April 6, 2010

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, abridged, 35

When you find yourself heading into a spill, the proper thing to do is relax and trust your leather. At worst, you experience a surrender of the ego; at best, you move to a new realm of consciousness, becoming one with the road — or, if things don’t go exactly as planned, with about a half-dozen giant tires on a trailing semi. Which is almost as liberating.*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:03pm
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  1. Looks like that metaphorical 3 am phone call to Hillary will be to tell her that New York is gone.

    Which means the administration will finally be able to realize every leftist’s masturbatory fantasy and suspend civil liberties.

    It’s all going according to plan…

  2. Least when one’s dead the constant waves of nausea have ceased.

  3. a nuclear Iran is inevitable unless our Israeli friends sack up.

    America is too feckless and simpering to do shit about it, days are.

    Feckless and simpering and impoverished.

    Our little country is become Corey Haim.

  4. Oh, it won’t be New York City, Mr. W. I’m thinking Tel Aviv (because Jerusalem has religious sites that even Ahmadibong won’t want to destroy).

    Since Obama is pulling away from the MAD nuclear option, maybe Israel can adopt some of that. Tell the Muslim world that if Iran strikes any part of Israel with nuclear weapons, there will be launched against Mecca and Medina enough nukes to ensure there’s no well for whatever’s expected to come from one, and no ugly black meteorite left for the Islamic religion to bow to.

    Worked for us for what, 65 or more years? And, if the strike against Israel is truly inevitable, then there will be forced Islamic reform afterward. No use bowing and scraping to several square miles of melted and radioactive glass, now is there?

  5. Something or other about signatories. Where does that leave Israel?

  6. Counteroffer: fitycent for every.

  7. Well, it’s a small consolation, but evidently the Israelis actually will do something other than prattle on, regardless of our pusillanimous palaverer-in-chief effective strategy of unilateral surrender…


    But hey, I also take another quantum of solace from the fact that America is never alluded to in Revelations

    So there’s that, at least for us God-botherers.

  8. Something or other about signatories. Where does that leave Israel?


  9. Bob, what bothers me isn’t what can Israel do — it’s what would Obama be willing to do to Israel.

  10. You know? when I found me and my bike coming around a corner, I dumped, tucked and totaled a Toyota. It may have broken my helmet (yes, that’s what’s wrong with me) and taken a chunk of my leg out, BUT….I did more damage

    I’m willing to go head to Toyota on Soetero and his ilk.

  11. McGehee? That’s been bothering me also. What could/would he do in your opinion?

  12. I don’t know McGehee,

    Although you have a point, I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless he passess amnesty; and thereby guarantees a group numerically large enough to replace the votes he’d lose from American Jews.

    But you know, he may figure he’s lost a lot of those already-or just plain doesn’t care.

    I WON!

  13. Ouch, Blitz.

    Good friend has a scar on his calf where his foot peg went clean through it. I’d told him about the shorts and flip flops though…

  14. I have the exact same thing Serr8d, plus a huge hunk of calf, but mine were due to bumper shards.

    What do you think OH NO could or would do to Isreal were they to attack Irans nuke capability? I’ve been thinking on this, but…Mine are apocalyptic…

  15. It won’t be Jerusalem.

  16. #11.
    Dude. Layin it down on the low side is Jeffs metaphor for the condition of the american people under Obamacare. The 18 wheeler is the current whitehouse junta and the bike is the economy, or our way of life or whatever and the rider is us. Anyway, once you unload, the bike is gonna go further than you do ’cause your skin has more friction.

  17. What mr W?

  18. The rider falls hard
    No burden upon his brain
    But heavy truck tires.

  19. Actually Rusty? I got trapped UNDER the bike, so there’s that. The rest? I get

  20. “…could or would do…”

    Make it would do in a theoretical sense (he really ain’t much for acting as it turns out, the master of the “present” vote) and make the would do a threat to do, which doing needn’t ever be done to be successfully implemented, since we recall, deterrence can lie in the merest uncertainty.

  21. There’s no window left for Israel to successfully attack Iran. That passed when George Bush left office without doing what should’ve been done.

    It’s like seeing a noose, tightening, without Blondie being there to save the day.

  22. Rusty…What i was saying is that I’m the rider AND the bike going up against the Toyota…I’m willing to sacrifice flesh to total the Toyota, ok?

