February 1, 2009

Moses [Dan Collins]

I really dig my priest, but he’s from Boston. So, in the readings today he recounts the story of God appointing Joshua to take over where the old man left off. Then he pulls out a children’s book about Harriet Tubman, called Moses, about her faith and her mission to free first herself, then her children, then hundreds of other slaves.

Fine. As I’ve mentioned before, blacks’ association with Israel crossing the Jordan from the land of Pharaoh makes a lot of sense. It’s just that by idolizing The One as a secular savior, they’ve sold their birthright for pottage.

Driving hither and yon, today, I listened to NPR’s “This American Life.” I do not joke when I say that the totally like way inarticulate producer of the show was all like how Obama should be allowed to like smoke so that he doesn’t like have a y’know affair, and it reminds him that he’s still pretty much human, y’know?

More why does Obama hate flyover country?

Posted by Dan Collins @ 6:29pm

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  1. I haven’t listened to NPR since that election thing where Baracky got made pezzydent. I don’t miss it at all. Because even when I listened to it I hated it and everyone associated with it. If they reviewed a movie I would automatically have no interest in ever seeing that stupid socialist movie what they reviewed on NPR. If they reviewed a cd I would automatically have no interest in ever buying that stupid socialist cd what they reviewed on NPR. They besmirch everything they touch with their condescending dirty socialist dulcet tones and they have a Katrina fetish that makes Anderson Cooper seem like a normal guy what likes girls and doesn’t have a shoe collection rivaling Imelda Marcos’s.

  2. This was exceptional even by their standards, hf.

  3. Didn’t Baracky make a big deal about the freedom Iraqis now have thanks to Pres Bush and the US Armed Forces and the Allies that fought with us? Cause you’d think he could totally relate to that, would’nt you? Millions of people enslaved by a maniacal dictator a mere six years ago now free to vote their consciences in a peaceful transfer of political power? How cool is that?

  4. Someone should bean Ira Glass in the head with one a them Shannen Doughertys I think.

  5. Well, Kentucky was one of those meddlesome confusing 57 states to BHO: “What it says is that I’m not very well known in that part of the country… Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known — not only because of her time in the White House with her husband — but also coming from a nearby state of Arkansas.”

  6. Oh, goodie. It’s Bruce. Is he gonna say something political?

  7. oh good a geriatric half time show

  8. Bruce sounds like he’s having trouble phrasing/breathing.

  9. My husband is counting on how many times they show the chick in the red strappy shirt jumping up and down.

    Three, so far.

  10. Is this an O! song?

  11. I’m working on a dream? Yes, I think it may be.

  12. You can’t use lighters. Too spontaneous and combustible. We’ll give you these LEDs and you use them when we tell you.

  13. Ha! He doesn’t know “Glory Days” is about him, now.

  14. Lookie what I found:

    WORKING ON A DREAM appeared for the first time on 02 Nov 2008 when Springsteen debuted it live during his performance at the Change We Need Rally for 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama in Cleveland, OH. Check out the live 02 Nov 2008 version for more details.

  15. Mrs. S has a nice geetar.

  16. Four years from now it’ll look like this.

    Better start practicing now.

  17. Bruce nice growth on you lower lip.

  18. Dave Ramsey! the guide said it would be Cavuto, but whatevs. I will not be seeing Bruce.

  19. Is the half time show for real. I mean how do you remove all those people in 5 minutes?

  20. Barack Obama is like totally famous. Bruce Springsteen even wrote a song about him. That’s so cool.

  21. But will Judd Gregg have the requisite ball-heft to tell him to go stuff himself? Please?

  22. Worker of the Light
    Oh, God, what a douche
    Though well-spoken and polite

    Worker of the Light
    Plastic clown leads to nation-wide blight
    It’s gonna bite us in the tights.

  23. No. Judd is bent on becoming a dirty socialist collaborator I think. I piss on his head.

  24. Using that “Gotta respect the office, when he calls, you’re called” argument when in the context of a guy who totally doesn’t respect the office is a loser it seems to me. Not good from every angle.

  25. I consider Springsteen a craven coward for that apology about the contract w/Walmart. This is so typical–Keizer had an essay in the Dec Harper’s in which he apologized to the readers for buying an item at a Vt Walmart (I know, NYTimes and now Harpers but I had a professional discount and have not renewed.)
    Why isn’t Sean Penn in KY scraping ice off people’s windshields?

  26. Parli italiano, paisana?

  27. Also Judd Gregg is a lot gratuitous with the consonants. Damn collaborator.

  28. Young black guy is “good” on NBarackyC.

  29. Well, if it makes ya feel any better, Dan, in comparing Obama to Moses, seeing that Moses story was really Akhenaten’s story writ in allegory and metaphor, they’re actually comparing Obama to a tall, red-headed, blue-eyed white guy.

