November 13, 2009

I'm still unemployed and uninspired

Just thought you should know.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:48am

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  1. Funemployed, Jeff.

  2. Brokeapalooza!

  3. At least you still are funny.

    Many of us are living on the edge. It is just making me madder and madder.

    I have a house in Detroit that’s worth about 1/4 of what we owe on it. Two – count ’em – TWO mortgages.

    But, did you hear? Obama is having a job summit. Help is just a photo-op away.

  4. If we’re able to keep our house, I’ll be astounded.

    But hey, at least the government will take care of my healthcare if I get sick while living in a box.

  5. walk away carin. there are some places in the USA that are never coming back. Detroit’s one of them.

    I gotta say, my 40% pay cut is better than a 100% pay cut. Thanks Obama!

  6. Jeff,

    My sympathies that things aren’t going so well for you right now. Know that you’re in good company, and that things will get better. Take good care of yourself and the family.

  7. Have you cut out the Starbucks lattes?

    I kid, but it’s gallows humor. My husband is keeping our family, his mom, my dad, and his brother afloat. And, it’s a month-to-month issue. Healthcare and/or cap-n-tax could be the end of the company. I mean, even w/o that, it’s still difficult. Business is really fraking hard right now.

  8. Have you cut out the Starbucks lattes?

    I’ll buy one at Barnes and Noble this weekend for the first time in a year, but only after I purchase my copy of “Going Rogue” to wave in the face of the lattebitch.

  9. Got outrage? I can lend you some if you need it.

  10. 50% pay cut here but fortunate to be working two jobs. This one day plus two nights off for a business professional in his 50’s is TEH AWESOME!! (as is the whole nostalgic getting back to living paycheck to paycheck.)

    This must be the Whine Festival. I will drink very, very deeply.

  11. I have to move next spring cause that’s the only way you can take advantage of how rents have dropped. Which is fine cause I deserve better carpet in my life I think. Wait. No. Moving sucks. There’s nothing fine about it.

    Mr. Jeff I miss you how you used to post and share your thoughts and stuff. You’re my favorite blogger in the whole world.

  12. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Merry Christmas, you Capitalist flunkies!

    Barry O.

    Last night I slept in my van for the first time since Watkins Glen!

    Job summit, my butt! If it really is “according to their needs”, where is my slice of the pie?



    White people aren’t included?



  13. hang in there Mr. Dog

  14. You know, i’m sure all these newly funemployed people are going to join the ranks of the democrats. Who will be their saviors with entitlements.

    Yes, this plan is going to work perfectly.

  15. Anything I can help with? How’s your shoulder?

  16. Hey! Jeff! We loves you anyways.

    In my case, it’s in a very gay way. Heck, Alphecca would probably look at me and say “Holy Crap! That’s GAY.”

    Gay is the new straight, am I right? *wink* *wink*, *nudge* *nudge*

  17. “gay is the new straight?’

    Hey Jeff, If you could force yourself to write more, you are so damn funny that I am sure you could publish some scathingly amusing books about this f***ed up group currently in power in Washington. I know I’d buy it, and I am not alone. That might help the financial situation a bit. What do you think?

  18. News like this sucks, Jeff, and I’m very sorry to hear it. Nothing lasts forever, though, so tighten your grip and your belt and hang on. Despite everything, America is still the best place in the world to be, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

    I suck at motivational speeches but hopefully you get the idea.

  19. Hang in there, everyone. These tight times have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Be up and doing, or be down and done.

  20. You could always find out if is hiring writers.

  21. Look on the bright side Jeff. None of your non-existent tax dollars are going towards a fascist government takeover.

    There are many die-hard Objectivists who would literally kill for this opportunity.

  22. Hey Jeff,
    How’s the Qor thing working out? Are y’all getting much traffic? I know it’s hard to be ispired, in an artistic and humorous way-or even at all, when things are tough. I’m sure there are many good days comin’ down the pike for you and yours.

    I’m sure with all the good stuff you’ve written over the years, you could put together a great anthology. Don’t let the worthless educated idjits steal your joy; enjoy a good laugh at their stupidity on them…

    Times are tough, that’s for sure; but count your blessings, buck up, and get back in the ring-so to speak.

    All the best

  23. Hang in, Jeff. I lost my job (twice) and house in 2001, so I can empathize, brother. This time around it’s a huge pay cut and my older girl needs braces in a bad way. Not that that diminishes in any way what you’re presently going through, but just to let you know that you’re not alone. You ooze talent as a writer and a thinker. Even Obama’s America can’t take that away. You’ve got fans and friends (even we’re just virtual).

  24. An “if” should have been in there, but you already knew that!

  25. What do we doo when inflation is prowling ouside the door?


    Odds are you won’t have to pay it back, and if you do it will be in inflated dollars.

    Don’t look at me like that. I got the idea from the US Government.

  26. Ripe Diaper, could you point me to the news articles regarding the many die-hard Objectivists who’ve committed murder for the “privilege” of unemployment? Failing that, could you fuck off and die?


  27. And here’s an idea, though maybe lame. Write a series of dialogue pieces between Obama and Ayers, set during the time when Ayers was writing Dreams!…

    I can think of a funny scene where O! is proofreading it and filled with joy, exclaiming, “Gee Bill, I never realized just how awesome I was!”…

    Or something like that…

    Bounce some stuff off of all of us; we’ll try to be your muse…Or at least amuse you!

  28. Acting chops, you have them. Do you have an agent?

  29. That was said half in jest, but I bet you could get work.

  30. What Jeff needs is a nice fat gubmint job. It helps with the unemployment instability and junk, but it will crush the inspiration thing forever.


  31. Oh, we could give Jeff our ideas and schemes all day long, but he’s admitted to lacking is inspiration.

    And for inspiration, there’s only one place we can turn: Shannon Elizabeth’s nipples. When all else fails, they’re always there for us!

  32. (Add or subtract words to that first sentence until it makes sense.)

  33. Borrow.

    It’s what Republicans are joining Democrats to do to get the government through the tough times. That’s right … the same Republicans who claim Barack Obama is destroying America are in fact making it possible for him to do so by increasing the debt limit.

    Tim Geither says Republicans will fall in line and give Barack a boost to his credit limit:

  34. Deflated this fall.
    Waiting for inspiration.
    Is this a haiku?

  35. Cowboy, who may or may not still comment here, was supposed to be putting together an anthology from the site. I haven’t heard from him about it in quite some time, however.