  23. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

  24. SD? If I were his immediate sucessor in that situation? I’d have a magically armed Unicorn.Then? I’d find the nearest red butto. (with MY luck, I’d set off a fire alarm)

  25. Serr8d? While I agree with the noose analogy, I disagree on the time frame. Setting back may not be the same as destroying, but the’ve done that twice already (Iraq,Syria)

  26. Sheesh Craig, when do I get to be the windshield??

  27. I high-sided a CBR900RR at about 50 mph. It sucked. But, it is far better than what this fucking wanker is doing to our country.

  28. Sure, Blitz, but it’s hard to survive a nuclear hit when you’re a small country.

    Hopefully we will sell ’em enough anti-missile defenses to level the playing field just a bit. But Ahmaditurk wants, and has, better-than-Scuds.

  29. whilst juggling the economic merits of cheap labor vs. the electoral merits of xenophobia

    the sovereignty of the country be damned – obot

  30. Why would anyone try to nuke Israel (who will cheerfully nuke you right back) when the Great Satan just said he welcomed your efforts to thin out the voter herd before healthcare does?

    Obama is such a putz.

  31. i used to golf at putz putz

  32. Serr8d, we’re not going to sell them a damned thing. Look at the ( I forget what year) attack on the Iraqi nuke site, and the (WOW) overshoot of Turkey to obliterate the budding Syrian threat.

    My question? Will Soetero order our 15’s to shoot down THEIR 15’s? I believe YES

    Will our pilots accept this order? well, obviosly they will, but, SHIT I MISSED will be the comment of the day.

  33. Serr8d,

    Perhaps I’m overestimating the Israeli capability, and hope-fully you’re feeling pessimistic, but I still think that there’s a window for effective action.

    As Blitz mentioned, it would merely be a delaying tactic as opposed to a strategic elimination of the nuclear threat from Iran; but that’s better than nothing in the short term.

    Buck up my friend, and don’t underestimate the Mossad, or the willingness of Israeli commandos to undertake suicide missions of necessary.

    I’ll be posting a more detailed analysis at Dan’s in the next couple of days. It’s been something I’ve been working on for a while, but have held back in the interest of not providing too much aid, even inadvertantly, to our enemies.

    And make no mistake, the Iranian regime is our enemy; and an existential threat to the nation of Israel.

  34. And if you are in a very small car and that semi makes an unfortunate lane change while you are trying to pass you become an inadvertant belly-tank on a Mack on its way to Fargo.

    Which may be a good thing if you are headed that way; otherwise it is just another way that the Man is keeping you down.

  35. I would watch it, RD.

    If the migrants don’t mow my lawn, the iron law of genetic suitability will immediately put you behind the Toro.

  36. Did RD get unbanned, or did someone just take a shit?

  37. Bob Reed? I’ll look for that.

    Mikey? I don’t know exactly why, but your lasy post made me strangely hunger for a Thai hooker…..

  38. I’m looking forward to reading that, Bob Reed. You’re doing a fine job keeping POWIP afloat while Dan is without box, btw…

  39. Blitz,
    Despite the breathless pronouncements of Zbigniew Brzezinski to that effect, I doubt very seriously that our Air Force units in and around Iraq would engage the Israeli F-15’s and F-16’s that would comprise the most logical strike package. Especially if the Saudis have given silent assent to use of their airspace.

    Make no mistake, Obama would palaver on-like he always does, and perhaps even the Palestinians would try to use it to make some geo-political hay; but I maintain that US warplanes would never engage the Israelis as aggressors.

    And the Navy offshore? As they say in Brooklyn, Fuhgeddabowditt

  40. Imagine the conservative heads that are bound to explode whilst juggling the economic merits of cheap labor vs. the electoral merits of xenophobia…

    You pinheads are going to have to come up with a new frame for that one, that dichotomy doesn’t really work with the economy in the shitter.

  41. Imagine the conservative heads that are bound to explode whilst juggling the economic merits of cheap labor vs. the electoral merits of xenophobia…

    The left isn’t competent to educate the people that overflow in blue state slums as it is. But the more the merrier I say. It’s fun watching lefties’ heads explode over sprawl as they battle to reconcile their environmental fetishes and their deep desire to flood the country and enhance their electoral fortunes.

  42. Exactly what I was saying Bob, but with a twist. I honestly believe that the armed services would DENY the order, albeit in a “shit I missed” type of way.

