December 28, 2007

Information Bleg [Glenn Reynolds]

I’ve gotten years of great use out of my puppy blender–despite the fact that a hangover in our household is a rare event–but it’s finally given up the ghost (tried frappeing 2 long-haired miniature dachshunds at once).  I’ve heard good things about this Oster.  Any recommendations?

Posted by Dan Collins @ 9:51am

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  1. My wife and I splurged and got a Blendtec Total Blender. It kicks ass. Blends puppies in 20 seconds flat.

    It is, however, frightfully expensive and not worth the money we paid.

  2. I like my puppies malted.


  4. If you open a new checking account at Capital One, they’ll give you one for free. It’s only two speeds though: on, and off.

  5. I checked Consumer Reports and Epinions…neither of them has a rating on this model. They rated the Oster Counterforms BVLBO7-L as the best of that brand, with the Braun PowerMax MX2050 as a Best Buy.

  6. Screw puppy-blending.

    The real state-of-the-art is Kitten Huffing.

  7. I like Glenn Reynolds but I think he’s a smug pimp. So smug, in fact, that if he read this he wouldn’t give a shit.

  8. Glenn is in the vanguard.

  9. Ummm, Glenn, if you’re still hanging around, sorry about that inadvertent photochop…that came early in my blogging life, when I didn’t know you from Glenn Greenwald.

    Or from Bubba!

  10. I have the Blendtec. Been using it for just over a year – shows 385 uses, as of margarita-o-thirty, today.

    Expensive, but worth it. Serious, serious kick-ass blender. Possibly the last blender you’ll ever *need* to buy.

    What other product has a viral ad campaign that has a goofy grinning guy who admonishes you, “Do not try this at home!”?

    I’m sold!

  11. You moron. The warning label on the side clearly states that there is a limit of ONE repeat ONE longhaired Mini Dachsunds. If you want to go two at a time, you must use Yorkies.

  12. How, exactly, do you pimp a smug?

  13. That sounds like Emily Dickinson.

  14. Forget the $200 blender. Oster Fusion is fabulous. 600 watts. One-button blade-reversing program for ice crushing. 6-cup heavy glass jar. $60 at Costco. Can’t beat it. See review at

  15. I’ve had a VitaMix for 20+ years. Use it a couple times a week to make all fruit smoothies. It’ll liquify anything you put in it. Their latest top model was recently rated a Consumer Reports Best Buy.

  16. I am partial to the Northern Tools party blender shown here:

    4-stroke 23cc engine, handlebar grips, stainless steel pitcher and adjustable legs.
    Who knows what large breed this could handle ?