    As for The QOR, I have no idea how it’s doing. I emailed the head guy last night and haven’t gotten a response.

    I will say this, though: if I indeed lose the house — I’m deep in CC debt — I’m going to make sure my refrigerator box is lined in real fur, and has a fireplace that runs on burning leaves. You want to fuck me, leftists? Well then right back at ya’.

  36. I wish I could give you MY inspiration, Jeff, because I’m inspired a-plenty. What I am sorely lack is writing talent.

  37. lacking.

    I am also lacking any proofreading skillz.

  38. Humor no longer exists here? Only true to the extent that our trolls have gotten so predictable and boring. Methinks Jeff isn’t the only one feeling a little uninspired these days.

  39. RD’s wrong anyway. Despite being unemployed, he’s still paying taxes. Property. Sales. yada yada yada.

  40. Oh, and good job on the link. I’m totally convinced that Ted Nugent and British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing are murderous Objectivists trying to gain meaningful unemployment. You win!

  41. Jeff- What kind of work are you looking for? Just curious.

  42. Jeff,
    Cowboy is still around here from time-to-time. If I see him I’ll ask what’s up.

    Make sure you line the ‘fridge with something like Coyote fur, or better yet baby seal! And burn old newspaper too; they might as well be put to some good use…

  43. Cowboy is still around just not as often. Kinda like Mr. guinsPen, who I miss because he’s cheering.

  44. You make me uncomfortable with your talk of magic cherries.

  45. Look on this an opportunity to spend more time with the family,Jeff. Preferably a really wealthy family.

    You guys are making me feel grateful for my crummy, crappy, little job

  46. #46
    I got a suggestion as to where you can put those cherries.

  47. You are just part of 10.2% of the population, and growing. Hope and change baby, hope and change.

  48. Meya/RD is as averse to honesty as vampires are to
    holy water.

  49. Well if you ever thought of moving here in Northern VA, Fairfax County in particular, we are exploding with cushy contracting and Gov jobs. Every day slowly kills your soul and is an adventure in what sick demented part of the internet you can find without hitting the internet blocker but the pay is alright.

  50. I got an email about a contract job in Denver for an “instructional designer.” Interested? It’s on the ProEdit website.

    And I have learned gratitude again.

  51. My two previous sentences are really unrelated to each other.

  52. This thread is about Jeff and his friends, RD, not you and your delusions. Fuck off.

  53. Why is it that the tolerant open-minded leftists are the first to use gay as a pejorative?

  54. Careful, JD. RD might be a midget named Bozo.

  55. Go ahead JD. Tell us again how horrible leftist lies have always upset the “rugged individualist” apple cart, no matter who’s in charge.

    I don’t know about the rugged individualist apple cart, but the voluntary, free-will spple cart has been upset, smashed and its shattered planks used to build huts in the People’s Lard Kollektiv for a while. Liberals don’t care what anyone does, so long as it’s compulsory.

  56. RD/meya is gender-bending again. Willie the racist skin-flute player does that too. Hilarity ensues.

    Chin up, Jeff G.

  57. I dunno about setting up a think tank, but I did hit the tipjar this morning.

    If you contributed in cash value even half the amount you destroy in intellectual value, Jeff would own the Rockies by now.

  58. Go Galt.

    Texas should be the destination.

  59. lol

    “Lou was polluting the CNN brand,” said a TV insider.

    as if

  60. Meya/RD can really bring Teh Hate. And mendoucheity. And homophobia.

  61. It really do hate and fear teh ghey, don’t it?

  62. “Lou was polluting the CNN brand,”

    the illegal immigration amnesty is next on the O!’s agenda

  63. No, we can’t?

  64. david axelrod’s monster is loose in the world

  65. To be fair, you are now officially at the extreme shallow end of the gene pool.

    Clearly moreso than the guy who spends his days trolling my website, right?
    But you know what I’m capable of? Deleting every last trace of you from this site. Which I’m fixin’ to do. Just because I can.

  66. I was so taken by surprise by RD’s comment, I didn’t even get it was directed at Jeff.

    I don’t understand. Was he attacking people who are unemployed? People in dire financial straits?

    RD can take a flying fuck at the moon, whatever the reason for the comment.

  67. What happened to the writing gig?

  68. fuck off RD. You’ve been disinvited.

  69. Yo, Rilly: what were you doing posting on here in the middle of a work day?

    I mean, since you’re so picky about people supposedly doing that, and all.

    Oh, right: you neither have, nor are you capable of, a paying job.

    Maybe if you ever figure out “time zones” and “weekends” you’ll at least be able to pull shifts at MickeyD’s.

    On second thought, I doubt if you’re even smart enough to pull out the fry basket when the deep fryer starts beeping at you.

  70. I don’t understand why you gotta be like that.

  71. Bye, Rilly. See you in a week.

  72. Sorry to hear that, Jeff. I did about a year of unemployment, and while I got a lot of volunteer hours in with the USCGAUX, the unemploment wasn’t fun (darn near disastrous, actually). Regarding inspiration – I don’t know what to say – you aren’t me when it comes to what inspires.

  73. Ahhh, good to see your byline on a post, Jeff; damn but I hate that it’s bad news. There’s not a lot of good, cheery news anywhere. End times, huh? I listened to some of Glenn Beck on the drive home (he’s delayed here) and Mr. Beck says the only state that’s worth living in is Texas, and they’re doomed because of the coming influx from their south, drug lords and crime families. Thirteen states are ready to go belly-up (including California and New York, Oregon, Arizona and others); New York may be bankrupt by year’s end. Because of their bad, blue-state decisions. Oh, and there’s talk of the dollar, of every world currency, destroyed, a coming one-world government and a single currency evolving from the remains of formerly industrialized nations. And a complete, worldwide leveling of economies and people’s living conditions. The New World Order.

    But, the Titans are 6.5 point favorites over the Bills Sunday. T.O. isn’t playing either, so we might struggle to 3-6. I’ll post pictures. )

  74. I am going to go out on a limb – and this is said with the best of intentions – have you tried Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA?

    (I do not know what you have done or not done, or your age, or your overall health. Just a suggestion.)

  75. I feel your pain Jeff, I am in the same boat as you.

    I like that you stopped by to delete some of the maggot troll posts, cathartic for you I think. Always keep thinking positively.

