November 4, 2010

"Top Ten Liberal Arts Colleges Boost Dems in 2010"

I know. Surprise!

A new Young America’s Foundation study reveals that the nation’s top ten colleges gave donations almost exclusively to Democrats. Of all the 2010 candidate contribution dollars coming from these schools’ professors and staff, 84% of them went to Democrats.

Here is a breakdown of candidate contributions that went to Democrats for each individual school, in order of U.S. News and World Report’s rankings:

· Harvard University: 89%
· Princeton University: 97%
· Yale University: 73%
· Columbia University: 86%
· Stanford University: 86%
· University of Pennsylvania: 93%
· California Institute of Technology: 94%
· Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 70%
· Dartmouth College: 47%
· Duke University: 78%

Our research also looked at contributions to liberal political action committees (PACs). Of all the 2010 PAC contributions dollars coming from these schools professors and staff, 94% of them went to liberal PACs.

When totaling the dollars acquired for liberal candidates and PACs versus conservative candidates and PACs, 87% of the dollars raised went to liberal candidates and PACs.

YAF conducted their research from FEC records, and generated the results by “listing each school as an employer and adding up the total dollars donated to candidates and PACs.”

What we see here is the decided disconnect between a center-right country and the leftist academics who have become some of its biggest (“intellectual”) stewards. And while progressives like to make silly arguments about the heavy leftward lean of the academy being the result of “intelligent” people gravitating toward “progressive” politics (or, perhaps, it’s merely a sociological phenomenon based on “typecasting”) the real reason so-called “liberal arts colleges” heavily back Democrats and progressives is that the culture inside these schools is to self-select faculty based largely on political leanings sussed out through CV review and in hiring interviews.

In the Humanities, conservatives and classical liberals — particularly those open about their beliefs — need not bother to apply, especially if the department doing the hiring already has a token Republican willing to send, say, arch-conservative Michael Bloomberg a few bucks from time to time.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:01am

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  1. Dartmouth College: 47%

    Dartmouth’ll be getting onto Dan Collins for not sending the required! cash to his alma mater, so’s they can redistribute it as needed.

    Much like our large Unions, these large lefty institutions of higher lefty learning; putting out a substandard product and declaring it valuable ‘just because’ of the Union label. I piss on all their boots.

  2. Say, Dartmouth is falling down on the job, eh? Maybe they need a little mau-mauing.

  3. Dartmouth’s B school is top-notch and produces people who actually get shit done. No surprise the school’s funding was balanced.

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  5. I’m just surprised my alma mater scored as the second-lowest Dem contributor of the top ten. It’s been less loony-lib than most, mostly because the tech stuff is harder to bias without fear of contradiction.

  6. Impossible! There’s no way 7% of the UPenn faculty and staff gave contribution dollars to non-Democrats. Don’t believe it.

    During the 2004 elections, I had to stop going out for lunch on campus, because the swarm of eager little Penn students desperate to sign up voters and volunteers was overwhelming. I’m sure there were some professors in the mix. I did, however, know that Kerry was going to lose when I realized the students were asking everyone, “Would you like to help defeat George Bush?” and not, “Would you like to help elect John Kerry?” Even they realized that no one actually wanted to vote FOR Kerry.

    The day after that election, I counted 48 Kerry/Edwards signs in my 30-block commute to work in West Philly. Those were gone pretty quickly.

  7. There’s no way 7% of the UPenn faculty and staff gave contribution dollars to non-Democrats.

    *cough* Greens *cough*

  8. The majority of these donors live off the government, usually at work promoting their anti-individualist values. They are merely self interested.

    I always remember that when one of their ilk asserts their factions’ selflessness and their opponents’ selfishness.

    They lie to each other, they lie to themselves, and they lie to everyone else.

  9. the real reason so-called “liberal arts colleges” heavily back Democrats and progressives is that the culture inside these schools is to self-select faculty based largely on political leanings…In the Humanities, conservatives…need not bother to apply…

    That’s an important reason. Another important reason is that Humanities departments (an umbrella which probably covers at least half the academy) almost solely interest students with a Progressive predisposition. 18-to-20-year-olds with a conservative or libertarian lean generally have little-to-no interest in pursuing these kinds of majors; the result being that these departments lean hard-left from top-to-bottom with little persuasion toward the students necessary. Given the large fraction of the academy that these departments represent, this alone, I think, accounts for a good portion of the hard-left lean of most universities. I doubt the students in Humanities-type departments are contributing all that much cash to political parties, but they’re contributing to the ideological disparity of their departments.