  43. G’nite all, been up since 4 and working since 5. smell like garbage and feel like shit. All I did? dug up rat warrens at the Army.

    So, shower, eat and bed!!!

  44. Until now, would it ever have even been conceivable that an American President might choose to give an order to attack Israeli planes, when they are defending themselves because the feckless President did not? Never mind.

  45. this ones is for happyfeet:

    Why does Sarah Palin talk the way she does? Just what is this sort of thing below?

    We realize that more and more Americans are starting to see the light there and understand the contrast. And we talk a lot about, OK, we’re confident that we’re going to win on Tuesday, so from there, the first 100 days, how are we going to kick in the plan that will get this economy back on the right track and really shore up the strategies that we need over in Iraq and Iran to win these wars?

    Just forty years ago people would be shocked to read something like this as a public statement from someone even pretending, as Palin pretty much had to have been by the time of this quote, that they were going to be serving in a Presidential Administration.


  46. But what you’re missing RD, is that in an economy like this they can hire losers like you to pick that crispy lettuce dirt cheap.

  47. Of course O!bama The Won™ is serious about a nuclear Iran. Has he given the mullahs a reset button? Has he? Huh? Huh?


  48. The invisible hand of the market just got cuffed by a GS12 at the Bureau of Weights and Measures who decided that invisibility was, in his estimation, counter to the greater good.

    The heroic public servant stated (off the record) that if the price of delivering social justice means that the ‘tasty burger’ now goes for $17.50 in Topeka, then so be it.

    We all should sleep better at night knowing that there are officious men such as he, distorting markets for a measely 150,000+ dollars a year, working three and sometimes four (flextime!) days a week to bring you the kind of sound management that only government can deliver.

  49. that’s very true router nouveau but I think you can just say the woman burbles senselessly and eschews insight in favor of a perfectly empty “commonsense conservatism” sung in the key of duh

  50. “commonsense conservatism” sung in the key of duh

    i thought you would like it. go sarah go ;)

  51. 11. Comment by Blitz on 4/6 @ 4:58 pm

    12. Comment by Bob Reed on 4/6 @ 4:58 pm

    If Obama’s only promising not to nuke countries that signed the treaty, and Israel didn’t sign the treaty, it makes it really hard for me to retain my skepticism about all that apocalyptic jazz they didn’t really teach in the Catholic schools I attended.

    I don’t think replacing angry Jewish voters would be the biggest concern, yanno?

  52. It’s probably as simple as she’s just never been a reader. Or a thinker. She’s sort of like Joe the Plumber how she just got plucked out of obscurity and then had to get an agent and now mostly what you see are the machinations of people who know what to do with people who are willing to abjure self in favor of being a commodity. cf. Jonas Brothers, Lauren Tewes.

  53. “Lincoln’s voice was, when he first began speaking, shrill, squeaking, piping, unpleasant; his general look, his form, his pose, the color of his flesh, wrinkled and dry, his sensitiveness, and his momentary diffidence, everything seemed to be against him, but he soon recovered.”
    –William H. Herndon letter, July 19, 1887

    “On rising to address the jury or the crowd he quite generally placed his hands behind him, the back part of his left hand resting in the palm of his right hand. As he proceeded and grew warmer, he moved his hands to the front of his person, generally interlocking his fingers and running one thumb around the other. Sometimes his hands, for a short while, would hang by his side. In still growing warmer, as he proceeded in his address, he used his hands — especially and generally his right hand — in his gestures; he used his head a great deal in speaking, throwing or jerking or moving it now here and now there, now in this position and now in that, in order to be more emphatic, to drive the idea home. Mr. Lincoln never beat the air, never sawed space with his hands, never acted for stage effect: was cool, careful, earnest, sincere, truthful, fair, self-possessed, not insulting, not dictatorial; was pleasing, good-natured; had great strong naturalness of look, pose, and act; was clear in his ideas, simple in his words, strong, terse, and demonstrative; he spoke and acted to convince individuals and masses; he used in his gestures his right hand, sometimes shooting out that long bony forefinger of his to dot an idea or to express a thought, resting his thumb on his middle finger. Bear in mind that he did not gesticulate much and yet it is true that every organ of his body was in motion and acted with ease, elegance, and grace, so it all looked to me.” (Emphasis in original)
    –William H. Herndon letter, July 19, 1887

    What some see as akward, some see as earnest. The earnestness is the key here though in my comparison. “Simple in his words.”

