October 14, 2008

former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on those who, like the UK Daily Mail’s Edward Heathcote Amory, have, thanks to David Freddoso’s book, “lost faith in Obama”

Garrett: “Well, this is going to be off topic by necessity, since I have no idea who David Freddoso is, but I will say this: guys with names like Edward Heathcote Amory almost always pay extra to be gagged with an argyle stocking and spanked vigorously with a shoe. Which, from an economic standpoint, can mean the difference between black tar heroin and a Big Gulp, and black tar heroin, a Big Gulp, and two hot dogs with the works.

“Don’t ask me why about the argyle, though. A friend of mine thinks it has to do with white Anglo guilt over the Scots — he even trots out a few bits from Foucault about power and discipline to make the case — but for me, it’s all about the pump cheese and chili, bra’.

“Guess that makes me what we realists like to call a pragmatist.”*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:06pm

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  1. O no! O is human!

    Don’t tell thor.

    (Breaking the First Law: Ignore thor.)

  2. I know I’m always criticizing the severe lack of “quick-fix recipes for a family on the go” on this site. But after reading, re-reading and then reading this latest Leif Garrett offering, I can find no weakness in its humor.

    Sorry to gush.

  3. You might also want to chalk that story up as another reference to the Messiah/Industrial Complex.

  4. Its sad, that the author of the dailymail piece thought O! was a political Messiah in the first place. It’s sad that anyone is head over heels for any politician at the national level. If they got there, there’s nothing unique about them.

  5. The last time I pumped cheese I got thrown out of Whole Foods.

    In my defense it was hot out, and the wensleydale was just asking for it.

  6. Oh, but he still wants Obama to win, don’t get him wrong.

  7. This is all because you’re predisposed to dislike Obama, Jeff. Admit it: if you didn’t already dislike Obama, you’d actively be looking the other way, wouldn’t you?

  8. See, now, Foucault quotes pertinent to the gagging-and-spanking habits of a parodically Britishly named fallen aristocrat would be about “ruptured subjectivity,” not power (as he uses the term).

    (Grabs book.)

    when all of discursive language is constrained to come undone in the violence of the body and the cry, and when thought, forsaking the wordy interiority of consciousness, becomes a material energy, [a] suffering of the flesh, [a] persecution and rending of the subject itself

    And blah blah so forth.

    If you could let Leif know I run a little consultancy service that does punchups on jokes about poststructuralism, that’d be sweet. The recession’s killing me. And of course the RISE OF THE CHILLBILLY.

    So, you know, hook a brother up.

  9. If I weren’t so predisposed to disliking Obama (“predisposed” being code for “because he’s Black,” because once you hear him speak of hope and change, any resistance simply must mark one as a racist rather than as a person capable of rejecting bullshit once recognized as such), this Leif Garrett tale would have featured Rodney Allen Rippy.

    The very fact that I chose Garrett in the first place tells you all you need know about MY grubby soul.

    Hell, SEK can probably get a published monograph out of this one.

  10. Leif’s friend has the same grasp of Foucault as do most theory instructors, psycho. Don’t blame him for trying to go along.

  11. Now I’m conflicted. You can’t be a racist if you admit that you are.

    But I would have gone with Meadowlark Lemon.

  12. black tar heroin.

    Oh, yeah. That’s so code.

  13. Could happen to anyone, LMC. That Wensleydale always was a slutty cheese…

  14. The Structures of Power, that’s my favorite Foucault.