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February 6, 2006

Odds, Ends (including a brief review of the NSA “domestic spy” proceedings)

Tweet1.  Thanks so much to John Nowak for the Ed Wood SE DVD.  A great flick, and I look forward to poring through the extras. 2.  After my weeks of doing battle over the NSA “domestic spying” controversy, I am … Continue reading

06. February 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 31, 2006

“What if Wiretapping Works?”

TweetNeo-Rethuglican liberal circuit court judge Richard Posner, writing in the New Republic (a one-time periodical stalwart for Democratic principles; now, sadly, a beard for sport coat-and-jeans neocons looking to distinguish themselves from the three piecers of the traditionally conservative Buckley … Continue reading

31. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 30, 2006


TweetThough to listen to many on the left, John Yoo was never so much “deputy assistant attorney general” under President Bush from 2001-2003 as he was a crazed proto-totalitarian race traitor (who, when he wasn’t butchering the constitution, was sitting … Continue reading

30. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 29, 2006

Sunday Morning’s Coming Down (and with have the intercepts to prove it)

TweetHere.  Today I’ll let Powerline do some of the heavy lifting on the NSA “domestic spy” story so that I can get out of the house for a bit.  Here, they raise some interesting points about the rather directed coverage … Continue reading

29. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 25, 2006

The Specter of coming Congressional grandstanding? (UPDATED – 1/26/06)

TweetHere’s a facsimile [pdf] of the letter delivered by Arlen Specter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales concerning the upcoming Congressional “wiretapping”/”domestic spying” show trial hearings.  The complete text follows:

25. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 25, 2006

The NSA spy scandal, cont.:  AG Gonzales’ prepared remarks to the Georgetown Law Center (Jan 24)

TweetRather than launch into another long post detailing my position on the NSA “domestic spying” scandal—a position that at this point must certainly be clear to all but the most doggedly committed contrarians (or else those who have concluded that … Continue reading

25. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 24, 2006

NSA “Domestic Spy” story:  additional information revealed?

TweetHere is the complete transcript (including Q&A) of Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence and former Director of the NSA General Michael Hayden, addressing the National Press Club yesterday.  (h/t Bob Owens—who believes the transcript hint that all speculation on … Continue reading

24. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 23, 2006

The Umpire Strikes Back (UPDATED)

TweetI am tired of having this same NSA conversation—until we know all the facts (and because of what’s left of the classified nature of the program, we’re not likely ever to know all of them), we simply repeatedly rehearse argument … Continue reading

23. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 21, 2006

FISA score, and 7 years ago…

TweetThe DoJ has put out another 42 pg brief (PDF) defending its NSA foreign surveillance program, while still maintaining (in my admittedly very cursory skimming of the document) its inherent authority in theory to authorize and continue the program, and … Continue reading

21. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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January 17, 2006

“ACLU Sues to Stop Illegal Spying on Americans, Saying President is Not Above the Law” (with helpful protein wisdom gloss)

TweetFrom the ACLU Press release: Saying that the Bush administration’s illegal spying on Americans must end, the American Civil Liberties Union today filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit against the National Security Agency seeking to stop a secret electronic surveillance program that … Continue reading

17. January 2006 by Jeff G.
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