December 16, 2008

Connect the Dots, LaLaLaLa [Dan Collins]

Being a Democrat scandal guide.


Mr Tamm did not like John Ashcroft. He did not like rendition. In fact, if you plow through the Newsweek article, you’ll find that Mr. Tamm did not much care for the War on Terror at all. So he decided to undermine it.

A media, willing to aid and abet Al Qaeda, seized on the story, badly mischaracterized what the NSA was doing, and tipped off the nation’s enemies about the program.

Neither the media nor Mr. Tamm have any regrets. And now the media will paint the traitor a hero. He fits the media narrative of standing up to the man — damn the consequences. But we should remember him as Tamm the Traitor — he put a personal agenda ahead of the nation’s security.

All I can say is, Mr. Tamm’s rather stupid. If he’d thrown his shoes at Bush, they’d be worth $10 million. The brand new Lefty-Saudi darling is a fan of Muqtada al-Sadr.

Some nut at Firedoglake thinks it likely that Shoe Guy is being tortured.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 8:21am

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  1. NSA is domestic spying!

    Why, just yesterday I was saying to my buddy on the phone that Jenna looks like a hawt partay chick that would do a whole lot. Five minutes later, jackbooted thugs broke down my door, smashed my fingers with a riot baton, strapped a car battery to my nipples and dangly bits causing my heart to stop. Then they took an NSA bulldozer and knocked my house down with my dead body, my dog and Hummel collection still inside.

    Got better…

  2. Newsweek? The rapidly disappearing periodical found only in dentist’s offices?

  3. #13 DarthRove:

    Hummel collection?

    Isn’t that a little twee for an evil mastermind?

  4. Figures Sadr was involved somehow.

  5. It’s purely for investment. Plus they were my mommy’s.

    But I assure you the Singing Shepherd Boy and the Hansel und Gretel set are infused with the Dark Side.

  6. If you want to see another example of a complete double standard go look at this crap.

  7. Just saw this link to a poll at Wired on the question: “Prosecute Thomas Tamm or no?” at Instapundit. Depressing though predictable result, the poll is currently running 60/40 against prosecution.

  8. Checking back at the poll today I find the results have reversed, now 61/38 % for prosecution. That’s unexpected (to me) and much better.

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