April 13, 2010

The “No, I most certainly will not ‘bring on the dancing horses,’ Mr. Echo and the Bunnymen” post (from the protein wisdom conceptual series)

And frankly, I’m a little surprised you’d even ask something like that.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:25pm
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  1. But they’re so pretty and groove so damn well.

  2. If they’re wild, they’re not dragging me anywhere. Just saying.

  3. It may be hell down there, but it’s heaven up here.

  4. This is where I turn to my friend Google and say huh? He will then reluctantly give me the answer after I inadvertently look at some unsettling furry porn.

  5. They look a little older here. But their lips are like sugar.

  6. bring on the new messiah and say the words to every lie you heard

  7. someone be a love and help Fred with that

  8. Damn, Slart, it looks like Ian McCulloch is old enough to shave now. What the hell happened?

  9. This post seems to be about those years I was working all the time. Why would I ask for something like that is a damned good question.

  10. Horses!? We’re still waiting for the goddamn armadillo!

  11. What the hell happened?

    A quarter century’ll do that, sometimes.

  12. Am I the happy loss?

    Will I still be soiled when the dirt is off?

  13. She’s still preoccupied / with 1985*

    (found out recently that a guy who roadied for a band I hung out with wrote that song).

  14. A quarter century’ll do that, sometimes.

    Hell, that makes me old. Officially.

  15. A quarter century plus uh whatever inspires him to wear the same wool coat and hoodie combo on stage every night now. I guess he’s developed some kind of icy superpower.


  16. The Big Arm Woman is shocked at hateful comments in the Tea Party threads…in the NYT:

    Sigh. There is a third option, you know, but it doesn’t generate breathless media headlines about how the skinheads are coming for us and how a bunch of middle-aged middle-class protesters standing around the desert are obviously a proto-Kristallnacht writ large for 2010.

    No, really. A column to that effect just appeared in the NYT. My friend Irony stopped by to point out the comment section, wherein all these concerned, unafraid, non-racist citizens believe the best way to stop all this Kristallnacht-ing is by arresting, imprisoning, and yes, even killing fellow citizens. Irony then went on to down a twelve-pack, barf in my petunias, and pass out in the bathroom.

  17. Shiver and say the words
    Of every lie you’ve heard

  18. Hating all the faking
    And shaking while I’m breaking
    Your brittle heart

  19. One of these guys turned 51 today or yesterday. Read it in the local paper. My favorite is “Too young to kneel”. A couple of years ago I was selling my car and found this awesome bootleg I got somewhere that had the Bunnymen on one side and the Fixx on the other, Live somewhere in Scotland by the crowd noise. I had a whole milk crate full of cassettes to rip to mp3, but someone at some point spilled a pint glass of sloe gin fizz into it and never cleaned it up. (It was, evidently, a dust collector and that spot under the basement stairs was better suited for, I don’t know, maybe the seven hundred yards of fabric that matched the wallpaper in the house we sold three houses ago?) At any rate, I’ve got Ocean Rain, evergreen, heaven up here and the best of (killing moon) on iTunes and only listen to one song. Just like she said. And goddammit HER GODDAMN DOG FARTED AGAIN. In my office!

    Now I have to get divorced. Great. Bring up another eighties band, why don’t you. How ’bout the Godfathers… I had that tape too. Once. Not to mention what my now fifteen-year old son did to my London Calling album. Motherfucker. I’m going for a walk…

  20. Hmph.

    I’ve been meaning to ask somebody — I don’t have a turntable any more, and I wonder if somebody who does would rip an old LP to CD for me?

    Believe it or not, it’s Elton John — a disc that was never released in the US, bought in Hong Kong in 1972, and containing the original version of “Rocket Man”. Pfft upon your youngsters. If they ain’t over 60, they ain’t rock&roll.


  21. I left my turntable behind once when I moved out of a crappy college-years apartment.

    I wish I wouldn’t have.

  22. try craiglist for a turntable

  23. Have you searched the internet for it, Ric? Would be easier to just grab it and convert from MP3 format. Even if it’s obscure Elton John is too big an artist for there not to be a pretty good chance of it turning up somewhere.

  24. Ric, I can do that if you want.

  25. #22 Ric Locke:

    I actually have a turntable that can record to CD. (I haven’t done so yet, but I just got it.)
    Ask Jeff G. for my e-mail address.

  26. oh. I thought I was gonna get to come home and see the video.


  27. Happy, articles are being written just for you. Are you reading them?

  28. #29 Joe:

    There is always a future. What that future will be and how comfortable is open to speculation.


  29. Mikey NTH,

    I got this one a while back.

    Ric I would also be more than happy to do it for you.

  30. Holy cow! The “this” I have is not the “this” in that automatic link thing!

    My “this” is more looking like a 1930’s thing than that “this”!

  31. I missed that easy thank you.

    scrapbooking it now

  32. Oh – wait. That was GeoffB’s “this” and not my “this”.

    Sorry all – saw the Mikey NTH and thought I was being taken on an involuntary internet endorsement ride.

  33. What hope does our republic have, when people like this are pulling voting levers?

    @TheSanityInspector Government exists to redistribute wealth. Government is a society’s method of improving the common good. If you want to keep your wealth then go live as a hermit and be completely self-reliant and do not have access to the things that others in your community have provided for you. Like public education, highways, national defense, etc. How long are you going to keep your wealth if some one is going to murder you and take it from you?

    From a reply to a comment of mine at this YouTube video:


    Which itself is something of a canker on the body politic.

  34. Ric I can convert albms also. And if you wanted to,you could come see Funny Girl, it’s running til may 8th.

  35. I’d go with Maggie’s offer. She is much cuter than I or Mikey NTH and offers a musical to boot. Can’t top that one.

  36. Ric, also if you ever want Chameleons UK as my daughter will rip you one, as it were. Echo rules, plus the Psych Furs. I have the Jam as well.

  37. “How long are you going to keep your wealth if some one is going to murder you and take it from you?”

    Until I run out of bullets… which will take a while….

  38. We’ve got Ric back! w00t!

  39. mmmmmmmmmmmThe Jam.

    But a defensive pfft at Ric. Elton John is not Rock n’ Roll. He’s a fat guy who plays piano — adequately.

  40. That youtube comment made my head hurt.

  41. Well, I’m back, briefly. My at-home Internet access is still via the generosity of my neighbor, and his ISP is on a black-hole list that WordPress and several others subscribe to. I can comment now because I’m in a Super 8 motel in Ft Worth; my wife had eye surgery this morning, and we had to get up at 0300 to make it to Harris Hospital in time, so I splurged $75 on a place to crash figuratively rather than literally on I20 going home…

    geoffb, maggie’s not only cuter, she’s substantially closer by. I might even be able to get the disk to her without smashing the budget to smithereens. Maggie, my email is warlocke.AT.hyperusa.DOT.com —

    Andrew, from the POV of my theme song EJ counts as “rock”, though as you say the “roll” bit is more credible.


  42. #46 Ric:

    Well I hope that all goes well for you. And I will defer to Geoff B’s determination of my cuteness with respect to Maggie’s cuteness.