September 24, 2008

“the yin and yang of intimate interpersonal relationships, 36” (from the protein wisdom conceptual series)

yin: “Y’know, I can remember when I used to come into a room and I could just tell you were genuinely happy to see me.”

yang: “Uh huh. And I can remember when I used to come period. So can we just mourn later, and maybe heat up a meatloaf or something in the meantime…?”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:27pm

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  1. “maybe heat up a meatloaf or something in the meantime…?”

    Never heard it called that before!

  2. Yea, BMoe. I don’t want to know what the gravy means. Mashed potatoes? OY!

  3. That’s what this country needs. Less bitching, more meatloaf.

    Values, people!

  4. A wise man does not insult his barber or his meatloaf heater.

  5. In the first case, he may wind up bald, in the second, he may not wind up balled.

  6. Or he may wind up balless. Slice!

  7. “I don’t want ketchup on my meatloaf.”

    “That’s not ketchup, handsome.”


  8. Buddy of mine once sold me a dog, saying “He always comes when he’s called.”

    Ain’t no buddy o’ mine no more.

  9. There’s nothing lesbian about this at all. And neither yin nor yang appear to be incarcerated. ANTI-MARTHAIST!

  10. Put the roam back in your romance with the “gushing freshness” of our recommended meatloaf wines.


  11. So can we just mourn later

    “Don’t Mourn. Organize.”

    STG, I saw it on a bumpersticker the other day.

  12. #4
    Any ironworker can tell you to never piss off the crane operator.

  13. I had a smart and funny line to say. Then I looked at the picture of Martina to the right, and forgot absolutely everything I’ve ever known.

  14. I seriously, seriously feel ya bro. I feel ya about 25 years worth.

  15. Yin sounds like she could use one of those little purple pills…

    Instead of meatloaf, they’d be talkin’ about tube-steak…

    Then they might both be happier!

  16. I imagine she was rather taken aback when you said that. My Ralph’s makes turkey meatloaf with a kind of nice sauce. They’re kind of proud of it and by itself it’s kind of eh but it makes good sammiches.

  17. I wonder if Maggie was trying to tell me something by the oblique reference to this post tonight……….

  18. Anyhow, In an effort to take a hint, I’ve made a meatloaf. I hope I haven’t mistunderstood something.

    The glaze, however may be spicier than she want’s, so I may stil be sunk.

  19. oh. right. glaze… not sauce.

  20. I hope it’s pleasing. I even ground the meat myself.

  21. Hope that didn’t hurt RTO!

  22. mostly it was, “have fun all by yourself at home since you aren’t coming to the preview show.” and apparently you did. making meatloaf. NTTAWWT.

  23. Speaking of changing perceptions, my boss who watches CNN religiously, said that there ain’t any more black people on CNN. It changed over the last week or so.

    Like, you know, he’s maybe a bit, umm, uncolorblind, but perceptions and all…


  24. Don’t let your meat loaf.

  25. Damn – Slarti teed that one up before I could …

  26. Oh no! Meatloaf again???

  27. Y’know, I’m sure RTO’s cuisine is great.

    Someone told me that you just can’t beat RTO’s meat.