    By the by, if anyone needs a IT/Network administrator in Austin TX, Darleen is free to give my email out.

  76. I feel your pain, Jeff. I had to take a 50% pay cut and go to work for the county. The public sector. It’s like walking into Sodom every day wearing cutaway briefs and angel wings. I sure miss wringing profits out of my customers on the golf course for my capitalist pig paymasters. How I miss those boys. How I miss that paycheck.

    Chin up. There’s always a job to be done in times of Armageddon. We just need to figure out the business model.

  77. Trouble with Colorado is too many Californians got in and are bringing their bad politics with them.

    The Dakotas have fairly low unemployment, but I don’t know why. Where you don’t want to go is CA’s central valley, where the irrigation ditches have run dry to save a fish what isn’t actually endangered, but boy does it provide a serious endorphin rush to the envirowackos who turned off the spigot.

    You could always enlist, if you’re of the right age. Maybe by the time you’d be trained up for deployment, Obama would have yanked the troops out of everywhere.

    Also, serr8d, Glenn Beck’s gut says that we’ll make it through this and return to a sane country but not before going through a really rough patch first.

  78. It’s like walking into Sodom every day wearing cutaway briefs and angel wings.

    I just wanted to set this sentence out by itself, so that it can be properly admired.

  79. Oh baby Jesus, it is Friday the 13 and RD is on a roll.

  80. Comment by serr8d on 11/13 @ 6:23 pm #

    In a weird way, it’s good to know at least a few of us see that – it’s only been a theme in countless works for years but the proggs have the myopia market cornered, so…

  81. RD isn’t on a roll so much as he’s likely squatting on a sybian, moaning my name.

    He just can’t quit me.

    On the plus side, every time he posts, I’m able to click the IP address he uses and delete anywhere from 5-25 of his older comments.


  82. Trouble with Colorado is too many Californians got in and are bringing their bad politics with them

    not all Cali’s are blue-Californicators, dicentra. Why do you think the Obama admin including Boxer and Pelosi are allowing Fresno and the Central Valley die because the Feds turned off the water?

    Because it is a “red” part of the state. Fuck the food supply to the rest of the country, Leftist agenda must be served first.

  83. “Because it is a “red” part of the state. Fuck the food supply to the rest of the country, Leftist agenda must be served first.”

    oh good stalin and the kulaks in sunny ca

  84. “I’m still unemployed and uninspired”

    Yeah, me too.

    As of two weeks ago.

  85. Could be a long one. Ten months and counting for me.

  86. I go to work for state government every day and usually wear Dockers and a button down shirt to the office.

    Velociman – what department/division do you work for?

    PS – the India Indians at the next table are doing jaeger shots.

    PPS – Pubs and sports bars have wi-fi. I don’t know about brothels and their internet access (although you think it would be a great multiplier).

  87. did you see what david axelrod’s monster’s wife was wearing the other day:


  88. PS – the India Indians at the next table are doing jaeger shots.

    Try them out on this.

  89. The Indians just asked if they were disturbing me (no, not at all). I mean, a table of guys doing shots and then lifting one their party in the air – no, no disturbance to me. They aren’t screaming and trying to pick fights, so no disturbance. Heck, they’re polite, and polite goes a long way with me.

  90. SBP (#79), that was a keeper wasn’t it. I’m still laughing. Velociman, I, too, work for the public sector (Cleveland area, there are NO other jobs) and it fucking sucks. While my analogy isn’t anywhere near as colorful as yours, I tell people that for me working for a large county is much like a peta member working in a slaughterhouse. It pains me to go in, but it is a job and the girls do need to eat. BTW, the book was fantastic. My in-laws live in Greensboro, GA, so the small towns and road names were all very familiar. Thanks for your work.

  91. Shorter RD…”Look at me!”

  92. newrouter

    wow, one of the few times “Mrs. O”s fasion syphocants expressed anything other than wild approval

  93. SBP – looks about as ‘puts hair on your chest’ as ouzo.

    (IIRC – during the Sarajevo Olympics a US/Western reporter went out to talk to authentic Yugoslavian peasents. An old guy insisted that his guest try his home-made Ouzo/Croatian Kick-Butt/Serbian Slash-And-Jab. The reporter’s face melted after his shot, and the old guy took his shot and tears ran down his face. “Pretty good, eh?”).

  94. Sorry to hear that Jeff. I did my unemployment stint for 5 months this Summer and am now back to work and trying get back to where we were or some facsimile thereof.

    I figure that after the next election this nation and it’s economy will either have hit bottom and be starting to come back or will be in a death spiral. Thank you 52s.

    Hang in there Jeff, there has to be one hell of a book out of all these “interesting times”.

  95. Thanks, RD! I was able to rid my archives of another collection of your earlier work. Keep them IPs a-comin’…!

  96. A couple of the Indians came over and asked if I was working. Drinking beer and commenting on a blog? I wish!

  97. Jeff, given the probable fact that RD is a slovenly 400 lb grotesque piece of flesh, what kind of hold would be most appropriate in tapping that moron out? Or would striking be the more “cathartic” approach for the jackass? Fuck, he’s thor without the derivative humor or deformed intellect.

  98. SBP – (IIRC) it was like that – the reporter’s face went sort-of slack as tears and snot ran down his face. The old guy had a grin that said ‘that’s the stuff I need to get outside of’ as tears sprang from his eyes. I give the reporter credit for not folding up on the spot as the old guy had (obviously) been drinking the contents of his own (and probably great-great-to-the-Nth-power-grandpa’s) still for quite some time – like since he was eight.

    Or maybe six. Who knows?

  99. Caric has the fat guvmint job market all locked up. His job was both saved and created while Jeff, who refuses to teach mindless nonsense, is barely hanging on. He’ll probably be jailed for not buying health care next year just to add insult to his injury.

    Jeff, send me an email.


  100. I know more people right now that have lost their jobs than anytime ever before. Thanks to 8 years of Bush. But blame Obama, you’ll feel better.

  101. not all Cali’s are blue-Californicators, dicentra.

    No, just the trendy ones who decide to leave the state to go to Denver and Taos and Phoenix.

    While listening to Hewitt’s 3-hour show on the artificial drought, one of his guests wondered what the motives of the envirowackos were.

