April 29, 2009

Let It Go? Never! [Dan Collins]

Stupid Obama stunt ruins perfectly good Iowahawk post.


Posted by Dan Collins @ 5:01am

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  1. Hey, what’s doing over at Iowahawk?

  2. You mean because he hasn’t posted in the last few days, or what, JHoward?

  3. Ahhh the sheer breathtaking hypocrisy of Team Obama! Spending almost $400K to do a photo shoot that could have been done with photoshop (and probably better) for about $500; burning thousand of gallons of jet fuel; and scaring the shit out of New York and New Jersey.


  4. $400K = $400,000

  5. $400K? No big deal. Just put it on our tab.

  6. A trillion here, a trillion there, soon you’re talking real money.

  7. N. O’B, I think you mean, “soon you’re talking fake money.”

  8. $400,000 to get a photo? And he is supposed to be a good steward of our tax dollars? Not to mention that little bit of fear that he inflicted on the citizen of NYC. Fuck him. Fuck Barcky. Fuck his internal investigation. Just fuck them all to hell.

  9. There are thousands of Saudi royals.
    Do we know where they ALL were? Manifest please.
    Hella victory lap, maybe.

  10. Coincidentally, $400,000 is pretty roughly how much federal income tax I’ve paid in my life so far. So my life’s having been roughly $400,000 more shitty — which is a fucking lot more shitty — bought “us” this.

    It’s illuminating to remember sometimes that these dollars are people’s lives — that life is real.

    (Pretend I’m someone you give a fuck about and the lighting will work better for you, probably.)

  11. Even for Eliot Spitzer, $400k represents a fair quantity of fuck.

  12. On the never front, Michael Ledeen analyzes Obama’s Holocaust Remembrance Speech for meaning, and guess what?, finds [Words? Just words?] meaning warping going on once again, for anyone who cares to see:

    So “never again” means that we learn from others how to forgive and forget, and ultimately live happily with one another. But that is not what “never again” means, at least for the generation of the Holocaust and for most of those who followed. For them, “never again” means that we will destroy the next would-be Fuhrer. In his entire speech, Obama never once mentions that the United States led a coalition of free peoples against Germany, Italy and Japan, nor does he ever discuss the obligation of sacrifice to prevent a recurrence. Indeed, his examples suggest that he doesn’t grasp the full dimensions of the struggle against evil. Northern Ireland is a totally inappropriate example (nothing remotely approaching a Holocaust took place there), the relations between Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda and Burundi are hardly characterized by forgiveness, even though the president of Burundi is striving mightily to achieve a peaceful modus vivendi, and as for Darfur, well, despite the tens of thousands who demonstrated on the Mall, nobody has done much of anything to stop the Khartoum regime from slaughtering the peoples of the south.

    h/t Powerline’s Scott Johnson, who also has something to say about the speech.

  13. Haven’t y’all heard? The correct term for a trillion dollars is “one barack.”

  14. if anyone could steer me to a info source w/ the manifest
    i’d appreciate t/thanks

  15. NYT:

    “It will not happen again,” Mr. Obama said, waving off questions from reporters.
    The president directed his deputy chief of staff, Jim Messina, to “conduct a review into how the decision was made to conduct the flight,” said Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, “to understand why the decision was made and to ensure that it never happens again.”

  16. McGehee, are you sure the term isn’t “one Soros”?

  17. Squid, I think a soros is a thousand fraudulent voter registrations funded by ACORN.

  18. I think a Soros would be closer to a million fraudulent voter registrations or a billion in campaign donations funneled through fictitious or foreign donors.

  19. I think a Soros would be closer to a million fraudulent voter registrations

    No, that’s definitely a kilosoros.

    I don’t know why I like the sound of it, I just do.

  20. A kilosoros.


  21. Soros only weighs a kilo? I would have put him around 25 stones, minimum. Fat ass socialist fucker.

  22. The Photo of the F-16 includes the Twin Towers. Beware, New Yorkers, of another photo update opportunity.

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