January 23, 2008

Google to Buy NYT? [Dan Collins]

I say it’s a natural match, as they share similar philosophies regarding which information or disinformation to suppress or promote.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 9:02am

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  1. “Pinch” must feel like a kid running a Kool-Ade stand, and the kid next door just got a Sno-Cone machine.

  2. I recently came up with a much better motto for the New York Times than the one they’ve got.

    Based on a story that would be true if it had ever actually happened.

  3. This is not as insignificant as it seems: this is monumental. If this pans out, Google will be ultimately in the position of determining what is and is not important news, and it will have a profoundly negative effect on the quality of our democracy. If you don’t like the news, buy it.

    Remember that you read it here first.

  4. the Evil Google: they’re social concerned, pay their employees well and have great benefits, are innovative and clever, and are “Liberal” too boot. HOOT. That’s Evil!

  5. They are not evil, datadave. Their practices are reprehensible, and their desire to filter content through their own ideological litmus tests should concern people of both parties. But, since it benefits the moonbats like yourself, a shrug of the shoulders and a pat on the back is what they get, when they deserve blanket scorn.

    Why is it that the Leftists love BIG BUSINESS when said business is suppressing information and thought?