  30. Dan, no I wish. My nonna and her friend Faustina did. She had a recording of The Comedy in Italian that friends gave her as a wedding gift . So beautiful that language. I have ein bischen Deutsch from grad school, and a few gaelic phrases from my other nana.

  31. Ah, so that incendiary Italo-Irish thing? I’m afeared of you.

  32. @31
    mamma mia

  33. Warren, everyone knows that teh Egypties were blagomoors! Duh!

  34. How does Charlton Heston play into this?

  35. Bob Costa is an idiot.

  36. Ah, so that incendiary Italo-Irish thing?

    My grandsons have:
    One ‘mutt’ grandma (me)
    One 2nd generation Irish-American grandfather (my ex)
    One 1st generation Italian grandfather
    One Mexican-1/4Irish-American grandmother

  37. Well, that explains a lot, Darleen ;-P

  38. Been called spaghetti bender, ring -kisser, bead counter, mackerel snapper, mick, all that. We all kind of enjoyed it. Still do.

  39. Eh, ya bogtrotter, ya.

  40. Heston went to school in Phoenix…

  41. Was he Hooked on Phoenix?

  42. I don’t know…but there’s a tie-in to the Bennu Bird, there…somewhere…

  43. Bogtrotter is good. I like that. I’ll use it on the kin.

  44. We’re principally Irish, but I know Italian, which is why my bros call me a WOP wannabe.

  45. Nice shout out to Roger L. Simon, the who created Moses Whine in the title, Dan.

  46. “Moses Whine ”

    Parsnip commentary.

  47. Dan Rooney thanks the O!!

  48. That’s funny Dan,

    My priest seem to think it important to emphasize to connection between the Dueteronomy passage and the Gospel reading from Mark…

    I guess I’ll have to complain to the Bishop of the Rockville center archdiocese. Because, if my Priest can’t get past the, you know, religiousness of his outlook and concentrate more on social justice and Obama; well them I’m not sure that he should be preaching…

    Especially when Obama is moving so quickly to address the needs of all those suffering crackahz in flyover country who are freezing…

    Oh, wait…He didn’t even fly over them, did he?


  49. I guess The One is too busy praising the UN for the successful Iraqi vote that he can’t be bothered with either mentioning the US military or having FEMA attend to disasters in apostate states.

  50. Comment by Dan Collins on 2/1 @ 8:31 pm

    The boys have t-shirts that say: Warning: Irish temper and Italian attitude

    and they live up to it

  51. Comment by Darleen on 2/1 @ 8:28 pm #

    My wife is Scottish.

    My kids are half scotch and half water.

  52. “Comment by Spies, Brigands, and Pirates on 2/1 @ 8:38 pm #

    Was he Hooked on Phoenix?”

    Anyone who makes puns should be hung, drawn and quoted.

  53. “Comment by router on 2/1 @ 9:23 pm #

    Dan Rooney thanks the O!!”

    Yeah, even my wife, Scottish Kate said WTF?

    Well, she doesn’t curse, but still….

  54. Capital punishment for a lower case of humor? <— stolen from Spider Robinson

  55. Ok, I’ll forgive someone who steals from cites Spider.

  56. The Cardinals will have to be a Bennu Bird to recover from their defeat, won’t they…

  57. …and do they have a red-haired, blue-eyed Heston to lead them out of the wilderness?

  58. Little Steven seems to be hated by NBC camera crews.

  59. Also Judd Gregg is a lot gratuitous with the consonants.

    It’s not really an anagram of Judge Dredd, but it still strikes that chord, I think.

  60. Judge Dredd was something of a collaborator too I think.

  61. Groundhog Day. Regional rodent Gen. Beauregard featured.

  62. Joe:

    That video…I could never do that, but I am so glad someone has.

  63. Now folks can idolize michael steele. Oh wait.

  64. The Superbowl was yesterday?

    Amazin’ what you miss when you don’t give a rip.

  65. “Comment by meya on 2/2 @ 7:18 am #

    Now folks can idolize michael steele. Oh wait.”


    Because of the racism?

    Sorry, that’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party.

  66. The Democrat Party has always been the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and socialism.

  67. Damn, what an impressive array of whiny-assed titty babies this site draws. And such progressive racial thinkers. Why, F.W. de Klerk would just love this site. No wonder the Republican Party is strong only in the Old Confederacy. Y’all have a nice time in your cute little white robes, ya hear? Y’all look real stylish by the light of a burning cross, lol. Oh my, Barack Hussein Obama! Oooooga booooga!!! Oooooooga boooooga!!!

  68. You know what, Bordo, you don’t understand that all of this translation of the iconography to The One is oxymoronic. There is no secular Jesus, and that’s sort of the point of Jesus. But although you and your fellow travellers like to put down religion, you’ve created a cult of your Obamessiah. So quit bitching and bow down to your golden ox. Bitch.

  69. 5 will get you 10 that Bordo is whiter than Wonder Bread.

  70. BTW, Bordo, there’s exactly one Klansman in Congress.

    Hint: he’s not a Republican.