    I Tweeted the following on the #hhrs topic:

    @dicentra63 Their motives? Are you kidding? Do you KNOW how fun it is to exert that much control over a bunch of red-staters?

    @LynnMaudlin but it’s classic “cut off your nose to spite your face” – I mean, “let’s STARVE America, that’ll teach ’em” ?? *sigh* #hhrs

    @dicentra63 They don’t care if America starves. Cuts down on the population, helps Gaia heal. Win-win. #hhrs

    @LynnMaudlin ideology rules all *yet* they deny Hasan’s religious ideology had any impact while calling McVeigh a “Christian”? *sheesh* #hhrs

    @dicentra63 It’s not a religion! :eyeboggle: How dare you say such a thing! #hhrs

    The fact that the central valley is mostly conservative/republican — and that Hispanics are turning GOP in droves — was not omitted from Hugh’s presentation.

  102. did you see what david axelrod’s monster’s wife was wearing the other day:


  103. I was gonna say I was sorry I missed RD, but then it turns out he’s still here and now I’ve got that all cleared up.

    Hey, does meya disappear when you delete RD?

  104. Obamanomics sucks. I’m self-employed, but it is getting tough to collect for services rendered. If you don’t get paid, are you still employed? As for inspiration, I have the Bible for that. Because words have meaning.

  105. I spent most of the day rehearsing for one of RD’s cartoons.

  106. I was wondering that myself, Pablo.

    They both use the same collection of “anonymous” proxies, IIRC.

  107. I know more people right now that have lost their jobs than anytime ever before. Thanks to 8 years of Bush. But blame Obama, you’ll feel better.

    Yeah I know average unemployment hovering around 5.5% really sucked. Last year he was in office his deficit was in the north end of 400 billion, first year of the Messiah it is 1.5 trillion and climbing. Even Bush couldn’t fuck up things as much and as quickly as your boy.

  108. There’s always a job to be done in times of Armageddon. We just need to figure out the business model.

    Appetite Suppressant Sales — We’ll need to get through the food shortage somehow. See also, Sawdust Pancake Mix and Mud Coffee Sales.

    Security Detail — When we gather in the various Galt’s Gulches, someone will need to stand at the perimeter and keep the moonbats out.

    Latrine Digging and Covering Up — The water being cut off, we’ll need alternate toilets in alternate places, to be moved fairly often.

    Dat’s all I got.

  109. I know more people right now that have lost their jobs than anytime ever before. Thanks to 8 years of Bush. But blame Obama, you’ll feel better.

    I remember full employment under Bush, MikeT. The numbers don’t lie, especially when you consider the 2006 one. Bush is long gone. Your prince owns this mess.

  110. “I know more people right now that have lost their jobs than anytime ever before.”
    Uh no that is factually wrong but at least it is acknowledging more reality than Mr. “I saved or created 20000000000 jobs this week!”.

    ” Thanks to 8 years of Bush.”
    You guys are like the band from that stupid movie “That Thing You Do”. The entire two hour movie they just sang the same damn song over and over and over and over.

  111. 1/07 really is an interesting point on that graph.

  112. MikeT is prolly 23 and can’t remember the Carter years.

    He also doesn’t know how incredibly easy it would be to stimulate the economy by doing the exact opposite of what Oprompta is doing.

  113. RD has never even talked to a black person. Of that you can bank on. And quit lying, RD. You have no friends. Unless you’re counting your social worker as one. And here’s a little hint. That social worker most likely would run you through if given even half the chance. They hate you.

    OT-but for any of you beer lovers, if ever you are given the opportunity, please try the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale. It’s an old favorite of mine, but I have to hawk this stuff every chance I get. It is just a tremendous brew. Carry on.

  114. Just make sure the latrines and the stables are well away from the potable water supply. Even the Legions had a problem with that.

  115. The funny thing, other than Mike being dumber than a box of RD’s, is that I really don’t think any of us on here would fight tooth and nail to defend the Bush domestic policy. Yet he persists in the Bush fail tact. Again, try the Christmas Ale. It’s good stuff.

  116. Golly. A bunch of NASCAR fans whose favorite drivers are “Tide” and “Home Depot” disapprove of a Negro First Lady. Who could have imagined

    Interesting, I point out the mild criticism of M’chelle’s fashion sense and you see racism.

    project, much?

  117. I know more people right now that have lost their jobs than anytime ever before. Thanks to 8 years of Bush. But blame Obama, you’ll feel better.

    The stoooopid is strong with this one.

  118. i saw this on the rear window of a car today”

    “bush lied soldiers died” “kerry/idiot ’04” we are ….

  119. RD’s not sophisticated enough even to project Darleen. It reacts. Like water to hot griddle. Nothing else. And MikeT is just waiting for the new KOS talking points download to pay attention. That thing is truly dense.

  120. I’m sorry to hear that, Jeff. Looking for a new job myself.

  121. Yes, every time RD posts, I follow an IP address and excise dozens of meya comments, along with a few RD posts.

    This last burst netted about 40 deletions.


  122. No worries, dorkafork. As long as Allah has a gig, the movement is safe.

  123. Sweet.

    Hey, did I just see someone call the First Lady a Negro? What an asshole.

    She’s definitely Klingon.

  124. Snap, no tap, OI.

  125. You could be another Mark Steyn if you wanted to, Jeff–better.

  126. meya really expends a lot of energy dispensing with her intellectual inferiors.

  127. Poor SFAG. I guess she’ll have to give Rilly an extra hard strap-on session tonight to make up for it.

    Some people are of the opinion that SFAG and Rilly are the same person, but I’m not convinced of that myself. Between the two, SFAG seems much more dishonest and Rilly is much dumber.

  128. I figured that was your plan, Jeff. Personally, I’d beat Jabba’s face like an old tire, but a snap would be music, too. Like I said earlier (and for whatever little it is worth) hang in there. You’re admired man. I know it doesn’t necessarily put waffles on the breakfast plate, but it should put pride in the soul. You just have it. Other than my magic penis, I have not much else. Well, the loving wife and incredible kids, but, well you know…

  129. Most of the people I know around home are unemployed or under-employed ($10/hr or less, often a lot less). They’re handling it in various ways, with “all cash!” being the top of that list.