  54. 45. Comment by newrouter on 4/6 @ 6:15 pm

    Thanks a lot. Now most of what I see in this thread is going to be people arguing with him about something completely irrelevant to the post.

  55. Wasn’t Joe the Plumber governor of Ohio or Idaho or something?

    He was involved in local politics for over a decade right?

    On the multi-billion dollar energy commision too right?

    Oh, and wasn’t Joe the Plumber McCain’s number two pick, right behind his eventual choice?

  56. Sarah Palin rules. Deal with it.

  57. I don’t have the heart to rub my liberal (natch!) Jewish friends faces in the fact that the leader of the party they support, the Democrats, would gas them all if he had half a chance.

    He rubs it in their faces for me.

  58. Really, can you imagine that Alaskan having to back up her words with regards to Iran:

    “As for Iran, Palin said nuclear weapons under the control of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be “extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe.” She called for a hands-off approach to Israel if it decided to strike Iranian nuclear facilities.

    “We cannot second-guess the steps that Israel has to take to defend itself,” she said.”

    What an embarrassment. Much more important is how the silly Alaskan said America won the Cold War “under” Reagan.

    As the L.A. Times fairly points out, to happy’s delight, the Soviet Union dissolved three years after Reagan left office.

    My God, this woman was almost VP!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I see your point McGeehee,

    For the record though, I’m not necessarily that skeptical about Revelations; but by the same token I don’t think it’s going down next week either!

    I’m pretty sure that O! isn’t going to nuke Israel nor will he order US airpower to intercept Israeli jets en-route to strike Iran.

    Now that’s about as far out on a limb as I’m willing to go regarding Obama, ‘cuz frankly, everything else possible is on the table…

  60. Palin said nuclear weapons under the control of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be “extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe.”

    duh a moose, a female moose

  61. happyfeet,
    The whole “sung in the key of duh” is really an amusing turn of the phrase; deliciously snarky. And i’m going to find a way to work that into a rant sometime if you don’t mind.

    But in the interest of working and playing well with the gang, why don’t you take a break from “Palinizing” tonight.

    Just tryin’ to keep the piece, and folks off your back.

  62. Shucks, all we ever get around here is Staunch Conservatism senselessly burbled in the key of homo and cumslut.

  63. Reagan won the cold war in the same sense that Roosevelt won the second World War. The strategies they pursued, backed by the financial, intellectual, and (dare I say it?), the MORAL might of the United States overwhelmed our enemies after these towering historical figures had left office.

    Or do we regularly credit Truman with the victory in WWII and I missed it?

    That’s what Sarah meant.

  64. piece = peace

    Sorry about the typo y’all.

  65. “Palin said nuclear weapons under the control of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be “extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe.””

    Are you disagreeing with the statement, happy? Because the dork in the Oval Office is about to make sure we find out exactly how dangerous he will be.

  66. It’s not my fault I just… I just want her to go away. Why can’t we have nice things?

  67. You are correct Mr. W,

    Ronnie broke the Soviets, under the weight of his military modernization; especially the Pershing II’s and SDI. It’s just that the formal forclosure proceedings didn’t take place until Bush ’41 succeeded him.

    You know, when eastern Europe was repossessed.

  68. And I am not discussing this anymore per Bob so I am going to make a tasty vanilla coffee and think private thoughts in my head about whatever I want.

  69. 22.Comment by Blitz on 4/6 @ 5:11 pm #

    Rusty…What i was saying is that I’m the rider AND the bike going up against the Toyota…I’m willing to sacrifice flesh to total the Toyota, ok?

    I know. I just felt like being absurd. The thing about motorcycles is sooner or later you hit the pavement.

  70. Well then just imagine she’s gone happyfeet,

    And remember that it’s not polite to talk about nothing…


  71. “For the record though, I’m not necessarily that skeptical about Revelations; but by the same token I don’t think it’s going down next week either!”

    Like a thief in the night, my friend.

    If Obama was trying to ruin our economy, what would he do differently?

    if Obama were trying to degrade our national security, what would he do differently?

    If America elected a Manchurian Candidate, how would that be different than what we got?

  72. I am not discussing this anymore per Bob so I am going to make a tasty vanilla coffee

    food fight!!!

