March 9, 2010

Scenes from my driveway, x65

Me: “Heya, deadbeat neighbor! Long time! How’s tricks?”

Deadbeat neighbor: “Beg pardon?”

Me: “– Oh, shit, that’s right. I moved a while back, didn’t I? Which means you wouldn’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about.”

Deadbeat neighbor New-ish neighbor: “No, I wouldn’t.”

New-ish neighbor: ” — And say, is that my newspaper you’ve got in your hand…?”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:17am
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  1. say, is that my newspaper you’ve got in your hand

    …or are you just happy to see me?

    Try the veal!

  2. Bet’cha he’s a deadbeat too. He’s got that look.

  3. I see what you did there.

  4. #65? Perhaps we should search and do your top 10 of the series.

  5. One assumes that you and the new-ish neighbor, an offspring thereof, or other person has shoveled off the odd ton of Global Warmening Fallout that accumulated in said driveway?

    Because now that we’ve had some melt, I discovered about 12 newspapers scattered about my own formerly frosty driveway. Hadda be worse in Amazon Tax land.

  6. I saw some grass near my driveway this morning.

  7. “You’re Newish…? That’s funny, you don’t look Newish.”

  8. I see what you did there.

    Me too. I feel so special.

  9. This is the first time I’ve lived in anything like an apartment since I lived in the dorms. Eight years of houses.

    So, I get to work from home, and sometimes I don’t move my car for days on end because I have it in my favorite spot and I don’t want to lose it. Is that normal?

  10. Ella, I’ve done the same thing, so I think it’s normal. But coming from me, that might not mean a whole lot.

  11. High five, cranky.

    Deadbeat Jeff: A New Chapter.

  12. I also glare out my window at the guy who drives the navy blue Armada. And by “drives” I mean he slings it around with apparently no notice of parking lines and parked cars. He wears a baseball cap, and I do not like him.

    I’m turning into that archetypal crazy old man who shakes his fist at the whippersnappers.

  13. Shannyn over Monet but it’s close, JD. Christina a distant third.

  14. A crazy old man named Ella?

    It’s like nothing makes any sense any more… :)

  15. I am a Christina fan, bh, but she does not translate well to still photography. Monet is a cool name.

  16. That constant ringing in the earbones as you get older Ella? It’s the sound your ear-hair makes as it grows ever thicker and longer.


  17. Hey, JD!

    You forgot the chick/bim/girl from “Disturbia”.


  18. It is really bad when your ear hair grows faster than the hair on your head.

  19. Sarah Roemer, LD? Love her. And Sarah Wynter. Shannyn, even though the name is spelled stupidly and her kid has a stupid name.

  20. Were you at least wearing pants when getting the newspaper, Jeff?

  21. This time, yes.

  22. Fine, I’m the crazy cat lady. When did words become so important around here? :)

    I would also like to applaud JeffG for wearing pants. Good call.

  23. That was the Sandy Berger protest, wasn’t it?

    My favorite was the Reagan one where you offered him a drink.

  24. Save me the coupons?

  25. The Reagan one. I see that I capitalized bh back then for some reason.

  26. Wrong link, here‘s the right one.

  27. Funny, he doesn’t look new-ish.

  28. I’m not detecting any trace of new-ish dialect, either…

  29. Are the New-ish bad with money?

  30. Handled properly, a question like that can be wrangled into a cup of coffee and jelly toast.

    You know, because of your intention to bring him the paper…

  31. Going back in time, huh?

    “Q: What do you get when you cross a white supremacist and a gorilla?

    A: A really stupid gorilla.”

    Good stuff, Jeff G. I missed all of that!

  32. OT: Andy Griffith plus Beyoncé mashup.

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  33. “Because now that we’ve had some melt, I discovered about 12 newspapers scattered about my own formerly frosty driveway.”

    That’s better than the little surprises left by my dogs.

  34. If you get ’em while they’re still frozen, LL, the poopcicles are much easier to scoop than the unfrozen versions…