    Me, I closed the store. It was like climbing out of mud onto higher ground — I’m in Mexico now on somebody else’s credit card, and if I get paid (which I probably will, these are good folks) it will be an inch or so back up. At present I’m simply ignoring the accumulated debt. I know it’s going to grab me by the balls sooner or later, but maybe if I don’t look at it it’ll go away.

    If I do get paid, first order of business is to hit some tip jars. Folks did as much for me.


  130. OT-but for any of you beer lovers, if ever you are given the opportunity, please try the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale. It’s an old favorite of mine, but I have to hawk this stuff every chance I get. It is just a tremendous brew. Carry on.

    I have a homemade ESB going into the bottles tomorrow.

    A chestnut (picked them myself) and all grain that is conditioning in the carboy.

    And a mix of the chestnut all grain and hard cider. It is not bad, but will get much better with some aging.

  131. Glad that things are looking up for you a bit, Ric.

  132. I need to start paying attention around here, but when in the hell did you start blogging SBP? I will mozey on over. BTW, I agree. RD and meya? Two different morons. I mean they could be the result of a MPD afflicted person, but I doubt it.

  133. Well, it’s a very sporadic thing, OI. Generally only on weekends, and not even then at this time of the semester.

    I will try to post more over the winter break.

  134. I feel bad reading all of this. I actually got a pay raise this year. 2 percent, but I think that was actually given because we all lost our bonuses which were 5 percent if you were a good doggy.

    I have always been lucky in the area of employment. I bet it is because my father was a Freemason and I have a golden Jesus shaped mole that sits above my heart. I think I have royal blood – I am assured of that because my great great great great great grandmother came over on the Mayflower. She was a whore that was known to service the elite in those days. She died of syphilis 5 months after her first son George Washington Republican on Acid was born. She owned no slaves but serviced many. God bless her bruised vag… Maybe the first real feminist. She wanted to save the natives one lay at a time.

    Man, I am sorry about all of that. I need booze tonight for sure. All royalty are known best by their calloused livers.

  135. To all those here looking for work, I hope you find it. Unfortunately, Obama seems intent to slow that process down. A lot. I get the sinking feeling this rollercoaster is on a mid way bump and the bottom of this is not even close.

  136. It’s funny, Joe. I kind of thought of you when I made that comment. I know you home brew and some of your concoctions sound wonderful, including the ESB. I love ESB’s and IPA’s. My personal favorite IPA is from the Magic Hat Brewery in Dan Collins’ neck of the woods. They call it an HIPA. It’s fantastic and quite hoppy. Also, HopDevil is intense. Not sure the brewery, though. We have a local place where you can brew your own and we made a fantastic ESB. The Christmas Ale is not too hoppy, though. More malty with spicy overtones. Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Yeah, it sounds like I’d take it up the ass (NTTAWWT), but it’s just a good beer.

  137. “I will not accept the excuse that the federal government has grown so big and powerful that it is beyond the control of any president, any administration or Congress. We are going to put an end to the notion that the American taxpayer exists to fund the federal government. The federal government exists to serve the American people. On January 20th, we are going to re-establish that truth”

  138. Well, Republican on Acid, you have not made it till you are called a dirty libtard pirate whore!

  139. I know this is retarded, and I should catch hell for this, but… I make music. I like to collect all the dumb things I have made over the years. The songs made after everyone is too drunk to care anymore about “art”. Anyway, if you are drunk and have a horrible sense of humor please listen to these songs and then later berate me. I recently noticed that myspace allows 10 songs now, so maybe I will place more there if anyone wants. Hopefully this cheers someone up. Finally, I must insist that no one think of this as anything serious:

  140. JeffG: …I’m deep in CC debt…

    May I respectfully suggest that you AND your wife run not walk to the library and get Dave Ramsey’s books on dealing with debt. He’s the Financial Peace radio show guy. Specializes in tough, honest advice w/ no BS.

    I feel so strongly that you should heed this advice, that I’m hitting your tipjar right now, just so you’ll remember it.

  141. “the big cities, the small towns and in rural America. The American spirit is still there, ready to blaze into life if you and I are willing to do what has to be done; the practical, down-to-earth things that will stimulate our economy, increase productivity and put America back to work. The time is now to resolve that the basis of a firm and principled foreign policy is one that takes the world as it is and seeks to change it by leadership and example; not by harangue, harassment or wishful thinking.

    The time is now to say that while we shall seek new friendships and expand and improve others, we shall not do so by breaking our word or casting aside old friends and allies.

    And, the time is now to redeem promises once made to the American people by another candidate, in another time and another place. He said, “For three long years I have been going up and down this country preaching that government–federal, state, and local–costs too much. I shall not stop that preaching. As an immediate program of action, we must abolish useless offices. We must eliminate unnecessary functions of government…we must consolidate subdivisions of government and, like the private citizen, give up luxuries which we can no longer afford.”

    “I propose to you, my friends, and through you that government of all kinds, big and little be made solvent and that the example be set by the president of the United State and his Cabinet.”

    So said Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention in July 1932.

    The time is now, my fellow Americans, to recapture our destiny, to take it into our own hands. But, to do this will take many of us, working together. I ask you tonight to volunteer your help in this cause so we can carry our message throughout the land.

    Yes, isn’t now the time that we, the people, carried out these unkempt promises? Let us pledge to each other and to all America on this July day 48 years later, we intend to do just that.”

  142. the bunnies is awesome

  143. “dirty libtard pirate whore!”

    Bullshit, I know if I try hard enough someone might!

    Here is some fun, what is the dumbest thing a lefty ever said to you?

    Mine happened around 1992 or so. Myself and two other friends were waxing poetically about nuclear waste. Friend A said, “man, it would be great if they could shoot all nuclear waste up to the sun and it would evaporate it.” Friend B vomited, “Man we can NEVER do that, we have NO idea how that would effect the sun!”

  144. Obstreperous Infidel homebrewing is a good skill. Hell, when they try to patch the deficit with a shit load of sin taxes (like Sweden and Norway did) homebrewing will be the only affordable way to drink. The Christmas brew you describe sounds very good.

    I recently saw a very cool little home still that anyone handy with copper could make. They were asking $300 for it, but if you have access to about $50 worth of copper and a little skill you could do it yourself.

  145. I think deerpunch is my favorite so far

  146. Yeah, Deerpunch has that morbid thing to it. I apologize about the Gout song. I need to remix that. It was placed in its unfinished way there upon request of a friend who finds great humor in gout for some reason.

