November 19, 2010

"Exclusive Excerpts From New Black Panther Case Investigation Report"

“The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is set to consider a draft report of its investigation tomorrow. Some details of the report have been leaked to PJM”:

This case was unique in one vital aspect almost from its beginning — the existence of a visual recording of the New Black Panthers in their paramilitary, fascist-style uniforms, one holding a night stick, blocking the entrance to a polling place. That kind of direct evidence is very unusual in a voting rights case. It helped to graphically illustrate the preposterousness of the Obama administration’s dismissal of virtually the entire federal lawsuit the Civil Rights Division had commenced against the New Black Panther Party and several of its members. The feeble and completely non-credible explanations for the dismissal advanced by the Department’s political leadership only made the matter worse.

Most of the mainstream media initially ignored the lawsuit, despite all of the powerful evidence. That changed, however, with the dramatic and courageous testimony of former Voting Section lawyer Christian Adams (who resigned from Justice in disgust over its handling of the case) and former Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates (who was removed from his post by the Obama administration). Coates testified in defiance of orders from the Department’s senior leadership, who in a brazen act of lawlessness directed him not to comply with the subpoena issued by the Civil Rights Commission.

The draft report of the Commission that was leaked is devastating in its portrayal of the deviousness and politicization of the Obama Justice Department. The Department has misled the public, Congress, and the Commission from the very beginning.

If Eric Holder is ready to have that real conversation on race he’s argued Americans are afraid to have, I’m in.

Just give me a ring, my brother.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:41am

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  1. Just give me a ring, my brother.

    Oh, but he’s got to keep that so’s people have something to kiss.

  2. Yeah, the recriminations from the handling of this case is going to blow up in the administration’s face. Holder will be gone soon, joing the rest of the crew under the bus; especially after the near acquittal of Ghalani this week in a Manhattan federal court.

    And even that, I don’t think, will stop the exposing of Obama’s posturing as “post-racial” as completely phony. Look for a lot of revisiting of Jerimiah Wright screeds as being part of the reason Obama saw nothing wrong with this behavior; as well as his apparent comfort with Calypso Louis and his private army.

  3. The draft report of the Commission that was leaked is devastating in its portrayal of the deviousness and politicization of the Obama Justice Department. The Department has misled the public, Congress, and the Commission from the very beginning.

    The amazing thing is that won’t mean a damn thing to the true believers, who have never desired racial equality so much as racial retribution. And the media, who is more lily white than my ass, will coninue carrying water for these vermin because they are scared shitless to cause offense.

  4. Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly
    All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

    Bonus points to any who get the reference.

  5. SR-71?

  6. It made me think of this for some reason:

    Outside his house.
    Late at night.
    See his guarddog.
    Do he bite?
    Kill my landlord.
    Kill my landlord.
    Slip in his window.
    Break his neck.
    Then his house,
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    What the heck?
    Kill my landlord.
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    C-I-L-L, My landlord.

  7. Skunk Works!

  8. Bonus points to any who get the reference.

    I know that the next track is Piggies. That’s gotta mean something!

  9. Squid gets it.

    When the government’s actions start to resemble Manson’s demetia, should you be worried? Just a little?

  10. So, it wasn’t NWA? Huh.

  11. Here’s some trivia for you: The SR-71 was originally called the RS-71, but some stupid senator got it wrong, so they changed the name so he wouldn’t look like an idiot.

  12. heh, and if he looked like an idiot, how now for the people who’d elected him? No recalls for you, ya dopes.

  13. Keep your hands inside the car for the duration of the ride.

  14. Cranky, Wikipedia has a different story, FWIW:

    Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay preferred the SR (Strategic Reconnaissance) designation and wanted the RS-71 to be named SR-71. Before the July speech, LeMay lobbied to modify Johnson’s speech to read SR-71 instead of RS-71. The media transcript given to the press at the time still had the earlier RS-71 designation in places, creating the myth that the president had misread the aircraft’s designation.

    Johnson was certainly an idiot Senator as well as President, so six of one…

  15. Well, poop, I got the story from my brother, who is former air force and still works for them as an employee. I assumed he had it right.

    No Christmas present for him! Not that I was going to get him one anyway.

  16. I still hope that they have replaced the SR-71 with something even more awesome, but they probably didn’t because satellite cameras can probably do the job better and cheaper.

  17. *cough*Aurora*cough*…

  18. Hell, these days some goof on a commercial jet with an iPhone could probably do it better and cheaper than any of us would like to believe.

  19. the New Black Panthers in their paramilitary, fascist-style uniforms

    Bingo. Someone else finally said it. I’ve been insisting for 30-odd years that the BPs, the MECHistas, and all their ilk are essentially neo-fascist groups. Like their spiritual forebears, they promote and practice:
    * paramilitarism
    * street violence
    * exterminationist rhetoric
    * a “we’re-oppressed-but-superior”, Master-Race narrative
    * a Maximum-Leader mentality
    * internal suppression of dissent or individual conscience
    * violent disruption and breaking up of opponents’ meetings
    * a quasi-pagan “Blood and Soil” mythos
    * a scathing contempt for democratic and classical-liberal concepts and practices
    * scapegoating
    * historical revisionism
    * the myth of a golden past destroyed by the *Untermensch*

    Am I missing anything

  20. “Am I missing anything”They are a part of the Left as were the non-neos.

  21. Just give me a ring, my brother.

    They don’t have the ring, but their orcs are searching for it….