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abuse of language, and how some purported conservatives have adopted — and deploy, against other “conservatives” — a dangerous set of linguistic assumptions.

March 17, 2011

an open letter to anyone I may have emailed

Tweet17 March, 2011 Dear people I may have emailed: If you have received unsolicited emails from me that you found threatening, stalker-ish, unhinged, etc.,– and instead of contacting me directly or blocking my email address you had a lawyer craft … Continue reading

17. March 2011 by Jeff G.
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March 17, 2011

Taking (at least part of) the day off


17. March 2011 by Jeff G.
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March 16, 2011

sigh, redux [note: this post answers charges made publicly that I am in receipt of a cease and desist letter, sent me because I (knowingly) "serially" "harassed" someone by email. Feel free to skip it if it doesn't interest you. Lord knows it doesn't interest me.]

TweetFrey’s attempts to bullshit readers continues:

16. March 2011 by Jeff G.
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March 15, 2011

Sigh (again) [updated x 2; and again]

TweetJoe just posted this in the comments, and since it is both patently false and alludes to things about me that aren’t true (that I’m aware of) and are intended to paint me in a particular light, I’ll re-post it … Continue reading

15. March 2011 by Jeff G.
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January 25, 2011

A note to Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey, who just can’t help himself

TweetI never once tried to go after your job. Not once. To suggest that I did is just more of what I’ve come to expect of you. Christ. What a fraud you are. Period. Full stop.

25. January 2011 by Jeff G.
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November 10, 2010

On intent and vote counting (Or, Patterico yet again misunderstands intentionalism)

TweetIn what I’m guessing is supposed to be a shot at me, LA DDA Patrick Frey — in a post ostensibly on Alaska Tea Party candidate Joe Miller’s decision to bring suit demanding that write in votes for Lisa Murkowski … Continue reading

10. November 2010 by Jeff G.
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October 25, 2010

Manufacturing Manufactured Consent

TweetJames Taranto takes up the Juan Williams story and gives it a few shakes: So how is it that Juan Williams got the ax while Nina Totenberg is still a member in good standing of the NPR news staff? “The … Continue reading

25. October 2010 by Jeff G.
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