    Not that gout is funny, ever, especially if you suffer from it.

  147. what is the dumbest thing a lefty ever said to you?

    I remember one who was worried about damaging the moon’s “ecology”.

  148. Also, I good number of these were actually recorded on a boom box with a cassette recorder. Some weren’t. They are all so bad it doesn’t really matter.

  149. Joe, I’ve been toying with it, believe me. A very good friend of mine home brews. It’s good for me, too, in that he’s a lover of Extra bitters and Pale’s. But yeah, having something in the garage that is mine, all mine, would be pretty cool, too. We’re sin taxed pretty hard here in Cleveland already, so knowing that they will want more is definitely incentive enough. I also love single malt scotches, too. Thanks in a very large part to our host here. I’ve looked at setting up a still of some sort, to make my own. Obviously though, money is a major concern. Those damn kids need to eat and I guess that trumps my “desire” to drink.

  150. Missouri still has the lowest sin tax of any state yet paradoxically also has the largest amount of illegal moonshine manufacturing.

    I know, I know, your town is the worlds biggest meth lab…I am not trying to pull down anyones stars.

  151. I’m chuckling imagining what’s going to happen when SFAG comes home from her evening shift at Starbucks and discovers that:

    1) Rilly didn’t go out looking for a job today, either.
    2) Rilly didn’t do the dishes.
    3) Rilly was responsible for multiple dozens of her timeless prose stylings going into the bit bucket.

    Might want to go ahead and find out if one of your other buddies will let you crash on the couch tonight, Rilly, ’cause there isn’t any sweet, sweet SFAG strap-on lovin’ in the cards for you.

  152. BTW, your town = everyones town

  153. I would have to google what gout is… it sounds like a very antiquated sort of malady … like scurvy. here is the Calvin Harris. This has been Calvin Harris Friday kind of. He’s cooler than me. He’s cooler than you. He throws fabulous parties. Also he sings about girls which is unusual for British guys these days.

  154. Are we going for quality or quantity here? For quality you want the traditional copper pot still. For quantity, you’ll get much better yields with a fractionating column still.

  155. My personal favorite IPA is from the Magic Hat Brewery in Dan Collins’ neck of the woods. They call it an HIPA.

    Yeah, that’s very good stuff, though hard to come by here. I can get #9 to my heart’s content, but I really don’t want it. The Circus Boy is nice too, though.

  156. When it comes to single malt, we always look for quality SBP. A copper pot for sure would be the best bet. And aforementioned friend’s bro-in-law is a metal fabricator, who just happens to do a lot of work with what else…but copper. It’s all pretty much a pipe dream as of now anyhow. But I do have the design in mind. I would try to mimic Balvenie’s Doublewood recipe as close as possible, if given the chance.

  157. Calvin Harris is nice. Almost as nice as Electric Six:

  158. didn’t they do that gay bar song from back in the day?

  159. Another stupid lefty moment:

    “Dude, we are destroying the planet.”
    “It looks nicer than it did when I was a kid man.”

    Another fun moment I had was writing on all over on my car in shoe polish, “I am for the war and against the troops” during the first gulf war and driving down to a protest. No one even noticed until finally some dumb white rasta kid says, “Wow, I am for the troops but against the war!”

  160. oh it’s right there

  161. Yeah, Pablo. The #9 comes in Fruit Loops it seems. It’s ubiquitous as it were. Circus Boy is nice, too. The only time I can get the HIPA is in their Spring 12 pack. But, I do try to load up. I tried to get Dan to quit his job at the Vermont Teddy Bear factory and get in with the guys at Magic Hat, but he had “responsibilities” I guess. Wanker! JK.

  162. Yeah, they did the gay bar song.

  163. what is the dumbest thing a lefty ever said to you?

    One fellow I once knew was dismissive of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. “Oh, they just want a warm-water port.” That was pretty uninformed on a lot of levels.

  164. “Oh, they just want a warm-water port.”

    Would it be wrong to say that he thought they were going to Pakistan through Afghanistan? Because we invaded Afghanistan to do that don’t you know?

  165. My mom (I love her even if I think she’s insane) once told me that republicans hate poor people. I asked her to elaborate and she came up with “They just don’t like people that aren’t born into money”. Not being a republican myself, I wasn’t offended so much as I was chagrined. My mom, also being a huge pro life person (catholic), was then asked by yours truly why democrats hate unborn babies. After much hemming and hawing, she offered up a half hearted, “I’m not sure”. I laughed and decided that from now on, Mom and I would only discuss how the animals were doing from then on.

  166. I barely knew where Afghanistan was myself–but I knew it was landlocked. And I knew that having Communist Russia athwart the Indian Ocean sealanes was not A Good Thing.

  167. ‘Night everyone. Keep smiling.

  168. @ 170, my wife started as a dem loving person like that. All it took for me was to get her to actually read the bills that democrats put up for a vote.

    After a while she was all, “ok, I get it, I really am not a democrat.. leave me alone!”

  169. @ 171, yeah, but GW didn’t know that! That’s why he invaded Afghanistan because he didn’t want putty putt taking over Bollywood. It’s all true, I saw it in Chris Matthews tarot card reading.

  170. My first wife however was a democrat. She had to go.

  171. This lefty person the other day what just did the first time homebuyer thing with the FHA 3.5% down dealio said to me that they felt good about it cause what’s the worst that could happen that one or the other of us lose our jobs and we can’t afford the house we’ll just sell it. I laughed and asked hey what if house prices crash after the government stops paying people to buy houses and you’re underwater when that happens.

    I shouldn’t have laughed it just sort of came out.

  172. Dumbest thing a liberal ever said to me ever:

    “Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have absolutely nothing to do with the housing crisis and I dare you to come up with proof because I know you don’t have any.”

    Speaking of, when are they going to jail?

  173. House prices always go up. Like tulips or dot com stocks.

    It’s a law of nature.

  174. Imagine a world where house prices always go down. Imagine Barack Obama.

  175. Imagine a world where the poor will go to jail for failing to buy health insurance.

    Imagine Barack Obama

  176. Remember that test I had to take in the morning? I went out to the bar next to the hotel to have a burger and a beer earlier. Ran into a bunch or iron workers there who liked to drink.


