October 25, 2007

You see, in the academy, it's is all about encouraging free speech

— That is, when that “free speech” comes from a sawed-off Messianic Iranian mouthpiece for theocratic despots, the kind of terror-sponsoring reactionaries whose attitude toward women and gays is, to be kind, rather parochial.

Whereas HATE SPEECH…well, that’s a different story entirely.

And it must be stopped, even if doing so means shouting down the speaker so that he is ultimately unable to make his argument.

Remember: nothing shows how much you care more than your refusal to tolerate intolerance.

(h/t Stacy McCain)

update: More here.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:35pm

Comments (17)

  1. Colleges are scary. But you can get your degree without going to really a whole lot of guest speakers. I have proof.

  2. So much in life is learning about flying under the radar anyway.

  3. I’m shaped like a Stealth Bomber.

  4. Yes, but they disagreed with the speech, and since they are themselves good people who would never disagree with something good, then it’s almost as if God himself came down and stopped the speech. For the good of the people.

    Besides, hasn’t history clearly shown that the best way to shut down hate groups, like the Klan or Republicans, is to make sure they are never allowed to spread their vile message.

  5. The argument that George Washington and Columbia are two unrelated things unsubsumable under the name “academy,” but Santorum and Ahmadasdufsiop69@hotmail.com are the same thing, should arrive shortly.

  6. *sigh*

    There have been too many of these stories for me to care anymore. I’m all outraged out when it comes to academia. Let ’em sleep in the bed they made until having a college degree is a definite minus in the job market and we all turn to the apprenticeship model.

  7. There is no hypocricy on the left (and there is much) as insidious or infuriating as their intolerance of intolerance. I was once in a very long argument with a moonbat about various topics but I kept turning his arguments about tolerance and such back on his intolerance of Nazis,etc. until he finally admitted what I knew all along.

    “They shouldn’t be able to say that because they are wrong.”

    So, I asked him if him how, in a pluralistic society, we should determine what “right” is. He copped out but basically insinuated he should be dictator. Niiice.

    Of course, the left has never been a very big fan of actually, you know, listening to the little people; just using them for votes.

  8. Someone’s gonna end up getting shot, going down this road. Or maybe they’ll do that acid in the face thing. Either way, if I were at all unorthodox I would steer clear of college campuses or else change my views so that colleges found them more acceptable and I could go there without fear of causing any controversy.

  9. I’m shaped like a Stealth Bomber.

    It’s hard to have sex when you’re covered with black, flat, brittle, angular panels.

    Not saying from experience, but you know. The mechanics of the whole thing…

  10. I’ve long since passed the point where I wonder if anything short of actual corporal-punishment discipline would have any effect. Historically, physical pain is the only reliable deterrent for rampant stupidity.

    Well, that and death. But fatal levels of stupid are their own reward, really.

  11. They should have clapped instead of booed. IF that’s not allowed either, maybe foot tapping?

  12. andy puts in all in perspective: booing is considered an intelligent rebuttal in ProggSpeak, you see. As well as throwing bricks, spitting and flinging shit. Who the fuck are you to “not allow” it?

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