  73. Beware the ethnic cleansing, RD. You of all people should know that you are never pure enough for the left.

    You can never be good enough for the revolution, no matter how often you denounce yourself for whatever counter-revolutionary thoughts you may have had.

    Except for the guy at the top of the communist heap (of blood-soaked bones, usually). He alone is the repository of all that is good and right in the world.

    See the following humanitarians:
    Pol Pot

  74. Vanilla flavored coffee, or like cappucino or something? My wife thought cappucino was the second greatest thing in Italy…Next to gelato that is.

  75. “What an embarrassment. Much more important is how the silly Alaskan said America won the Cold War “under” Reagan.”

    What’s wrong with that statement?

    We did.

  76. OK Lee,
    Now you’ve got my attention!

    And the answers to your last 3 questions are, in order; nothing, nothing, it wouldn’t be any different because the 52-percenters did!

    But instead of Manchurian candidate it’s like a cross between that and Telefon with Bronson. He’s full on commie OK, but a clearly a relic; a deep cover mole, spawned by a failed ideology, that no longer exists, and that was never de-activated. It’s like the plot of a bad Stallone movie.

    And Putin laughs about it every day.

  77. “Not likely. Chairman Soros has recognized my contributions. I have accepted a middle-management position at NE Death Panel Internment Camp #7.”

    You got a woody while you were typing that, didn’t you?

  78. It’s like the plot of a bad Stallone movie.

    I must watch Cobra again. That movie is epic in its cheesiness.

  79. Barack Obama will be the death of that which he desires to impose, International Socialism.

    If you are going to send a Manchurian Candidate, don’t send Urkle.

    Send a guy that can answer a simple question in under 17 minutes.
    Send a guy with a resume.
    Send a guy whose antipathy for our erstwhile allies is not stapled to his forehead.
    Send a guy who charm his enemies, not create reams of new ones.
    Send a guy that does not really believe that socialism works because only useful idiots buy that drivel.

    In short: Soros, baby, don’t send Barack.

  80. Speaking of Stallone…..


    The Expendables.

    Look for the cameos. Even in the trailer.

  81. “Yeah, tell me about it. This very week I was forced to liquidate a former friend who kept insisting that soy milk had a “strange, gritty aftertaste”.

    Such is life during our Great Leap Forward.”

    Now you playing with your woody, right?

  82. “Not likely. Chairman KKKommisar Soros has recognized my contributions. I have accepted a middle-management position at NE Death Panel Internment Camp #7.”


  83. RD whacks its wee wee wanker every time it comments here. It is … unseemly.

  84. This very week I was forced to liquidate a former friend who kept insisting that soy milk had a “strange, gritty aftertaste”.

    did you taste it?

  85. it’s coffee and I add vanilla… I think that’s right

    I love soy milk a lot but you can’t find any that’s not organic.

    I think that’s gay.

  86. See, I don’t really see Obama as being brave enough to actually dial a number and order our fighters to shoot down the Israelis. He’s really the sort of stand back and watch and try to figure out his angle in the aftermath type of guy. The type who tries to place a bet after the fight is over.

    He would also not help Israel in the ensuing war. Of course, Israel would be (most likely) just fine on their own. The country excels at wiping silly grins off Arab faces. And then when the tut-tutting from Europe begins about Israel’s overreaction and inexplicable insistence on continuing to breathe, Obama will nod sagely and purr out his speak-hole instead of thanking the Israelis for shedding blood to save his quivering ass.

  87. “Now you playing with your woody, right?

    It’s actually Bob Reed’s woody. I just took pictures.”

    You wanna know what’s weird?

    I believe you.

  88. I do not believe it, because Bob Reed would not allow a disgusting cumguzzling douchenozzle like RD within striking distance of his package. Though I do think RD would want pictures.

  89. Today, I came across an article about stouts that contained these words, “[…] his after work mouth massage.”

    That writer needs to ease up a bit.

  90. Drink the coffee or not drink the coffee? hrmmm. Consequences to pleasure. mnrfrruph

    There are no hockey players named Obama.

  91. “work mouth massage” is what the referees and Clark Kellogg were doing to the Dookies last night.

  92. …or what NBA refs do to the Lakers every night.