  177. B Moe,
    You must not feel guilt, for the guilt compounded will only lead to more drinking with iron workers or other such common riff raff. Beware of guilty drinking. It is the worst kind. Next time you drink, drink and then kill a small animal and roar at the gods who placed you here by no fault of your own and put you in a position to drink and make bad decisions.

    What was the test? I have been busy lately and not reading PW.

  178. Earlier than the test, B Moe? and no humanities faculty? Fuck.

  179. I don’t feel guilty about drinking. lol fat chance of that ever happening. I am just dreading taking the test hung over in the morning, because I know that is going to suck even though I seem to actually do better on tests when I am hung over.

    The test is to get certified as a structural fill inspector. Like dirt fill and footings and shit.

  180. Take 2 aspirin, drink a big ass glass of water and go to bed, dude.

    Hell, I should do that too.

  181. oops, I need to fix the ghost pussy one as well I guess

  182. Glenn Beck still sells these triangular stickers that say “Hydrocarbon Powered Eco-Vehicle.”

    Lefties come up to people with the stickers and ask how they can get them a hydrocarbon-powered car, too.

  183. Carin, I’m very slightly north of Detroit, in one of the burbs that won’t be recovering. It doesn’t matter what my house could theoretically sell for, because no one is buying at all – though some burbs, like Ferndale, seem to still have a hope in hell.

    One of my greatest misfortunes has turned into a lucky break. We struggled for years while waiting to get through the SSDI wringer, but finally came out the other side. The feds owe me a decent chunk of change. As soon as we get it, we’re going shopping for a foreclosure deal, buy a house for cash, and dump the one we’re in on the bank. No guilt here, either. Goddamn banks kept approving home loans for prices that were increasingly ridiculous, driving up the housing costs in the stupidest pyramid-type scheme ever. Haven’t been able to buy a house for anywhere near its real value around here in years. Live in a cheap house, in a cheap neighborhood, and we’ll still never get even half of what we owe.

    So now our cash will buy us something better, I’ve got a small, but regular, check from SSDI, and my husband does contract work for a Canadian company that drops his checks in a Canadian bank account. I think we can ride this out, but I’m so pissed at all of the stupidity that coalesced into a destructive waste of the once great.

    So, do you ever indulge in any conspiracy theories about the ’67 riots? I keep thinking about the official explanations, and wondering if there were any “community organizers” involved, stirring up anger and lighting matches, hoping for something to blow.

    Ever see video of Coleman testifying before the House Committee on Un-American Activities? Coincidence that alleged Marxist ends up becoming first black Mayor of Detroit after the “spontaneous” riots? Have we been witnessing a massive, controlled breakdown, without ever noticing the puppet strings, mistaking it all for willful blindness, stupidity, and hostility?

    Usually I avoid conspiratorial explanations, but the only alternative explanation that’s been offered, all along, is akin to spontaneous combustion, and that sounds more mythical than plain old arson.

  184. Glenn Beck still sells these triangular stickers that say “Hydrocarbon Powered Eco-Vehicle.”

    Lefties come up to people with the stickers and ask how they can get them a hydrocarbon-powered car, too.


    Those lefty fuckers really are dumber than dirt.
    No wonder Obama got elected.

  185. You’re gonna be the best structural fill inspector ever. That sounds like it might could have some sweet overtime too.

  186. I have been a really good structural fill inspector for about 20 years. I just have to pass a test now to prove it.

    And sweet overtime got taxed out of existence by the dirty socialist motherfucker, these days I am happy to get forty.

  187. But thanks for the kind words, and if you are ever in the Athens/Atlanta area your money is no good.

  188. someday I hope. A neverending road trip is my favorite dream almost. A friend of mine with an appraisal business just got slapped with some new certification regulations out of nowhere. It’s definitely the times.

  189. #113

    1/07 really is an interesting point on that graph.

    That would be the start of the Unemployment rally, Jan 07 Dems take control of Congress. The point I like is October 2008, a spike right at the election where Unemployment breaks through it’s previous high of 6.3%, which happened in June 2003. An October surprise that kept going.

    There appears to be a lot of upside left in this rally. I’d call it a bubble but the fundamentals support the rise, unfortunately.

  190. wondering if there were any “community organizers” involved,

    I think you can pretty much bet the farm on that.

  191. So why aren’t Bruce Springsteen and Willie Nelson and their buds doing “Band Aid” or “Farmer Aide” or some such horseshit now that unemployment is at 10.2 and rising? Have they laid off all their roadies? I guess I should cut them some slack — they wear jeans with holes in them, so they can’t be doing that well either.

    Tough times in music land with tickets from $520 to $105. If health care can be free, why not music?

  192. So, do you ever indulge in any conspiracy theories about the ‘67 riots? I keep thinking about the official explanations, and wondering if there were any “community organizers” involved, stirring up anger and lighting matches, hoping for something to blow.

    I don’t really need to indulge in conspiracy theories regarding the decline of Detroit. The field is ripe. A target rich environment.

  193. Pingback: » I Feel the Same

  194. Unemployed six months for me.

  195. Rebecca said: “As soon as we get it, we’re going shopping for a foreclosure deal, buy a house for cash, and dump the one we’re in on the bank…”

    Just be careful they cannot come after your new house. Usually they will not, but often they can do so.

  196. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

    This is going to be a long one…

  197. An awfull lot of really stupid commenters at that link, Joe.

  198. I did not read the comments Norman, I just stuck to the graph. I have to go back and read them now.

  199. You don’t even know what the words you parrot mean, do you, SFAG?

    P.S. how’s Rilly this morning?

  200. OT: Blowbama is bowing to royalty again.

    That sound you hear is Thomas Jefferson generating about 10,000 RPM in his grave.

  201. More reflections on the bowing symbolism at Powerline.

  202. Can’t touch royalty, can’t bow to royalty.

    That’s been the rule for over 200 years, SFAG.

    You may recall that we fought a war to settle that issue.

    we destroyed japan


  203. However, I’d simply LOVE to hear your explanation of why bowing to royalty is “progressive” in any way.

    P.S. how’s Rilly doing this morning?

  204. “Obama should take more care to do things so as to appease his wingnut critics…”

    I much prefer that he do what he does to reveal himself to the world in all his glory as he is. That they may know him the better rather than have him pretend to be something or someone he is not.

