March 26, 2010

Hey! It just occurred to us that this is Friday — and now that you’re back at least semi-regularly, is there any chance — ?

— No.

But don’t blame me. After all, I’m not the one who brewed several pots of tea from a handful of Elephant Creeper seeds, then spent the next thirty-six hours fighting off “the army of the House of Kal?kaua” with a semi-hardon for a sword and a slice of bologna for a shield.

And yes, the little fucker will be paying me back for the “pillaging” he did to the opening of one of my Clarke desert boots. On that you can bet your ass…

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:28pm
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  1. he must be plum tuckered

  2. Pillaging metaphors can be hurtful to past victims of pillaging.

    That’s what I heard…

  3. He’s a hero!

  4. Krom.

  5. I caught onto the Friday thing first off though.

  6. WAAA-HOOO! The armadillo, didn’t freekin’ dance!

  7. I’m not the one who brewed tea from a handful of Elephant Creeper seed

    Yeah, fuck it.

  8. It’s Saturday here, anyway…

  9. So. It’s the return of the non-returning ‘dillo dance, is it?

    Happy days are here again.

  10. Guilty pleasure … got hooked on Caprica the sorta prequel storyline of BSG.

    So even if the ‘dillo had shown up, I woulda missed him.

  11. Can one be off topic on this thread? No? Okay.

    So, the photo at the bottom left of this page is Jeff as Serpico. The photo on the About page is Jeff as Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now.

    What’s the photo with the bow tie? I ask because it seems like a chick flick and all those fade together for me.

  12. I just cracked a can of Simpler Time Lager for the little guy.

  13. spent the next thirty-six hours fighting off “the army of the House of Kal?kaua” with a semi-hardon for a sword and a slice of bologna for a shield

    After wading through the last essay (and comments), and the one with the Dreaded Cartoon, I saw this line and laughed so hard that I woke my dog up (two rooms away).

    Da OUTLAW!! is BACK!!

  14. Well! Good to hear that the armored roommate from hell is still this side of the two-lane asphalt.

    Still, keep him in your time zone.

  15. Oh my goodness, I went and did something “Dreaded”

    :::giggle::: thanks Challeron … I don’t get a lot of chanced to do something dreaded ..

    OUTLAW GRANNIE!!! (whoops..shhhhh……grandkids are asleep upstairs..)

    Where’s me rum gin? [wanders to kitchen]

  16. What’s the photo with the bow tie?

    Bond? Nah, True Lies.

  17. Wait — he’s been there all along? Then who was it that left every possum in my neighborhood looking dazed and a little giddy, mumbling about a “knight in pinkish-gray armor?”

    Does “The” Armadillo have kin in Georgia?

  18. Jeff, is your recent rekindled relationship with the muse a result of the realization that you really get under certain peoples spanex? I mean really, someone thinks your sandbox is more fun after fossilizing the fun in their own. May you treasure such a sandbox and continue to play. Happiness is the best revenge.

  19. I thought you knew better than to go to battle semi-hard .

  20. Bill, I believe the term is half-cocked.

    I’ve never been to Jeff’s “about” page because I figured if his writing didn’t tell me what I needed to know then what’s the point of reading? I think I’ve guessed the pic there, though, as Jeff’s “Midnight Cowboy” phase.

  21. It would be fun to go hang with these guys, but if you brought the little guy along he might get shot and eaten.

  22. Bill, I believe the term is half-cocked.

    When going to battle it’s a raging hard-on or nothing !

  23. personally I think a dillo sighting would signal something. Not sure exactly what but something.

  24. I just gotta say that the very existence of this post brightened my day.


  25. #24: If it sees its shadow it means three more years of fascism. Also if if it doesn’t.

  26. Poor little guy…

  27. Hmmmm…Born Again (semi-) Hard?

  28. Heh. I was just thinking over the weekend about asking if the ‘dillo was around, and lo! Here’s to hoping for a regular appearance of the varied and silly excuses for his non-appearance.

    TEH WARRIORS!!!!!!!

    And if you celebrate Passover, I hope you have a fulfilling Seder!

  29. Thanks, just thanks.

    Can we expect a recurrent frisson from descriptions of inelegant debauchery?

    I could have warned him off the bologna, everyone knows if it is a shield you need, anything softer than Genoa salami fails ingloriously. Unless he really wanted his opponents inside his “defense” as it were….

  30. I don’t think the poor fellow was thinking straight. Plus, it was a new package of bologna. Which means he scored the piece with the Oscar Meyer log embossed right into the beef product like some crazy coat of arms. Had to prove irresistible, that…

  31. Bill at #20, Joan at #21 –

    Set…and spike!

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