  93. There are no hockey players named Obama. I have no idea what that statement of fact means, but it made me laugh.

  94. NBA does not count for another week, until they start trying.

  95. bingo bongo 48 woggata woggata

  96. It means every time I watch or listen to a game I don’t hear that name for a couple of hours at a stretch. Try it, you’ll like it.

  97. Kane and Toews are fun to watch in person.

  98. Hockey is racist.

  99. Hockey is racist.

    Also lacrosse.

    You know what’s not racist? Rugby. Clint Eastwood told me so. Plus, those Tongans and Maori boys would beat you silly if you called it racist.

  100. I just remembered, I saw a commercial last night for an upcoming one hour special examining newly released Timothy McVie Oklahoma bomb plot information, “giving new insights into right wing terrorism!”, or some squat.

    By Mad Cow Maddow I think.

    McVie was mentioned in the Rape thread today too. I think I hear a meme building.

  101. I’ll bet they are JD. Fecking O’s entered the 9th leading 3-2 and lose, strikeout single double single 4-3. Long feckering flippity season sop.

  102. That is why you should be a Cardinals fan, sdferr. Consistent excellence, over decades.

    Why would anyone pitch to Pujols?

  103. My pop was. I don’t know how.

  104. Can’t be mine RD, I only get wood under specific circumstances…

    Attractive ladies-check…

    Dashing balls to the wall, zone 5 quadrant setting, then pulling the nose back and and going ballistic, back in the day-check…

    Flathatting at Mach 1+ so that your buddies on the deck can all get a load of the shock cone you’re creating-check…

    Night missile launches-check…

    High enthalpy wind tunnel tests-check…

    There’s more, to be sure. But there’s nothing to do with RD or politics on that list

  105. A black hockey player would probably rape every green, tiara-wearing symbol of limited taxes in sight.

    gangsta rap videos re-enforces that

  106. NL wise, I had a thing for the Marichal McCovey Giants back in the day. And learned the wages of disappointment early.

  107. I didn’t ask, so don’t tell.

    How would you like a job as a sportscaster?

  108. “If you are going to send a Manchurian Candidate, don’t send Urkle.”

    Yet there is Urkle, President of the United States.

    Maybe he’s one of these, and they haven’t got all the bugs worked out yet.

  109. newrouter @45

    EVERYONE’S conversational speech looks stupid transcribed vebatim. EVERYONE’S. And most writing sound stilted and boring when read aloud.

    Books look bad as movies without enormous adjustments, and you can’t sing a painting.

    Your point is irrelevant and incorrect.


  110. It’s not my fault I just… I just want her to go away

    and a whole lot of other people DON’T. Deal.

    btw, I’ll take Palin “burbling” over Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid any day. (so she has issues sometimes speaking extemporaneously … so did GW. Barry now..there’s an ORATOR and see what HE gets us)

    Palin has the principles and the instincts that the unAmerican “I Won” can never have.

  111. “EVERYONE’S conversational speech looks stupid transcribed vebat

    The wink really makes her point IMO.

    Proggs hate being mocked like that, from someone like that. It destroys their concept of status. ;-)

  112. Comment by dicentra on 4/6 @ 9:05 pm #

    newrouter @45

    EVERYONE’S conversational speech

    just havin’ a little fun with hf

  113. She’s a moron. I’m just glad hf expresses that sentiment every ten minutes like a goddamned yapping poodle so I can just stay on the sidelines.

  114. “Telefon with Bronson.”

    “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.” Thanks Bob.

  115. You’re welcome geoffb.


    That was a pretty good film back in the cold war days.

  116. Althouse gave McWhorter a smart thwap upside his head.

  117. #99 – yeah. I may still have footprints on me when I was trampled by a 6′ 8″, 370lbs Samoan loosehead prop from the St. Louis Bombers. I guess I deserved it, trying to play second row at 6’3″ and 230lbs.

  118. Link for #117.

  119. You played 2nd row at 6’3″, 230? You’re practically a fly half!

  120. Hmm, 6’3″ 230 and that’s second row in Rugby and on the small side?

    Sheesh, I’m 6’3′ 170…I’m not sure I’d even qualify for water boy.

  121. 121:

    You’d be floss. Tooth or fundament would be up to you.

  122. I did start as an out-center… I even started one match at fullback, but our team captain noted, while I can kick quite well, tackle well and take a hit while possessing the ball – you really do need someone who is, um, fast to play in the three-quarters. So, into the tight-five I went…and I have never made it out.