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July 14, 2014

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the anti-Israel BDS movement

Tweet“Back when we were filming The Outsiders, me, Darren Dalton (who played Randy), and a few extras who played various background Socs would often catch Ralph Macchio alone somewhere on set and we’d donkey punch the shit out of him.  … Continue reading

14. July 2014 by Jeff G.
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October 1, 2013

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the impact of a government shutdown

Tweet“Does this mean I have an excuse to skip the naltrexone treatments and find some real, honest to God black tar Horse to take me on one of my legendary rhapsodic gallops through West Hollywood’s club scene? “Fuckin-A, man! It’s … Continue reading

01. October 2013 by Jeff G.
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August 19, 2013

Former seventies teen idol Leif Garrett comments on Barbara Streisand’s call to the American people to help Obama and the Democrats take back the House

Tweet“I liked What’s Up, Doc? a whole lot. But once she did Yentl? I mean, bro. I may have had a slight problem with heroin, and sure, I’ve had to give a handjob or two to some dude in a … Continue reading

19. August 2013 by Jeff G.
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March 6, 2013

Corey Haim’s “Notes from the Afterlife,” 13

TweetSo, like, this big shot dignitary arrived here late yesterday, and there’s been a huge amount of buzz about the dude, who rumor has it is a Latin American politician of some significant renown.  I haven’t had a chance to … Continue reading

06. March 2013 by Jeff G.
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August 28, 2012

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the GOP convention battles and Tropical Storm Isaac

Tweet“So much fighting, so little peace. How’re we supposed to heal, you know? “– As for Isaac, have I ever told you about my one canceled Love Boat guest star gig? Around ’77, ’78-ish, with Lynda Day George? Well, seems … Continue reading

28. August 2012 by Jeff G.
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October 27, 2011

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on social tensions in the civil society and their inevitable manifestations in both TEA Party and Occupy Wall Street protests

Tweet“In the late 80s, right after I did Cheerleader Camp, I think, I ‘occupied’ a tarp at Plummer Park in West Hollywood for like, three months, eating nothing but street tacos and Hibachi beans — mostly because I’d sunk all … Continue reading

27. October 2011 by Jeff G.
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April 1, 2010

Shannon Elizabeth comments on the realization that there really ARE two Americas, just not in the way, say, John Edwards would’ve had you believe

TweetElizabeth: “Several years back, right after we finished principle shooting for American Pie 2, I think it was, I visited that other America. Montana. For a week. “Can’t say that I remember too too much about it offhand — except … Continue reading

01. April 2010 by Jeff G.
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March 22, 2010

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the new day in America, where social justice is ascendent, and the tyranny of the white racist patriarchy lays moribund on the ash heap of history

Tweet“So, wait. Does this mean that Screech kid has to share his Smack with me by law? Because I’m pretty tired of having to cut his lawn or style his hair just for a little fucking taste, I can tell … Continue reading

22. March 2010 by Jeff G.
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November 17, 2008

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the likelihood of Barack Obama appointing justices whose first instinct is to appeal to the Constitution as written, as opposed to the Constitution-as-flawed-document in need of some reanimation by way of appeals to social justice

TweetGarrett: “Well, I’m really not much of political prognosticator — the last candidate I really got into was Jerry Brown, and that’s only because Linda Ronstadt kept chirping about what a principled guy he was. And even then, we were … Continue reading

17. November 2008 by Jeff G.
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October 14, 2008

former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on those who, like the UK Daily Mail’s Edward Heathcote Amory, have, thanks to David Freddoso’s book, “lost faith in Obama”

TweetGarrett: “Well, this is going to be off topic by necessity, since I have no idea who David Freddoso is, but I will say this: guys with names like Edward Heathcote Amory almost always pay extra to be gagged with … Continue reading

14. October 2008 by Jeff G.
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