May 30, 2008

But Is It Tart? [Dan Collins]

Sex and the City Not Just for Women: Also for fey poseurs,” or “Why Notions Need Fortification”

For the record, I don’t mind that Christian Toto liked the series and wants to see the movie, and thinks that it ought to appeal to red-blooded American men who dig action flicks and car explosions. He’s as entitled to his dreadfully vitiated tastes as anyone. What bothers me is the awful writing and the distressing chirpiness I find in the piece.

I’m one of those who’s never seen an episode, so I’m talking through my hat, but the article that I linked yesterday, here, though better written than Mr. Toto’s convinced me that the movie must be a pile of crap. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but meanwhile, here’s an excuse to continue the snarkfest.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 4:31am

Comments (10)

  1. I don’t watch soap operas.

  2. Soap Opera? Nay! Nag Fest!!!

  3. I think you meant “neigh”, Rob.

  4. Has anyone heard how Big Brown is doing?

  5. Dan,
    Thanks for the ignorance adjustment!

  6. I thought Toto’s piece was a poorly executed satire. Oh well.

  7. I bet a comparison would find more reality in Star Trek than SATC.

  8. “I bet a comparison would find more reality in Star Trek than SATC.”

    And less alien looking!!! Star Trek actors don’t wear as much makeup!!!

  9. Jewish Toto is reluctant to get in the balloon.

  10. He will have to turn in his Man Club card. I have the feeling he is really into decorating as well. NTTAWWT.