October 30, 2010

“Democrats Recruit Volunteers Outside Stewart-Colbert Rally”

Well, I guess it beats anonymously trolling conservative sites all weekend, eh?

(thanks to Geoff; also, related: most transparent administration EVER!)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:17am

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  1. I only caught the rally’s finale, starting when Colbert introduced Stewart as the keynote speaker – pretty boring, but some of Stewart’s sound bite examples of alleged conservative fear mongering at least highlighted their Progressive target, which might not be very well appreciated amongst “Liberals”.

  2. Comedy Central info says it is showing rally coverage but I’m only seeing Scrubs reruns. Twitter remarks on the rally are endless reiterations of just a handful of quotes and observations.

  3. I thought the clip montage of all the fear mongering by the cable news channels was worth a chuckle. Otherwise, meh. Since I’m on the couch recovering from the flu, I was channel surfing anyway.

    Overall, it was less than compelling.

  4. Quips Insty: AN OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE CROWD at the Stewart/Colbert rally. Well, Stewart and Colbert are Stuff White People Like.

    Ed Morrisey calls it the Rally to Support Hipster Irony.

    And Treacher calls it the Rally to Reassure Ourselves That We’re Not the Ones Who F***ed Everything Up.

  5. Somebody’s photostream of the rally. Plenty of silly to go around.

  6. Here we go: Put the Cthulu back in Christmas. It’s all about the Lovecraft.”

  7. – Party on like its 1969. Probably near the last hurrah for all the aging hippies.

    “Tune in, drop out, take your meds”

  8. > Well, I guess it beats anonymously trolling conservative sites all weekend, eh?

    Well, that’s what they’re being recruited to do.