January 30, 2009

Objectivity Fedora Poses Rhetorical Question [Dan Collins]

Am I the only one who now sees Al Gore as an object of levity?

Erm. No, no you are not.

Sorting Hat relegates Protein Wisdom to Slytherin.*

* And if you don’t think that’s funny, please write and tell me why.

James Lewis: AGW May Be the Biggest Fraud in History (apart from Trig being Sarah Palin’s biological child)

A History of the Great Global Warming Scam

Posted by Dan Collins @ 8:25am

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  1. Related: James “THE WARMENING WILL CILL US ALL to DETH!1!” Hansen’s former boss said that Hansen has “embarrassed NASA” and declared that “climate models are useless”.

    The former boss in question would be:

    John S. Theon Education: B.S. Aero. Engr. (1953-57); Aerodynamicist, Douglas Aircraft Co. (1957-58); As USAF Reserve Officer (1958-60),B.S. Meteorology (1959); Served as Weather Officer 1959-60; M.S, Meteorology (1960-62); NASA Research Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Ctr. (1962-74); Head Meteorology Branch, GSFC (1974-76); Asst. Chief, Lab. for Atmos. Sciences, GSFC (1977-78); Program Scientist, NASA Global Weather Research Program, NASA Hq. (1978-82); Chief, Atmospheric Dynamics & Radiation Branch NASA Hq., (1982-91); Ph.D., Engr. Science & Mech.: course of study and dissertation in atmos. science (1983-85); Chief, Atmospheric Dynamics, Radiation, & Hydrology Branch, NASA Hq. (1991-93); Chief, Climate Processes Research Program, NASA Hq. (1993-94); Senior Scientist, Mission to Planet Earth Office, NASA Hq. (1994-95); Science Consultant, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (1995-99); Science Consultant Orbital Sciences Corp. (1996-97) and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab., (1997-99).

    But hey, the science is settled! No reputable scientist denies global warming!

  2. I always thought we were more Ravenclaw.

  3. Perhaps you could make a dungeons and dragons reference too and really regulate this site into terminal nerdom.

  4. I’m a Level 23 OUTLAW?

  5. It’s funny because if you s/Sorting/Red/,
    you get a joke about Red Hat publishing some “Objectivity” release of Fedora (http://fedoraproject.org).
    OK, so it’s rather technical…

  6. Slytherin has all the chicks you want to go to a boarding school with.

  7. Does this mean that, at odd moments, I’m going to break into extended stretches of hissing?

    That will be bad for business, I suspect.

    Am I the only one who now sees Al Gore as an object of levity?

    Sorry, but I’m completely bored with rhetorical questions.

  8. Am I the only one who’s completely bored with rhetorical questions?

  9. Are you?

  10. I’m a Level 23 OUTLAW?

    I haven’t been a fan of class-based RPGs since I was 17. Gimme GURPS, for all its flaws, any day.

  11. From an e-mail a few years old now:

    the title is “Education Lessons from Harry Potter” (Both of my parents are educators).

    -When grouping impressionable younger students, it is important to take personality type into account. Hogwarts has solved this classic problem by assigning house membership based on character structure. Students predisposed to anti-social, disruptive, narcissistic, and borderline socipathic behaviors will be placed into a single house. This house will have a serpent as it’s icon and will be guided by an instructor who potentially may be aligned with He Who Must Not Be Named. No potential problems are foreseen with this approach.

  12. Al Gore’s picture is going to be in the new OED next to non sequitur…

  13. Dan,

    Is the hat some kind of Harry Potter reference?

  14. Dan,

    While my wife loved all of those books, I have never read a single one! I’m more of a factual guy, preferring history, science, and math books (I know it sounds very dull)…

    As far as fiction goes I like old school sci-fi like A.C.Clarke, Asimov, and Jules Verne type stuff. I do like historical fiction too, especially stories set in ancient Rome, Viking times, and Norman era knight-in-armor stuff…

    I know that I’m probably a philistine by the standards of many who visit PW; and I guess I should loosen up and maybe give it a whirl. After all, if a professor like yourself holds it in some regard, there must be some merits to it…

    Best Wishes

  15. I didn’t say that I held it in regard, though it’s entertaining. I have kids! Of course I know about this stuff, some.

    Not that I’d ever win a round of Scene It, though.

  16. It’s certainly not great literature, but it’s a sight better than some of the crap that’s been foisted off on teh chilluns, e.g. Sweet Valley High and The Babysitter’s Club (which my wife used to call “Sweet Valley Sluts” and “The Babykiller’s Club”, out of her high regard for those two series).

    Bob, if you’re looking for something that combines hard-core SF geekery with historical fiction, have a look at Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon and Baroque Cycle.

    We were talking about those books the other day; I don’t remember if you were there.

  17. Dan:

    Frank J has a funny piece about the top ten environmental scares Al Gore will turn to next:


    Sorry about the long URL, my html skills iz wak.

  18. Bob, if you like that kind of historical stuff, check out the Belisarius series by David Drake and Eric Flint. Most of it is free from Baen’s free library.

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  20. The Babysitter’s Club…The Babykiller’s Club

    Urgh. I noticed that after coming back here through Dan’s trackback. Embarrassing.

    Bob the Angry Flower isn’t going to be happy with me.

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