  205. Oh baby Jesus, Obama is bowing again (this time to the Japanese emperor (I guess the one who is related to the one who came out of the hills to sign the peace treaty after WWII–which happened in Obama bizzaro history only). Althouse had this youtube clip on proper bowing protocol for da One.

  206. “Blowbama is bowing to royalty again.”

    He figures he doesn’t need the living WWII vet vote, not many left. The dead will vote Democrat since they receive ballot assistance by approved/certified community organizers.

  207. He figures he doesn’t need the living WWII vet vote, not many left.

    Well, I’m glad my grandfather doesn’t have to see this.

  208. Althouse is dead to me.

    She voted for the prick, she should just STFU and hope people will forget that eventually.

  209. However, I’d simply LOVE to hear your explanation of why bowing to royalty is “progressive” in any way.

    What’s wrong, SFAG? Cat got your tongue?

  210. And the point goes zooming by again.

    meya: Bowing is an act of deference, specifically one of deference to social betters. In Western society, this means royalty or nobility.

    We don’t have any of that shit in the United States. Oh, we have social classes, all right, but even after the continued efforts of Progs and Leftoids over the last half-century there is still class mobility, and (more importantly) social class isn’t embedded in our laws or Constitution.

    Nobody bows to the President, which is correct; he isn’t a social class superior to anybody. The President shouldn’t bow to Kings, Emperors, etc. because he isn’t a social class inferior, either. The correct box to check on the information form isn’t inferior or superior; it’s [X] Not Applicable.

    When Obama bows to a King or Emperor, he’s joining their system of nobility as an inferior, and by extension placing all of the rest of us Americans in an inferior social class. F* that for a game of soldiers. I absolutely refuse to accept that I’m in any way inferior to somebody whose ancestor was a Hapsburg simply because of that ancestry, and you ought to feel the same way. We’re Americans. We don’t recognize that system, don’t accept it, and don’t abide by it — or shouldn’t.


  211. How about a shoulder rub?

    How about a disrespect for O!ness?

  212. That sounds decidedly, well, progressive, Ric; liberal even. One concludes meya’s computer is being operated by a classist throw-back. Frequently.

  213. Good lord.

    Bowing in Japan in lieu of shaking hands is tradition. But it is a quick, shallow bow from the waist and eye contact is maintained.

    That pic of Barry shows him holding the Emperor’s hand and bowing OVER it, head down.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Where the fuck was his protocol advisor? Or was this just Barry doing what he wants to again?

  214. Here’s that well-known right-wing echo chamber, the New York Times, blasting Clinton for almost bowing to Akihito.

  215. you’re going to get what you deserve

  216. and he’s gonna get lots of dirty socialist cock shoved down his Chicago street trash throat. He’s am embarrassing piece of shit. Bowing to motherfucking royalty. I bet he can’t wait to do Princess I miss my mommy Have you seen my mommy William. Fucking homo.

  217. “Where the fuck was his protocol advisor? “The same place as Michelle’s fashion advisor? Smart-Power®

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  219. #209
    I’d settle for him acting like a president.

  220. How could Jeff not be uninspired? The spirit was never meant to be dissipated through a thousand outrages, splenetic outbursts on a clerk’s schedule, quotidian brow-furrowing at another example of left-wing shoelace tying. Did the head cheerleader prance through manure in a servile manner? Was the American Way ever to burn toast to such an egregious degree? Mount Rushmore will be twinned in the near future, reared from a monstrous accumulation of foreign-owned Jacksons whilst a supine horde of blue-smocked shelf-dusters moans piteously about their thirteenth bellyache of the day. Purple mountain majesties will erupt across the lunar landscape of the teeth-gnashing brigade – one great twenty-four decade force for freedom splintered into twenty-four thousand red-eyed hand wringers; one system of checks and balances overwhelmed by bounced cheques and depleted balances. Bemusedly grasping our overextended reach, we cannot fail to reach the pitch intensity required to keep the outrage at peak levels. Cries against the Stalinesque become bleating about the Palin Esqs; fur-collared garb breaks out the bellows even as deep-pocket grift slips away into the quant-figured ether.

    Inspiration? It departed downwards with the first batch from 95.

  221. How about in Eastern Society?

    Blowbama isn’t the President of Japan, SFAG.

    He’s the President of the United States.

    Which does not recognize titles of nobility.


  222. Great Lakes Brewing Co. also has Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. It is a good beer, but the lable always gives me the heebie-jeebies – the ‘Big Fitz’ was lost on November 10, 1975. No survivors, no bodies.

  223. I don’t feel guilty about drinking. lol fat chance of that ever happening. I am just dreading taking the test hung over in the morning, because I know that is going to suck even though I seem to actually do better on tests when I am hung over.

    I took the GREs hung over sick. Scored a 790 on the math section. Missed a perfect score by one lousy question. i was cheesed off about it.

  224. Jeff. Sorry to hear about the ongoing frustrations. I was laid off on the 10th, so “I feel your pain”(!) Oddly enough, this was probably the best thing to happen, for me. I’ve known it was coming. The politics of the job pretty much dictated it, and our shitty numbers in October sealed the deal.

    However, I’ve decided to start my own business, and have several potentially hot software ideas that could really turn into something. We’ll see. I need to find some contract programming work that will help pay bills while I get the business off the ground. In an ideal world, I’ll get some funding, and actually hire on some staff to really get things moving.

    I know it’s a completely ridiculous time to be trying this, but I’m not getting any younger, and i’m tired of working 80-100 hours a week for someone else’s dream. Fuckthatshit. I was persona non grata during the run-up to my eldest son’s Bar Mitzvah in September. Fortunately, my wife was incredibly understanding, and had a good friend who could help with a lot of the detail work. That’s when I realized I needed to throw my hat over the wall and make a go of it on my own. I’m still going to be pulling ridiculous hours. But it’ll be on my terms, and of my own choosing.

    Good luck. I hope you find your muse. You always provide a unique perspective on how our “betters” abuse language and intent. i still think you could write a book on it. I’ve read little bits here and there on rhetoric, and think you could slay with an analysis of the bullshit of demagoguery in modern politics.

    Whatevs. Keep us posted.

  225. All I can say is keep trying to make things happen. If you can’t find a job try your hand at online marketing or cut grass or something.

  226. I love douchenozzle trolls that leave random leftist cant on threads that have been dead for weeks.

  227. Obama is doing a great job”

    Hands down the funniest thing I’ve read all day.