.

  5. Have the pragmatists noted the utility of principle yet, or do they not understand what’s motivating the newfound fear?

  6. A brief application of pool-cues to the backsides couldn’t hurt . . . well . . . couldn’t hurt much for very long anyway.

  7. motion, you say that like it’s a bad thing….

  8. A pool-cue is a piss-poor substitute for a good ol’ fashion bamboo cane.

  9. I kind of like a good stout piece of rebar, my ownself.

  10. #5 McG, or up? Fours being a tad whippy-bendy, that is.

  11. I don’t know from numbers. I just go down the aisle until I see the gauge I want. If I’m in a good mood I even pay for it, instead of testing it on the salesgeek.

  12. A brief application of pool-cues to the backsides couldn’t hurt

    They’d probably like it.

    So, no.

  13. They’d probably like it.

    No, contextually, I don’t think they would enjoy a good caning in the least, for it wouldn’t be undertaken to please them: they would well understand the beating they were receiving wasn’t meant to please them but, on the contrary, to humiliate them while simultaneously pointing their attention to our displeasure with their performance in office (we insert the appropriate accompanying words along with our blows in order to make ourselves plain), further, that they are vastly outnumbered by us, so additional expressions of our displeasures can be expected if their specific performance doesn’t improve by our lights, and so on. So, yes.

  14. Rebar is probably best when fitted with a wooden or wound-fiber handle, McG. I like to maximize the ratio of comfort to discomfort, you see.

  15. Meh. That’s what leather work gloves are for.

  16. I try not to do any work that requires gloves. Or sweat. Or work.

  17. Rebar is also surprisingly effective when the bicyclists go zooming along on the non-bicycling walking paths. What are a few spokes and some road rash, when compared to pedestrian safety? Watch for SquidCo-brand rebar to appear in future catalogs!

  18. For those of you who are Snowcrash fans, the rebar with handle discussed above is also known as a redneck katana. and IMO, Hiro Protagonist is the best placeholder name ever to survive an editor.

  19. Hmmm…don’t remember the redneck katana part of the book. As someone swiped my copy (note to self: never loan books to friends), I’m going to have to buy a copy and reread.

    It’d be a decent placeholder for an actual katana, in terms of building strength&conditioning, but wouldn’t build nearly as much of the required respect necessary to avoid inflicting deep & possibly debilitating cuts on self.

  20. You could put a handle on the #5 gauge, cut it to overall length of about two and a half feet, and have it just about the right length/weight as your average katana. It might be just a tad on the heavy side, but so much the better.

  21. Squid – jamming debar thru the spokes of a passing bike is just pure evil. And hysterical. Picture when the debar reaches the frame, and the tire suddenly quits spinning, flipping jerk rider right over the handlebars.

    Tonight’s game should be fun. Are you getting the snow predicted?

  22. Thanks for the link sdferr. Piereson, as you probably already know, is a student of Liberals and their sanctifying myths.

  23. Picture when the debar reaches the frame, and the tire suddenly quits spinning, flipping jerk rider right over the handlebars.

    I don’t have to imagine it — I’ve witnessed it in person. Penn State campus, fall of ’91 (IIRC). That was before the days of mandatory helmets, so it was even better than what you’d get today. You ever seen the episode of Mythbusters where the girls convince Tory to jump his bike over the little red wagon? It was a lot like that.

    Kampus Kops took away my buddy’s rebar, btw. Said it was “threatening” or something like that.

    And yes, it’s been snowing since about 11:00 this morning. Should be an interesting game tonight. And by interesting, I mean a further embarrassment for a team celebrating its 50th anniversary by piling one disaster on top of another until the mind can no longer comprehend the suckitude.

    Skol Vikings!

  24. Never fear, we shall endeavor to persevere!