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January 27, 2013

Since when do joint military/police exercises over urban areas include machine gun fire? [Darleen Click]

Tweet Granted, it was with blanks, but how come none of the public was aware of these exercises? And why are the police so “vague”? ____________ Looks like something similar was conducted in April 2011, though without any reports of … Continue reading

27. January 2013 by Darleen

January 27, 2013

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office: Be a first responder

TweetPriceless.  No, really. The response, of course, is predictable.  And every bit as priceless — though for a different reason:  it reveals the extent to which cowards will go to turn their cowardice into an outraged virtue.  Thus, if you … Continue reading

27. January 2013 by Jeff G.