April 15, 2010

a “Where have all the flowers gone?” retrospective post (from the protein wisdom conceptual series)

From what I understand, many of the older ones can be found at Barbra Streisand concerts these days.

If that helps.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:48am
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  1. it’s cause of the bees maybe

  2. Jew Jew Bees?

    Wait. That pun would work better on the Jew post.

  3. I need some flowers because my anniversary is approaching, but damned if I’m getting near that Streisand douchiness to find some.

  4. The younger ones? White Snake reunions at the local fair grounds.

  5. Some can be found at NORML meetings and smoke-ins too…I mean, so I’ve been told.

  6. Yikes….this post made me shiver. I think I’d rather go another round or two with the Jaish al Mahdi than a Streisand concert.

  7. The younger ones? White Snake reunions at the local fair grounds.

    Ohhhhh… flowers.

    wink wink nudge nudge say no MORE!

  8. The husbands go to the concert at $150/ticket but are passive aggressively about it because they don’t like the music. During the show, some of them even stealthily wear earpieces playing Garrison Keillor standup routines in their ears.

  9. I blame all those Tea Partiers for protesting and stomping on them. Flowerists!

  10. While I was watching the Arts & Entertainment channel, an old video of Marlene Dietrich came on singing Where have all the flowers gone. Besides being a horrendous rendition of the tune, her eyebrows were literally in the middle of her forehead with her hair pulled back unusually tight. It was quite frightenning.

  11. Shit. I wasted my “epistemic closure” joke already. So I’ll bitch some.

    No one hopping that bandwagon (from either side of it) shows the slightest hint of knowing what that term-of-art means. It’s not an idea (really, several ideas) from the world of stuff I think about, but I know it, so I don’t call to its authoritative sound in vain. It’s someone else’s language.

    I don’t think anything is ironic anymore, but this ‘wagon almost is (if you know what the term (sometimes) means).

    I mean, if you’re saying a party’s ideology coheres only in that it’s espoused by members of the party (which re: politics is so obvious it’s not worth saying), maybe you can put an “epistemic closure” in there somewhere, if you’re a bullshittin’ shit-mouth who doesn’t know what else it means. But the bandwagon, to the degree that it’s saying anything besides HAHA U TARDED, is saying the opposite of almost everything the term means.

    “Entails,” I should say. For philosophy joke. Hiyo!

    I know it doesn’t matter. Said twice is said forever. But my hobby is mourning words. Bitchily. So, here. Flowers for that one.

    (fade in song)

  12. Help I’m steppin’ into the twilight zone
    The place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned
    My beacon’s been moved under moon and star
    Where am I to go, now that I’ve gone too far?
    — Golden Earring

  13. Great day on the east coast for Tea Parties. Flowers cause allergies, so they’re declared an enemy of the state and have been eliminated.

    Sorry to get off topic, and I apologize in advance if there’s still any ill will, but does anyone have any idea why Patterico.com has been down the past few days? There’s several sites I visit daily, and Jeff’s and Patterico’s are 2 of em. Anyone know the answer?

  14. Speaking of music, I’m going to engage in some proud-aunt-bragging.

    This is my nephew’s solo during the end-of-semester recital for his “Jazz Lab” band at BYU. He’s only a freshman and has been playing the sax for maybe 5 years, max. Started with the clarinet.

    He also just got his call today to serve an LDS mission to Johannesburg South Africa. My parents also did a mission there in 2002-03 to help local ecclesiastical leaders deal with AIDS orphans and related issues.

    (It’s my sister’s kid, so we don’t share the same last name.)

  15. but does anyone have any idea why Patterico.com has been down the past few days?

    If there’s any justice, Chinese hackers are involved. And maybe some zombie-bots and the NSA.

    And no Carbonite.

  16. it’s not down just really glitchy

  17. NJRob, it’s up. Unfortunately. Must be your browser’s steered you away.

    Thank it with a flower.

  18. Haha,

    thanks all. It’s probably my Google browser. Don’t know why I use it other than the main screen allows easy access to favorites. Where can I find some flowers for it if they’re all gone?

  19. Flowers? I heard Algernon’s got ’em.

  20. Girls have picked them, every one?

    (God I hate Pete Seeger…)

  21. As long as no one offers me any daisies , it’s all good.

  22. The forsythia is in bloom, and the daffodils off my patio have made their appearance.

  23. My forsythia has been blooming for 2 weeks now. I’m in the final crocus stage and the early tulip stage, which means that my hyacinths and daffs are at their peak.

    I’ve got a vase full of my daffs (three kinds), two early tulips, and four hyacinths right here by my desk.

  24. I opened my pool today. The water is a breath-taking 75 degrees. But we set a near-record again today, 85 degrees…Thanks!, Big Al!

  25. Mojo #12 needs a link. This version I like.

  26. my mint keeps sprouting more and more and tomatoes came from nowhere but I can’t eat them cause I was watering that one with turtle water

  27. turtle water makes anything grow like crazy, you just can’t eat it

  28. Planted some roses today. Slowly working toward having them on 3 sides of the house.

  29. Oh, and I do so send you flowers. If you’d smoke a little less dope everyday maybe you’d remember.

  30. California has oodles and oodles of flowers to where you see a lot of it done wrong… lot of times they don’t have a sense of this color goes with that color or when less is more…

    and Californians never know what the names of plants are… and so I don’t know what the names of a lot of these plants are…

    maybe that google app where you take a picture and it tells you what it is will evolve to where it can tell you…

    that would be really neat

  31. Barry thinks we should thank him.

    I think we should write a fitting lyric to this song. And thank him proper.

  32. geoffb: got another rose bush soaking right now, in preparation for planting tomorrow.

    hf: probably fine to eat the tomatoes. I wouldn’t use turtle water on root crops, though.